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Menace of the LASFS

October 22, 2009

President Christian McGuire,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“That's OK, Elayne takes checks.”

Meeting 3767 was opened at 20:05:17 by the tell-tale gavel.

Special orders of business.

Charlie Jackson, from the diaphragm, reported the demises of

  1. the man who composed the theme for the secret life of Henry Fife, and recycled it for The Addams Family, Vic Mizzy

  2. Joseph Weisman, played Dr. No in the first James Bond movie. 1918 – 2009 – not a bad run. He played a Jewish entreprener in The Night they Raided Minsky's, and at least one Twilight Zone episode.

We held a moment of silence for these worthies.

The treasurer claims we have 88,888.83

Special Orders of Business

The Menace were read and approved as “Finnigan's wake-up call”

No old, no new

Patron Saint

Lee Jacobs

Milt Stevens called him a long time fan, a member of FAPA and SAPS. He wrote a long series of fanfic, starring Ray Ballard the Musquite Kid. It cast such worthies as Bruce Pelz, Bjo Trimble, and many others.

He gave us one share of some stock that actually paid some dividends.

Jerry Pournelle called him a formidable poker player when poker was an addiction for the LASFS. When asked whether he was up or down, he'd say, “I'm even”. He was a crazy ham operator back when long distance calls were fairly expensive. Once was awakened at 3AM because Lee got a ham connection to a friend of Jerry's, so he could have a free conversation with Jerry over radio. Jerry promised to kill him if he did that a third time. Didn't have to – he died.

Milt: You could tell he was dead – he missed a bridge game.

Lee Jacobs was given three loud cheers and some cured ham.

Time Bound Announcements

Marty announced DeProf is out next week. Announcements can be put in tonight. If you want hard copy next week, they're 55¢ each.

Arlene announced starting October 29, the crew from Neverending will be recording a panel discussion, from 6 to 7. Next week's topic: what sci-fi classic movies should Hollywood do remakes of and why? Weekly topics are chosen by fans and viewers who were not on the panel. This will be going on as a trial for three months. It should be every Thursday.

Christian reminded all that he needs to be notified of any real time bound announcements in advance.

Tomorrow, October 23 is the 75th anniversary banquet at Castaways, in the Starlight room. Assemble at 7, eat at 7:45, speakers, presentations, singing, etc will follow. On the 27th, we have a meeting on the actual anniversary. We'll have cake, people talking, and other stuff. The meeting will recess, and re-open on the following Thursday.

Committee Reports

Charlie Jackson's lovely assistant carried the Lantern O'Jack around the room. There will be a Winter Holiday Party. We'll serve dinosaur parts and stuff out of the ground, as well as stuff high in disaccharides. And there'll be an Autumn Holiday Party a week from tomorrow. We'll have stuff, and films.

Arlene announced the reading program is on hiatus until Summer. The old children's librarian is no longer working there, and she'll introduce herself to the new librarian.

Marcia Minsky announced Loscon 36 is coming up in a little over a month. When we start unloading Monstro and loading the truck, we'll give volunteers double hours. We need all the help we can get.

The Registrar introduced Arnold Lopez, brought by Gary Gibson.

We broke for the Big Auction, and sold a bunch of stuff.

Fannish committee reports

Doug Crepeau reported that there was a giant robot exhibit to be at the Japanese museum in January, right in Little Tokyo. Also, at Golden Apple, there've been a number of political themed comic books. Now they have one for Obama's dog.


Jerry Pournelle reviewed the book he got, and which he intends to throw in the waste basket.

CLJII reviewed one aspect of The Key Lime Pie Murder. The best part is when the heroine is poking around where she shouldn't be, and pulls a book off the shelf. When someone came in and spotted her poking around, she said, “Oh, I've always been interested in...” quick glance at the title... “fingerprinting books of the 18th century” Once opened, it turned out to contain 800 blank pages. Jut right for recording fingerprints in, I suppose.

Christian reviewed Time Management for Anarchists (.com) a fun little read.


Scratch moved we run away......

And so it was moved that we adjourn. 21:08:37.

Last Updated ( Friday, 30 October 2009 )
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