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Menace of the LASFS

November 12, 2009

President Christian McGuire,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3770 was opened at 20:10:43

Special Orders of Business

Joe Haldeman continues to improve. His pancreas is functioning well, and he continues on antibiotics. “I stopped for a beautiful pair of deer to cross the road. Joe says, I saved some doe and passed the buck.”

He is out of the hospital, after a mere 52 days. Joe writes, among other things, that he's not quite out of the woods yet.

We do have a passing: Vitaly Ginzburg, Nobel winner for his work in superconductivity and co-father of the Soviet H bomb.

The Menace were read and approved as “gunpowder, treason, and plot”

The Registrar announced some guests.

Kevin Anderson, heard about us from Stephanie

Donny Kollin, heard about us from Loscon

Robert J. Sawyer is a first time attending Lifetime member.

Robert J. Sawyer rose to speak about the series, based on his book, Flash Forward.

Patron Saint

Milt Stevens

Marty Cantor is one of those fan-eds who considers Milt the finest of the current fanzine writers. He tries to get contributions from Milt.

Matthew Tepper: As a fan writer, he demonstrates a dry wit. And if you know him personally, he displays a warmth.

Karl: the only way he would make a name for himself is as a fan-writer – well, he's done a lot of stuff beside fan writing. For example, he has chaired any number of things.

Christian: on SCIFI board, LASFS BOD, and chairs of any number of things.

CLJII: He was part of the Epitome of Evil, Ltd. They robbed from the rich, and gave to the poor, -10% each.

David Okamura thanks Milt for his assistance on the captions for the 75th Anniversary centerpieces.

Christian: Milt helped by digitizing Moffatt photos

Eytan Kollin: when they attended a Worldcon in 2006, they knew nothing. A man came up, whom they had never met. He took them around and started introducing them to people. On a personal note, he's a gentleman.

Milt Stevens was given three cheers, and a passing parade.

John Trimble

Marty Cantor said he's the husband of Bjo Trimble. He's not John Trimble the SF author.

Hare Hobbs: One reason he should be a saint is by living with Bjo for so long. She's a nice person, but she can wear a person out.

Larry Niven: He's a core of the LASFS, and with Bjo, was very much so when he joined. He remembers trips to the desert to see the blooms and freeze Jack Harness.

Arlene Satin: While the 75th Anniversary committee was putting together the memory book, he was very helpful, knowledgeable, and very sweet.

John Hertz: He was MC for one of the most remarkable masquerades in history LA Con II, largest in number of entries. First run-through went to 1AM, over 100 entries. No one could leave, because the entries kept getting more and more wonderful. John displayed remarkable stamina and patience.

CLJII: He's good to his mother.

Nick Smith: Not just things like Worldcon masquerade. He MC'd at a much smaller event, and he kept participants sane in the face of chaos. He's nice, fannish, and has an interesting sense of humor, probably developed in self-defense.

John Trimble was given three cheers and a mother to be good to.

Time Bound Announcements

Marcia Minsky announced Two weeks from tomorrow is Loscon. This evening, needs people to help unload stuff from her car. This weekend, needs a truck to take to Camarillo and move stuff out of her garage. 11/21, 22: opening Monstro and staging stuff in building. 11/25, truck loading. 11/26, unloading at hotel.

Matthew Tepper announced his cousin is now appearing as Maria in The Sound of Music, this weekend, at Newbury Park High School.

Old Business

Tonight, we nominate people for the Board of Directors. Nominated were:

Marty Cantor Karl Lembke

Bob Null Marcia Minsky

Michelle Pincus Scott Beckstead

With that, nominations were closed. The election will occur next week.

Committee Reports

Arlene Satin announced memory books are available for pick-up. They're complimentary.

There are two things happening: Madam Toussaud's figure of James Kirk at the Hollywood / Highland center. Go to the club website for $8 off admission. This Tuesday, we will be representing LASFS at the Star Trek extravaganza. Free admission for anyone who shows up from LASFS. Set-up of the booth is 3 PM.

Arlene has talked to the head children's librarian. We've added three libraries to the reading program. We're auditioning readers in March.

Check the website for stuff she's forgotten.

The Science Minotaur reported on genes that switch on the ability to speak. Differences in certain genes (FOXP2) between humans and chimpanzees indicate why speech is uniquely human. Damage to these genes may give rise to autism and other disorders.

Christian: Dec 11, at this clubhouse, will be the gift exchange. Joyce Sperling will host. Doors open at 7. Bring something nice for a potluck. Exchange starts at 8. Next week, we show the video again.

CLJII: Next week, we vote. Three weeks from tonight, we start by nominating procedural president. The week after that, we vote on procedural officers.

Charlie's lovely assistant passed the Lantern O'Jack around, and Charlie announced the Winter Holiday Party, coming up on December 25.

Tim announced two things. We had another Neverending Panel taping. This is a regular occurrence from 6-7 PM. Second, looking into building a castle. Looking for legal and financial information.

Fannish committee reports


Hare moved to review Stephen King's book cover. No blurbs, no nothing, just one beautiful piece of artwork.


Tom Safer announced that TSPC will not happen on the 21st. Anyone showing up will be drafted to help with Loscon.

Nick Smith – Theater Arts at Cal Tech presents a SF play: RUR. Opens tomorrow. Tix are $15-20. Call ticket office, or go on website.

CLJII mentioned enough money has been collected, the club was offered a chance to vote – party, or Charlie retires to Acapulco. We want the party more than we want him to go away.

Joyce Sperling reviewed The Box, from Matheson's “Button, Button”. It was like sitting through two very long outer limits episodes. It's nothing like the original story. Not happy with it.

Scott Beckstead moved to Rob Cole, and it happened at 21:20:29.

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