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warren #1
1966 Ackerman in the Ackeroffice of the Ackermansion talking on the Ackercom
warren #2
John W. Campbell, Jr.
Baycon 1968 Worldcon

warren #3
LASFS BoD at first clubhouse (on Ventura Blvd.)
Front row: June Moffatt, Phil Castora, Marilyn Niven, Milt Stevens, Dave Fox, Fred Patten, Dan Alderson
Back row: Bill Warren, Bruce Pelz, Drew Sanders

warren #4
Robert Bloch, Forry Ackerman, Bill Warren
warren #5
Marc Schirmeister and Bill Warren in our unforgettable cameo scene in Don Glut's DINOSAUR VALLEY GIRLS.
warren #6
Bob Clampett at a San Diego Comic Con.
warren #7
Joltin' Jack "King" Kirby at a San Diego Comic Con
warren #8
Ray Harryhausen meets the fans at the original Ackermansion.
warren #9
Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury, Forrest J Ackerman and Mrs. Harryhausen arrive at the Lytton Center for the Visual Arts. This was around 1968.
warren #10
Two titans of 1930s and 1940s fandom meet at the Ackermansion: That's SaM Moskowitz seated on the floor, chatting with Forry Ackerman.
warren #11
Bill Warren and Christopher Reeve, at the 1979 Worldcon in Brighton
warren #12
Bill Warren meeting Ray Bradbury for the first time at a Dracula Society banquet, late 1966 or early 1967.
warren #13
In the original Ackermansion, Forry Ackerman gets the upper hand over James Warren.
warren #14
Christopher Lee and Bill Warren on the set of GREMLINS 2.
warren #15
LASFSians collating APA-L; Left, front to back: Don Fitch, Unknown, Dave Fox(?); Right: F to B: Milt Stevens, Dan Alderson, Phil Castora

warren #16
Harlan Ellison auctions off the services of David Gerrold (standing)
1968 Worldcon, the Baycon in Oakland

warren #17
Harlan Ellison addresses a gathering.
1968 Worldcon, the Baycon.
warren #18
Ray Bradbury addressing a dinner about 1972. Bjo Trimble in background
warren #19
1968 Worldcon, the Baycon. Robert Silverberg auctions off the somewhat abashed Harlan Ellison
warren #20
1968 Worldcon, the Baycon. Fritz Leiber receiving his Hugo from presenter Robert Silverberg. Walt Daugherty on the left, Harlan Ellison in the background
warren #21
1968 Worldcon, the Baycon. Jim Shapiro meets one of his favorite writers, Robert Bloch (with cigarette). In blue shirt, Don Willis.
warren #22
1968 Worldcon, the Baycon.
A panel including (left) Fritz Leiber, Edmond Hamilton, & Robert Bloch, with Jack Williamson and E. Hoffman Price at the far right.
warren #23
Bruce Pelz and Dian once-again Girard at the moment of their divorce, Jack Harness presiding. Bruce threw a divorce party for himself and Dian.
warren #24
Bruce Pelz threw Vanessa Schnatmeier a surprise birthday party within the divorce party for himself and Dian. Alan Frisbie, Bruce Pelz, Gail Knuth, Sandy Cohen, around Vanessa.
warren #25
Guests at Bruce and Dian's divorce party. Those visible include Vanessa Schnatmeier, Barry Gold, Fuzzy Niven and Leslie Swigart.
warren #26
Ed Baker, Craig Miller and Vanessa Schnatmeier at a 1970s LASFS party
warren #27
Bruce Pelz as Fafhrd and Drew Sanders as the Gray Mouser at a local convention.
warren #28
Beverly Warren and Bill Warren at a local convention in the 1970s; Bill bleached his hair.
warren #29
A convention panel of the 1970s, including Greg Bear, Bill Warren, Alan (Dean) Foster and Bill Rotsler
warren #30
Robert A. Heinlein signs another autograph at the 1976 LASFS Robert A. Heinlein Day
warren #31
The 1976 LASFS Robert A. Heinlein Day. Heinlein and Bill Warren in the LASFS library in the Ventura Blvd. clubhouse.
warren #32
At the 1976 LASFS Robert A. Heinlein Day. Heinlein with Jerry Pournelle and Dan Alderson.
warren #33
The original LASFS clubhouse on Ventura Blvd. Robert A. Heinlein visited in 1976 for an autograph party; here, Allan Rothstein gets Heinlein's signature
warren #34
The 1976 LASFS Robert A. Heinlein Day. Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven (back turned), Robert A. Heinlein. Marilyn Niven in b/g left of door, Tom Locke extreme right.
warren #35
1976 LASFS Robert A. Heinlein Day. David Gerrold talking to Heinlein
warren #36
Dan Alderson at a 1970s LASFS Board of Directors meeting
warren #37
Allan Rothstein at a 1970s LASFS Board of Directors meeting
warren #38
Bruce Pelz
warren #39
Charles Lee Jackson II (in LASFS Library)
warren #40
Milt Stevens presiding over a 1970s LASFS Board of Directors meeting. Ed Finkelstein, left foreground.
warren #41
June Moffatt at a 1970s LASFS Board of Directors meeting
warren #42
Chandra Sargent, Jerry Pournelle
warren #43
Mike Farkash at the LASFS clubhouse
warren #44
LASFS Phantom Day.
Kathy Bushman Sanders, William Finlay, Bill Mills?
warren #45
Phil Castora, Beverly Warren, Jeff Cochran party at the Warren apartment.
warren #46
1971 New Year's party at the Weldens'. Kiva (Schnatmeier) Catalina.
warren #47
Allan Rothstein, 1996.
warren #48
Bea Barrio at a party in the 1970s or 80s.
warren #49
LASFS 1970 4th Saturday party.
warren #50
LASFS 1970-71 holiday party. Sandy Cohen, Ed Finkelstein, Larry Nielson, Gail Knuth, Barry Gold, Gordon Monson, and others.
warren #51
LASFS 1976 Heinlein Day Robert Heinlein, Beverly Warren, Bill Warren
warren #52
LASFS 1976 Robert A. Heinlein.
warren #53
LASFS circa 1979 Bill Rotsler.
warren #54
Laurie Reineke (Welden) Hyatt.
party at Marc Schirmeister's
warren #55
Vanessa Schnatmeier, Jeff Cochran (later Freff), Kiva Schnatmeier, Symposium I, 1970.
warren #56
Bill Warren explaining something to Theodore Sturgeon, with Tom Whitmore and Len Moffatt looking on
warren #57
Bill and Beverly Warren at Westercon XXII, July 1969. George Barr, Dan Goodman, Bill Glass in back
warren #58
Dan Goodman, Craig Miller, Milt Stevens. Party at the Warren apartment
warren #59
Ed Finkelstein and BeverlyWarren
warren #60
Forry Ackerman and Bruce Pelz poolside at Symposium I 1970
warren #61
Forry Ackerman at a 1972 LASFS dinner
warren #62
Harlan Ellison addressing a LASFS dinner 1972
warren #63
Harlan Ellison and Bill Warren missing each other's points 1972
warren #64
Harlan Ellison at a 1972 LASFS dinner 
warren #65
Harlan Ellison at a 1972 LASFS dinner
warren #66
Harlan Ellison on the move at a 1972 LASFS dinner
warren #67
Harlan Ellison and Leslie Swigart at a 1972 LASFS dinner
warren #68
LASFS Allan Rothstein as a minister
warren #69
LASFS Allan Rothstein marries Marty Cantor and Robbie Bourget
warren #70
LASFS Don Fitch being presented with the Evans-Freehafer Award for 1970
warren #71
LASFS fans collating APA-L, Dave Fox on the left
warren #72
LASFS in 1971: Don Fitch received the Evans-Freehafer award for 1970
warren #73
LASFS long-term librarian Jim Glass laughing about something
warren #74
Milt Stevens working in the LASFS back building, late 1977
warren #75
LASFS Phantom Day
Bill Warren, Gerrit Graham, Archie Hahn, William Finlay
warren #76
Steve Gerber addresses the LASFS
warren #77
June Moffatt working on the LASFS back building, late 1977
warren #78
Len Moffatt working on the LASFS back building
warren #79
Peter Boyle talks to LASFS
photo by Al Kracalik
warren #80
LASFS Phantom Day at the clubhouse Gerrit Graham with Bill Warren
warren #81
Mike Farkash
warren #82
Peter Boyle at LASFS, talking mostly about Young Frankenstein
photo by Al Kracalik

warren #83
Peter Boyle at LASFS. Bob Greenberg center.
Photo by Marjii Ellers

warren #84
Peter Boyle at LASFS: Boyle on right, Don Glut on left

photo by Al Kracalik

Bea Barrio warren#85
Bea Barrio
Ventura Blvd. clubhouse

The Ventura Blvd. clubhouse

Tom Digbywarren#87
Tom Digby, President of the LASFS (Jan.-Jun. 1967)
Barry Gold and Jim Hollanderwarren#88
Barry Gold and Jim Hollander, ca. 1983
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