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Menace of the LASFS

October 8, 2009

President Christian McGuire,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“Fortunately, Marty's in the APA. Gee, I never thought I'd say that.” – CLJII

Meeting 3765 was opened at 20:06:57.

Special orders of business.

Nobody who died bothered to call in and report it.

We had a moment of non-silence for these worthies.

The Menace were read and approved as “I forgot what I was going to say”

We have a treasurer's report

Patron Saint

Beverly Kanter

Scratch said money was put forward to turn her into a saint.

Marty Cantor notes the money for sainting her was paid by her live-in boyfriend, Harry Andruschak

Joe Zeff recalls once being at their apartment and being told when, if, and as they broke up, the argumetns would be “why should I take this, I bought it for you.”

CLJII When they were in the LASFS, there was a nude artists and photographer's model, and no one could ever figure out why.

Joe Zeff: “These are the nice things!”

Christian called for three cheers for Saint Beverly Kanter

Old Business

On Friday the 11th of December, we have a Gift Exchange.

New Business


Ketchup on past guests...

On Friday we had a guest. Audrey Campbell.

The Committee to Gouge met and gouged.

Time Bound Announcement

Since nobody brought any forward, that was a false alarm to get your hopes up.

Committee Reports

Mary Ann Canfield – Sunday is Second Sunday.

Christian announced the Board Meeting, starting at 11 AM.

Arlene Satin: Last Sunday was the Book Fair. WE had two people who wished to apply as members. They're in. We made $56.55 from selling excess library books. We had smaller attendance because of nearby construction. Thanks to Michelle, Darnell, Greg, Hare, and Nick, and Rob.

Marty Cantor, the committee to have fun reiterated the announcement Mary Ann made.

CLJII had his lovely assistant pass around the Lantern O'Jack for the Autumn Holiday Party. We'll be showing The Raven and Comedy of Terrors. We'll have food, fun, and frivolity. This will be October 30, in this very building, from 7 PM until midnight or so. We have no more FWEMS this year, but we have lots of fun and frivolity. In about a month, we have elections for members of the Board of Directors for LASFS Inc.

Marcia Minsky: Reminder – reserve your rooms early, reserve them often. 11/1, we have a Loscon meeting. 21st and 22nd we go through Monstro. The 25th, Wednesday, is truck loading. The 26th, we unload the truck at the hotel. On the 29th, we load the truck again. On the 30th, we put stuff back into Monstro.

The Registrar announced another guest – Rena LeBlanc.

The Science Minotaur rose to tell us about the LCROSS mission to bomb the moon and force it to pass water.


CLJII: It's holiday season at Disneyland. Haunted Mansion is gussied up for Nightmare before Christmas. Hollywood, being unable to distinguish between SF and Fantasy, Space Mountain is all decked out with ghosts and skeletons. The scary part is the props are bright enough that you can see the slender skeleton that supports the riders as they speed through the mountain. Also, all the mechanical bats are now fully employed.

California Adventure has a display showing what the midway will look like. They're going to gut California Adventure in the process. Originally, this was to celebrate the State of California, not Disney Characters. But there's no money in California Adventure, just like the state.

Milt – Stargate Universe, a bunch of uninteresting people get marooned in a ship where they spend two hours being suffocated by the script.

Christian: The creative consultant is writer John Scalzi, and anything good in the show is his doing.

Michelle reviewed ZombieLand. Two thrumbs up. It has rules for surviving. Follow them.

Hare reviewed his adventure with the West Hollywood Book Fair. Nicholas Meyer, writer and director of Wrath of Khan and Star Trek VI was there, and gave an interesting talk. The big experience was, after helping to pack up, riding up Santa Monica Blvd after dark, and seeing the strange characters emerging from the bars and night clubs. Despite traveling by bicycle and bus, he still beat the truck back to LASFS for unloading.

Jerry Pournelle asked if anyone wanted to hear about relativity. He spoke at length about a book by Tom Bethell: Questioning Einstein – Is Relativity Necessary? A non-mathematical treatment of the subject. Maybe special relativity wasn't right. One quick story about Bethell. He and Jerry were together in a bar in Moscow in 1989, and Jerry pulled out his Atari Portfolio, a pretty powerful palmtop for the time. Tom pulled his out, and they both proceeded to try to write their columns, and he wrote 2000 words while Jerry did 250.

Christian having had to leave with his ride, Mary Ann took over the meeting.


Joe Zeff had an announcement – a very miscellaneous fannish committee report from a committee that hasn't had the opportunity to report in a while – computer users too stupid to live. He follows a Usenet group devoted to helping people use Windows XP. In one thread, there are some very puzzling error messages. Asked user, “have you considered searching Google?” “How do I search Google”. He replied, “If you are serious, my advice is pack up the computer, and take it back to the store and tell them you're too stupid to use it.” I love it when a punch line comes together

Tom Safer mentioned, Saturday the 17th, TSPC presents The Nightmare Before Christmas. Tonight, Hanna/Barbara Alice in Wonderland.

We had a motion to adjourn, and so


we adjourned at 21:30:33.

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