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Menace of the LASFS

October 15, 2009

President Christian McGuire,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“Such a light meeting I don't even have an Overheard quote.”

Meeting 3766 was opened at 20:04:05

Special orders of business.

Marty Cantor had a special order...

Just notified that Joe Haldeman is out of the hospital, in rehab, and eating food.

The Emperor announced three items.

Daniel Melnick, film and TV producer, pushed Buck Henry and Mel Brooks into creating Get Smart, produced All That Jazz (certainly fantasy), passed away at age 77.

Edward Valigursky, artist for SF paperback covers passed away, and

Barry Letts, British producer of Dr Who from 66 to 74, and executive producer 80-81, and directed a few episodes.

We had a moment of silence for these three worthies.

Christian recalls William Tenn is in the hospital. He's stable, which is not a good thing for a SF writer. Send him good thoughts.

The Menace were read and approved as “Brilliant”

We have a treasurer's report. It's on the table.

Patron Saint

Randy Grainer

Marty: He lives in Glendale, and doesn't come around much anymore. He became the first known as “human wallet”.

Scratch vaguely remembers meeting him, and it was a positive experience. At least not a negative one.

He was a quiet sort, but contributed to the club in his way which included supporting auctions and giving us money. For whatever reason, he's stopped coming to the club.

Randy Grainer was given three cheers and a bucket of grilled chicken.

Michael Mason

Hare Hobbs: Michael was one of those guys who might come off as kind of quiet, but you could get him started on something and he'd keep going. Once, coming out of the Metro Station, he ran into Michael and triggered his sports gene. Michael went on and on and on about how his team was robbed in the previous night's game.

Milt Stevens: he was one of the few people who would handicap the Hugos each year.

Michael was a fan of various levels of of ecdysiast. (My spell checker never heard of that word. It suggested Ecclesiastes, and then enthusiast.)

Joe Zeff: One year, everybody at his place of work was surprised when he came in, in costume, and stayed in character all day as a Trappist monk.

Charles Lee Jackson II: He was also a fundamental subatomic particle. Quark Quark!

Hare Hobbs: He loved football and baseball, and was moderately successful in Fantasy leagues.

He was Librarian for 10 years, he was on the BOD, chaired a Loscon, and posthumously won a very unique Evans Freehafer Award.

Greg Bilan: He was also the subject of a short film, on what not to do at a restaurant.

Matthew Tepper: He left us far too soon. He was delighted at anything that interested him and anything that interested any of his friends. Shortly before his passing, he had been making plans for a trip to the UK. He spoke at length about the places he wanted to go, including Land's End. He would do a favor for a friend, just like that. When Matthew was setting up his shelves, he brought extra shelves to fill out his shelving units.

Arlene: He could hold a conversation, with himself if need be. She could depend on him if she needed to talk to someone at 3 in the morning.

Hare: He was either the longest serving or second longest serving librarian, and worked very hard at it.

Christian McGuire: Of the people who died this past decade, I miss him the most.

Charles Lee Jackson II: The only thing he liked better than working on the library was chatting with people, thus he worked better as librarian when he was alone.

Don Wenner mentioned a few years when he managed the Gift Exchange, and did a very good job of it.

Michael Mason was given three loud cheers and a brand new trowel.

The Registrar introduced Diana Paxson, Laurie Wood, Karen, and Elizabeth.

Time Bound Announcements

October 27, anniversary. Cakes, cookies, conversation, etc.

On the 23rd, we have banquet, which is now sold out.

This Saturday is C/FO. Sunday, Time Meddlers. TSPC is showing cartoons Saturday at 10.

Tomorrow night, the club will be open for gaming, etc.

Committee Reports

CLJII sent the Lantern O'Jack around to collect for (listen up) the Winter holiday party. There will be partying. Next week, we have the big fat auction. Following week, Bing Crosby presents an animated Washington Irving story. But no Mohicans. 2nd and 3rd meetings of November, we elect BOD members. First week, we nominate, second we elect.

Karen Anderson had some science to monitor. LCROSS slammed into the moon. The empty Centaur stage hit the crater Clavius at 4:31. LCROSS recorded the explosion just before impacting, four minutes later. The probe recorded the impact, and the crater. Spectra suggest an ejected cloud occurred. There was a strong sodium signal, indicating an interaction with the moon's exosphere material.

Old Business

On Friday the 11th of December, we have a Gift Exchange.

New Business

Program! (Diana Paxson...)

Let it be known, there are books for sale.

Program Diana Paxson read, and discussed the research for her books. There was a large crowd and much rejoicing...

Loscon chair had to take her mother home, but otherwise all is well

And so it was moved that we adjourn. 21:43:12.

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