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Note: Two proposed amendments have been approved by the LASFS, Inc. Board of Directors and are awaiting ratification by the general membership. See this page for details.

Enacted April 12, 2013, effective July 1, 2013

The first sentence of Rule 4 was modified December, 2013.  The second sentence was added in January, 2014 and will go into effect March 1, 2014

 0.  Death will not release you.

 1.  Weekly dues are $4.00.

 2.  Monthly dues are $12.00.

 3.  Annual dues are $135.00.

 4. Membership application fee is $10.  Children under the age of 13 who attend LASFS are not obliged to join.

 5. Associate Friend donation amount is $40.00.

 6. Supporting Friend donation amount is $100.00.

 7. Patron Friend donation amount is $300.00.

 8. Patron Saint donation amount is $1,000.00.

 9. Other Donations

      A. Sacred Object donation amount is $2,000.00.

      B. Heavenly Body $3,000

      C. Celestial Anomaly $5,000

      D. Supernova $7,000

      E. Dark Universe $11,000

      F. Pillar of the LASFS $4000

10. Maximum discretionary amount is $1000.00.

11. The By-Laws shall be kept in print and available.

12. This space intentionally left blank.

13. The title Treasurer shall be pronounced Chancellor of the Exchequer.

14. Standing rule 13 shall be ignored.

15. No it won't.

16. Lack of Money is not Death.

17. Yngvi is a Louse!

18. In accordance with the practice of past years, any member present on the club property on Thursday  or Friday nights after 7 p.m. or after 2:00 p.m. on the Second Sunday of the month is liable for dues. The Board reserves the right to waive dues for any activity.

19. Smoking.

      A. Smoking of tobacco and/or any other noxious substance is forbidden in all interior areas owned by LASFS Inc. at all times;

      B. Sanctions and/or penalties for violations of this policy shall be determined by the Board of Directors of LASFS, Inc.

20. Board Nominations

      Nominations for Directors of the Society shall be held on the last Regular meeting of the Society previous to the meeting during which the Election of Directors takes place. Nominations shall be closed at the conclusion of that nominating session and shall not be re-opened.

      A. The following shall be required regarding regular elections for Directors of the Society:

          1. Nominators shall be required to explain the reasons for the proposal of a candidate.

          2. Nominees, in person or through intermediaries, shall be required to explain their qualifications and intentions for the fulfillment of the office of Director.

      B. Records shall be kept detailing the attendance of Directors, and shall be made available for examination by the Society.


      A. The LOSCON is the proprietary convention of the LASFS, Inc.

      B. Election of the LOSCON Chair:

1. Anyone wishing to chair a LOSCON shall submit a bid to the LASFS Board of Directors. To qualify, a bid must include a chairman, a treasurer, a hotel liaison, and a weapons policy.

2. Bids should be submitted within 90 days following the second preceding LOSCON. In the absence of bids during this time, the LASFS Board of Directors may extend the period of submission for another eight months or for any period less than that.

3. The LASFS Board of Directors shall forward to the membership for election, after the aforementioned 90 day period, all qualified bids to chair LOSCON. Election shall be by simple majority of those members present and voting; in case of more than two bids to chair the same LOSCON, an automatic runoff ballot shall be used to determine a majority.

      C. Loscon Financial Reporting:

1. The Comptroller may advise the LOSCON Committee as to changes needed for fiscal responsibility. If differences between the Comptroller and the LOSCON Committee are not reconcilable, the Comptroller shall bring the matter(s) before the LASFS Board of Directors. The Board shall review the matter(s), and may require compliance with their recommendations.

2. The LOSCON committee will submit an interim final financial report to the Comptroller by January 31 following its convention, and a final report by February 28. The final report will summarize revenue and expenses of the convention, list accounts receivable and outstanding checks, and note whether there are any other unpaid LOSCON expenses.

      D. The LOSCON Chair may be required to report to the LASFS Board of Directors at the Board’s   request.

E. The LASFS Board of Directors may, by majority vote, impeach the Chair of LOSCON and present the matter to the membership for resolution. Upon impeachment of the LOSCON Chair, the Chair may no longer obligate the Society or the LOSCON in any degree. A Special Meeting of the Society shall be called, at which a majority of those present and voting may remove the Chair. Upon the resignation or impeachment of the LOSCON Chair, the LASFS Chairman of the Board, or the Chairman's designee, shall serve as Chair Regent of LOSCON.

F. If the resignation or removal of the LOSCON Chair occurs 90 days or more before the LOSCON, a special election shall be held to replace the Chair.

      1. At the first meeting of the Society after the vacancy of the Chair, the LASFS Chairman of the Board shall call for bids to chair the LOSCON. Such bids must be submitted within the following 14 days.

  2. A Committee of the LASFS Chairman of the Board, the LASFS Comptroller, and the LASFS President shall review the bids and forward all qualified bids to the membership for election at the third meeting following the vacancy.

  3. A majority of the membership of the Society present and voting at the aforesaid third meeting following the vacancy of the LOSCON Chair shall elect the replacement.

      G. The LASFS, Inc. assumes financial responsibility for LOSCON.

      H. If surplus funds exceed $4000.00, up to 25% of the excess may be used to reimburse committee and staff expenses incurred at the convention. LOSCON will repay any facilities deposit made by LASFS on its behalf before calculation of its surplus.

      I. The Chair of LOSCON has the authority to appoint or remove LOSCON Committee members.

      J. The LOSCON Chair shall select Guests of Honor, and shall have the responsibility and the authority to plan and implement convention activities. Implementation may include contracting for goods and services needed by the convention. All contracts shall be in the name of LOSCON, not in the name of an individual. LASFS, Inc. assumes no financial responsibility for contractual obligations in violation of this section.

      K. The Weapons Policy for LOSCON shall be published in a progress report and in the Program Book of the LOSCON.

      L. A subcommittee appointed by the LASFS Board of Directors shall approve all LOSCON Hotel contracts.

      M. All records and monetary surplus for LOSCON shall be completed and turned over to LASFS by the second Sunday in March of the following year.

      N. Pass-ons.

  1. LOSCON #X may pass on to LOSCON #X+1 the names of committee, and of volunteers working a predetermined minimum number of hours, for free memberships in LOSCON #X+1. The number of these pass-ons shall not exceed ten percent of the total membership of LOSCON #X, except with LASFS Board approval for an exception to this rule.


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