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Menace of the LASFS

October 27, 2009

President Christian McGuire,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3768 was opened a couple of days early at 19:55:55

We had one special order of business. Today, the LASFS is 75 years old. That means nobody took it seriously when we had the retirement banquet ten years ago.

Christian read a short item from Wonder Stories about the Los Angeles Chapter, announcing the formation of Chapter 4 of the Science Fiction League.

The reading of the Menace was deferred until after Old Business.

The Registrar announced of guests. Welcome back to Michael Everling and Paul Gibbons, who haven't been here in a couple of years.

Patron Saint – well, it's not Thursday.

Christian read the list of Patron Saints.

A couple of people were invited to speak about Forry Ackerman, the odd saint out.

Charlie Jackson rose to say a few words about this worthy.

For 53 weeks of saints, we had three cheers and a jungle full of tigers. It turns out to be 71 saints in total.

New business: None

Old Business: The club itself.

Speakers were invited to speak, beginning with the indescribable Larry Niven.

The Chairman of the board said a bunch of stuff, but the Scribe fell asleep and missed it all.

Lee and Barry Gold sang Freehafer Hall in the Sky

Tom Khamis introduced the videos we were about to see.

Victoria Shapero spoke of her years of experience with the LASFS. One of the things she appreciates about the LASFS is, we don't talk down to children.

Kay Shapero rose to offer a performance of The Childish Edda, for our Eddafication.

John DeChancie told us about his wonderful speech, which unfortunately, his printer was too narrow to contain. Or something like that. Instead, he promised that for the next 75 years, he wouldn't be embarrassed to be a member of this club.

He was followed by our own Dr. Laura, Laura Brodean Kelly-Freas.

Charles Lee Jackson II spoke about getting involved in fandom, and

Arlene Satin gave us her tour-de-force of a Power Point presentation

It was moved that the meeting be in recess until Thursday, October 29, at 8:10 PM.

Meeting resumes. Vice President Robert Powell presiding, Karl Lembke scribe.

Vice President Powell called class to order October 29, 2009, 20:07:40

Charlie Jackson called Matthew Tepper to start off the special orders of business.

Don Ivan Punchatz has passed at 73. He was an SF illustrator, his work includes covers for Avon books and Playboy

The Veep called Marcia Minsky with an update – George Mulligan is in the hospital with a major inflammation of one of his remaining toes. There may be no info until Monday or so. A card was prompted for, wishing him a Toe-tal recovery.

Tuesday was the 75th anniversary of the LASFS.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the first publication of Asterix and Obelix

And today is the 40th anniversary of the first test message transmitted over the ARPAnet. It was sent from somewhere in Silicon Valley, and was supposed to be the word “Login”. Unfortunately, it crashed after the second letter, setting the pattern Microsoft would follow for decades...

Arlene Satin added, the beginning of this month was the 50th anniversary of the Twilight Zone.

Charlie Jackson introduced Alex Trebec, who introduced Christine Valada, the wife of Len Wien, who has won a nice sum of money on Jeopardy.

The Menace were read and approved as “Elayne Objects”

No further old business, no new business

Patron Saint

Bill Rotsler, and many others almost too numerous to name.

Milt Stevens: He had many careers, as photographer, writer of men's magazine material, novelist, and naked lady photographer. Since he was a really good guy and had photo shoots with lots of naked women, he'd invite fans along. Pictures with fans and naked ladies would show up in the strangest places.

Hare Hobbs: He may have a distinction of having one of his stories syndicated in Playboy, writing articles for Playboy, and having photos in Playboy, and may or may not have had one of his cartoons in playboy.

Marty Cantor: The fannish activity Bill's most known for is his cartoons. He would sit talking to you and he could draw a simple line drawing that would convey precisely what he was thinking. He had a few stock characters, and the way he thought was unique. He would also cartoon to order. He was a fantastic artist. Bill Warren wound up with thousands of illos, so he gave them to Marty to distribute to fan publishers. The only stipulation to the art is, be sure it goes on paper before it goes online.

Hare: The President (Obama) had gone to a hamburger joint he liked. Photos of the event showed, on the wall of the burger joint, a movie poster of Mantis in Lace, one of Rotsler's soft porn movies.

Bill Rotsler was given three cheers and an officially blank tiger.

Francis Hamit

Nick Smith: He has an unusual background in terms of having written encyclopedia articles on espionage and a Civil War novel.

Hare Hobbs: One thing he did was organize Red Cross to teach the CPR certification class here.

Frank Waller: He was very knowledgeable about private security and related matters.

Jerry Pournelle: Francis has written a large number of nonfiction articles. When the internet came along, he managed to get a couple of court rulings that have been significant for the rights of artists whose work gets incorporated in big databases. (Kern County alone is paying $25K/year for access to these databases.) He pays attention to rights.

Hare: A long time ago, when virtual reality was just getting started, he wrote a book on the subject.

Matthew Tepper; He's a good friend, very loyal, extremely outspoken, and he is a playwright. He wrote a play on Christopher Marlowe which he researched thoroughly. He supports the line of thought that Shakespeare's plays were written by Shakespeare, not Marlowe.

Francis Hamit was given three cheers and a Mah Jong tile.

Time Bound Announcements


Committee Reports

Arlene Satin thanked everyone who helped, participated in, and showed up at the Banquet Friday. That carried on to Tuesday, and we had more entertainment and presentations, so thanks to all who participated.

Also, today we inaugurated the panel discussion recording. Neverending It's working very well. They start at 6, and finish up at 7.

Next week's panel will also include Charlie Jackson, II. And the librarian at the public library is retiring. Arlene will take a card tomorrow, and introduce herself to the new Children's librarian.

Events coming up. While Charlie's Lovely Assistant passed among us to collect money, he announced the Autumn Holiday Party tomorrow night, starting at 7 or so. We have Halloween type goodies, and some films.

Next week, we'll have some video. Two weeks from tonight, we have nominations for the Board of directors. If you wish to be on the Board, you need to have someone else nominate you. Three weeks from tonight, we have the voting, by the Alderson method. The week after that, we will throw a convention to divert everyone's convention.

Marcia Minsky announced Sunday at 11:00 we have a Loscon meeting. On the 21st we unload Monstro, on the 25th, we load the truck. The following day, we unload at the hotel. On Sunday, we load the convention back into the truck and drive it back to the club house. Double volunteer hours are given to those who help during these events.

The Registrar introduced Bryan Wolf, who heard about us from a book convention.

The Committee to Gouge auctioned off parking spaces and the Soda of the Month. The soda of the month will be Grape (not necessarily crottled.)

Program: Tonight, we view an animated Washington Irving story, voiced by Bing Crosby. Again, there will be no Mohicans to be found.

New serial – secret service in Darkest Africa, featuring the villains we love to hate, the Nazis. Following that, we have Radio Patrol.

Fannish committee reports



Joe Zeff reviewed a book, titled No Plot, No Problem, how to write a novel quickly. It's time bound because NANO starts in a few days. The author's premise is, what you need to get a novel written quickly is a deadline. Nothing concentrates the mind like a deadline. And if you're busy writing a courtroom drama and six ninjas walk in and want to sit down, let them. The author is Chris Baty.

Hare Hobbs reviewed the second Twilight book, New Moon. It's a bit heavy on the angst. Then it gets into some action. It wasn't quite a s bad as the first book. – Now for something weather-related. On Tuesday, in Hollywood, he saw a woman walking her tiny dog in a headwind. The dog was on the verge of being blown away whenever he tried to leave his mark.

Matthew wondered how they were going to work Stout Heart-ed Men into the latest New Moon movie

Marcia Minsky: Westways magazine has under events, Loscon. We have also discovered a message on the answering machine. It was left by a lady who wanted more info on Loscon. It's working...

Bryan Wolf reviewed the latest D&D book, Primal Power, for those who want to try the more spiritual characters in their campaign. It has a lot of the flavor of the series, but allows for more teamwork.

Charlie Jackson reviewed a film from the 50s, The Blob. (No, not the Blog) It hews closely to the proper dramatic structure, it all takes place in a small area, between sunset and sunrise on one day. It has admirable effects for the budget, and a reasonable conclusion, though the sequel showed how well that worked. The theme song, very catchy, helps with the bad reputation, is too cute. It's a fun movie, great to watch around Halloween.

Eric Hoffman notes Burt Bacharac was responsible for part of the theme song.

Hare Hobbs: Many have heard of the group Alien Fashion Show – father of the leader was one of the Five Blobs who sung the theme song for the movie.


Jerry Pournelle had a question: trying to remember name of picture, about the boy who goes to sleep, wakes to find that invading Martians have taken over his parents and every adult in the world, then discovers it was all a dream --- you must mean Invaders From Mars.

Frank Waller offer a misc. He has stuffed animals that make noise, a military bear and a Hanukkah bear, $20 each, or $24 for the pair.

Scott Beckstead moved to Rob Cole, and it happened at 21:07:41.

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