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Board Members:: Karl Lembke, Bob Null, Darnell Coleman, Milt Stevens, Marcia Minsky,  Elayne Pelz, , Arlene Satin,  Christian McGuire, Mike Thorsen

Excused: Robert Powell

Members and Guests:  Marty Cantor, Gregg Bilan, Joyce Sperling, Michael Pell, Michelle Pincus, Lee Gold, Barry Gold, Jenny Burr, Sherri and Tony Benoun, Tim, Maryann,

Meeting called to Order: Meeting called to order 11:17.

Tadao Tomomatsu turned in his resignation yesterday. Dik Daniel’s cousin said there are photos that they have from Dik Daniels is ready to be picked up. Lee Gold offered to pick up the photos.

Last night some of us were at a presentation of Galaxy Press.  The club got 10 boxes of stuff to be archived.  Tadao will still do Toastmaster at Conventions and Fan Guest of Honor

Minutes read and accepted.

New Members: Dena Simmons, Nan Bevan, Madeline V. Goff, Lloyd Lytle, Jeremy Weinland, Yolanda Pascal. Moved to accept these new members, unanimously accepted.

Treasurer:  see Treasurer for amount.**

Library- We have a printer and are spending lots of money. Lots of books went away.

Physical Plant- Vacant but written report was given, and read to the board.  Elayne had Terminex do its quarterly termite checking.

Quartermaster: Report submitted. 13,285 units sold to date, $8867.00 to date/373  sold this month, $279.75. We are good for the moment with upplies.**

AV equipment: New carts were bought; Karl said the corner looks better.

Publications: De Prof is doing well. Marty gave praise to the people  ho worked on the paper with him.

Lee Gold: -We have gotten many old pictures from the Ventura Blvd Clubhouse's first meeting in 1973. We hope to get the Dik Daniels pictures.

Barry Gold
:  We don’t know who owns the Loscon Website.

Milt Stevens - I am scanning to covers, Elayne wanted Milt to bring
his Da Profundus and other files. Christian said that the 75th  Anniversary
committee has used the information on the first meeting for the Banquet.**

Events: 74 people are going to the 75th Anniversary Banquet, the Tuesday celebration
is doing well. It has been a fascinating experience for Arlene doing this.

Loscon is moving along; be sure to get your room. Milt had problems  etting his room through the website so he went to Customer Service.  Christian wanted the information given about the problem so he could ive it to the

Westercon 63 will be partnered with Conchord 23.

Marketing:: West Hollywood Book Fair: We had two people who wanted
to buy memberships. We made $56.00 from selling books. The Long Beach
Comic Con cut into the Fair. There is a reading this Tuesday at the same Library. Auditions for adult eading will be done in March.

Fund Raising:: Mario D'Anna, the artist, received another storyboard job so she can’t work on our art until later.

Agenda Items:

Elayne Pelz requested that the Library be given $200.00 for the rest of the year, passed unanimously.**

Darnell Coleman wished to have a place for his secretary stuff, Christian and
Bob gave him a place for the Secretary stuff.

Eyton Kollin & Bond Halpert - We want to make a podcast to bring people together for panel discussions. They want to use the clubhouse for panels or internet things. People can show up to sit as an audience for the odcast. Arlene said that we are beholden to what Charlie has. Elayne asked what he requested. Podcasts are geared to young people. Radio stations are doing podcasts and getting money for it. Motion passed unanimously. Christian volunteered to talk to Charlie. The podcast may be set for the 22^nd . Christian moved to set up and hold podcasts to end at 7:30 with a trial run f three months. We would like to start, maybe this Thursday. The motion passed unanimously.

Open Forum:

Christian will make sure there is an history archive at Loscon.
Bob Null said, "We need to keep track of leaks in the clubhouse."
Marcia Minsky thanked Arlene Satin and Christian McGuire for archiving the Wonder Stories chapter #4 magazines.

A motion was brought by Darnell, and by acclamation the Board and the people in
the room give full thanks to Tadao Tomomatsu for the work he has done,  Passed unanimously,

LASFS sent a package in congratulating BASFA for its 1000th meeting.

Mike - Is the conventions code for the hotel still the same? Christian  eplied that the convention code was the same as last years.

Take Aways
Letter and thank you card to Galaxy Press Michelle is given thanks for her work at Galaxy Press Craig Miller worked on this on the auction side.
Milt is to bring in his files of De Profundis and Shaggy.

Meeting adjourned at 12:25 PM.

*Submitted by Darnell Coleman-Secretary*

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