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Board Members: Karl Lembke, Darnell Coleman, Milt Stevens, Marcia Minsky, Robert Powell, Elayne Pelz, Bob Null, Arlene Satin, Mike Thorsen
Excused: Christian McGuire.
Members: Barry and Lee Gold, Sherri and Tony Benoun, Joyce Sperling, Michelle Pincus, Fred Lazzelle, Marty Cantor, Michael Pell, Jenny Burr.

Meeting called to order at 11:07

Marcia: George Milligan had surgery; lost a second toe due to Diabetes. He will be at Loscon.
Minutes from last meeting accepted with a few corrections.  Minutes approved as corrected.

Treasury has $
Lee Gold said we have not gotten [the Dik Daniels] pictures about fan history; we will work on etting them.
No new members.

Vice Chair Bob Null::  Things are going well.
Secretary Darnell Coleman: Last meeting was not recorded, this meeting will be.
Physical Plant vacant: A puddle developed on our flat roof.

Quartermaster Mike Thorsen Units to date 13621/Money to date  9119.00. Units this month 336/Money this month $252.00. I purchased paper towels and other cleaning supplies, report submitted.

Elayne Pelz had a couple of items; registration for <> has been renewed but we need to find a less expensive site like or <> because gives free registration to nonprofit corporations.  Karl asked who was writing a check [to HostColor] for Loscon.  Elayne said it could be Chaz, or Scott.

A.V Elayne Pelz New television and video devics work.

Publications Milt Stevens yielded to Barry and Lee Gold who said that the problem with [navigating] the Calendar on the website is fixed. New hotos will be up on the website soon: Andy Porter and Bill Warren have provided these photos. Marty reported De Prof continues to be monthly and continues to be run as if it were the official club newsletter.

Events  Marcia Minsky: Thanked Arlene for doing the 75th Anniversary celebration. It was a fantastic event. Loscon is moving along well, it will be closed out in three weeks. Gift Exchange of December, Westercon is moving along; no problems reported.
Arlene Satin: The Banquet (75th Anniversary) had good attendance; the banquet had 82 people; food and entertainment was good.
Winter holiday party on the 25th of December,
Gift Exchange will be in 11th of December.

People said they had a good time at the banquet and the food was good too, Tuesday celebration went well; there were 70 people that went to the celebration.
Lee Gold said we have speeches from Larry Niven, the Moffats and others; we have letters from Ray Bradbury and Paul Turner. The letters were submitted for the Memory Book.. Lee Gold wanted speeches put on the website.  Arlene replied that the letters are already in the Memory Book.  Arlene was waiting for pictures and the 3D work from Scott Tygett, Arlene will have to burn a DVD that would have events from both ceremonies that would be put the website...
Arlene thanked Nick for doing the program at both ceremonies.
Karl gave Arlene and Christian a round of applause for a hell of a lot of work done on the 75th anniversary banquet.


Fund raising Arlene Satin: Mario D’Anna gave one piece of art and then started a job.
Marketing Arlene Satin:There are two libraries that may want to have us read in their children’s library. The children's reading list is n the desk.
We were contacted by Christian West of the Hollywood and Highland Center. Event will be from 4-6pm this Tuesday. project is on-going, and one piece of art is ready to be put on our items for sale on

Agenda items


The podcast went well; it was done two weeks ago. We will have it again this Thursday.  The Podcast producers are not going to podcast to <> until they get three Podcasts.

Charlie sent a request to Karl to make Loscon’s chairpeople better and more accountable to the Board, The Board should get a report from the Loscon’s Chairperson a few times a year.  Karl gave out an idea on the subject from Charlie Jackson that there hould be a Domesday Book for Loscon’s Chairperson and department heads.Karl thought about having a Loscon Twitterer position was suggested and lso talked about in detail.

Marty said that there may need to be a clarification or reshuffle of duties of the Board. This was generally agreed on, probably at the December, definitely at the January Board meeting.

Karl brought up Marty's idea that there should also be a breakdown of duties, which may be in different areas. There should be separate Domesday Books for each area each director controls. Marty said that each area of interest should have its own book. This book may be called The Domesday Book of Loscon. I use this title for the Minutes,

Loscon web site should have been updated from last April.

Open Forum
Robert Powell: the clubhouse the electrical outlets need covers.
Bob Null: We need more ballasts and light bulbs; there was a discussion on the matter.
Darnell Coleman volunteered for Loscon36 Twitterer.


One lightbulb needs to be changed in the APA-L room.
Galaxy Press Letter needs to be sent out.
Registration for
Elayne will call the roofer to get some work done because there is a drip in the APA-L Room.
Robert said that the wires and strips in the back building must be cleaned and ordered because there are groups of wires that could be angled and it’s dangerous.
Loscon timeline and Domesday Book.
A get well card was sent to George because he lost his toe due to Diabetes.

Meeting adjourned 12:10

Recording Secretary:
Darnell Coleman

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