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Menace of the LASFS

November 5, 2009

President Christian McGuire,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“Remember, remember, the fifth of November.” Penny for the clubhouse?

Meeting 3769 was opened at 20:08:12

Meeting 3769 was opened at 20:08:12

Special Orders of Business

Charlie Jackson called German to announce, on Halloween, the passing of JPL Co-founder, Chen.

Also, we lost Shell Dorf, inventor of San Diego ComicCon. Alas, Greg Kadoulian was not here to say a few words.

For these worthies, we had a moment of silence.

Marty Cantor had some good news – Joe Haldeman had a fever that wouldn't go away, so they sent him back to the hospital. Now, it seems he's in the best shape since the 19th of September. He's much more functional than he was – the new antibiotic is making him feel better.

The Menace were read and approved as “75th Anniversary meeting”

The Treasurer's report says we have money, don't spend it.

No old business, no new.

Patron Saint

Woody Dodge

Matthew Tepper said, Woody Dodge is a member going back to the 80s, and is a veteran. He lives at the VA in Westwood. He knows a lot about cars. Despite his surname, he was featured in a Subaru commercial. When Matthew was the owner of a Subaru, he was able to give assistance and advice on many an occasion.

Scratch Galloway said, “He gave us money.”

Woody Dodge was given three cheers and a large trans-axle undercarriage.

Time Bound Announcements

Joe Zeff is participating in the Annual National Novel Writing Month. Chris Garcia and another Bay Area fan are writing novels this year.

Madame Registrar rose to announce guests. Lori and Donald Stewart, and Richard Berger.

Committee Reports

Karen Anderson rose to report on science – this time, anthropology. Before agriculture, and before pottery, 11500-10500 BC, people near the dead sea were building structures. They had invented granaries. Presumably, they were gathering grain and storing it since they weren't growing it.

Marcia Minsky rose to show Westways. November/December, page 49, last column, last entry, under current events. It pays to advertise. The phone message resulted in a strong nibble. Another couple has also bought memberships. It pays to advertise.

Michelle Pincus, standing in for Arlene Satin, announced Madame Toussaud's museum has done a Captain Kirk. We're invited, Tuesday, 11-10. Arlene needs a head count of those interested in going. Also, Ethan Gilstorm wrote a book, fantasy freaks and gaming geeks. He wanted to invite us to hear him speak in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, it was tonight. But next time he's in town, he'll show up at a meeting, and may speak.

CLJII had his lovely assistant pass the Lantern O'Jack. He announced the Winter Holiday Party, which we'll be having on December 25.

Tonight, Here Comes Tobor, an unsuccessful pilot that uses the robot from Tobor the Great.

Next week, we nominate victims to be on the Board of Directors, so everyone has fair warning to stay home that night. The week after that, we vote. The week after that, we have a convention called Loscon. Anyone showing up at the clubhouse for that meeting will be given his weight in platitudes.

Cathy Beckstead put down her pixie stick and joined the Committee to Gouge. We auctioned off a gift card, some books, and a thresher shark pen, suitable for jumping.

Fannish committee reports

Hare Hobbs reported on something a bit serious. His little dog is having more problems – She can't see very well, and at the ripe old age of 15, is starting to suffer from age.


Christian reviewed the Hammer museum, where they have an exhibit of the Book of Genesis, illustrated by R Crumm. It's very beautiful, and very appropriate to the text he used. The show is there until December, and Thursdays are always free. It's highly recommended.

Jerry Pournelle had a review and a mathematical exercise. Some years ago, there was a TV series called “V”, which had the silliest set of premises any TV series ever had. It went through either two or three very long seasons before quietly dying. Called in to consult, Niven and Pournelle decided the dinosaurs evolved, developed space travel, and left. Then the dinosaur killer hit and erased the traces. They were paid lots of money to decide that.

He watched the pilot episode Tuesday. It was better than he thought it would be. Better than the original series, certainly.

Now, the problem: Which weighs more – the Eiffel tower or the cylinder of air that would contain it? The tower is 10KT. Density is 1.2 Kg/m3. The tower is mostly empty space. If you melted it down, it would cover the area underneath it to a depth of 6 cm.

125*125*325 = 5.07e6 m3 = 6 million kg.


German reviewed V . They managed in 1 hour what the first two parts in 1984 accomplished.

Marcia: George Mulligan's infection is in the second toe on his foot. As soon as the swelling and infection clears up, he'll be losing that toe. (Late update: He was in the process of losing that toe even as the announcement was made.)

Michelle Pincus reviewed Vampire's Assistant – a really good movie, well done, entertaining, fun.

Christian saw a free screening of Where the Wild Things Are. Nobody take a child to this movie. It's dark, it's emotional, it has funny bits in a three stooges way, but don't take kids to see it. It was written for people who remembered reading it when they were children.

Jerry Pournelle notes there was an opera made from Sendak's book, and it's pretty close to the book.

Hare does remember original V. It had one mini series, then the series. The mini series was a lot better than the series itself. It's showing signs of being better than the mini series, which isn't that hard.

Any reviews of Flash Forward? Been following it, and it looks like they're trying to keep it consistent.

Joan Steward moved to Rob Cole, and it happened at 21:14:41

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