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Menace of the LASFS

October 1, 2009

President Christian McGuire,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“I shouldn't come over here.” – Karen Anderson

“It's a salt lick for humans.” – Marc Schirmeister

Meeting 3764 was opened at 20:11:01

Special orders of business.

It's been brought to his attention that a woman named Lucy has died. This was a classmate of Julian Lennon, after whom Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and thus the Lucy after whom Australopithecus Afarensis was named.

Marty Cantor rose to announce the passing of a fan in T Neck NJ, Ben Indick. He was interested in plays, and did reviews. He was in various APAs, He was 86.

Tadao Tomomatsu announced Joe Haldeman is in an undisclosed hospital in Cincinnati.

Matthew Tepper announced Haldeman has an account on Facebook, which his wife is updating on a daily basis.

Charlie announced the actor who played Billy Batson, Frank Coglin Jr, passed “earlier last month”. (9/17)

Janis Olson announced Glenn's dad, Bill Olson is in the hospital with an infection. The infection is not responding to medication yet.

Jerry Pournelle's neighbor, Mr Philip Rose, died at age 94. He was the make-up artist for Brando, starting with his earliest films. Thus, he also made-up Jor-el.

Darnell Coleman's uncle, Mr. Butts, passed last week due to metastasized prostate cancer.

We had a long moment of silence for these worthies.

The Menace were read and approved as “Shut up, Probie”

Patron Saint

Steve Bilan

Greg Bilan was asked to talk about his brother.

Steve has a degree in computer science, from back when it first started. He now lives in Hawaii, and works as a TSA agent. He's been Greg's brother for 52 years.

CLJII: Steve was found in a very large cradle by the side of a logging camp, and was adopted by the loggers, grew to tremendous height, found a blue ox, etc, etc, etc.

Tadao had something to say. Steve Bilan is one of the smartest non-members we had. When asked to comment on the locked running car incident, he said, “I don't know these people” and ran off.

Our Registrar announced a guest – Cassidhe Holke.

We also have two new members == Lloyd Little, and Madeline Goth.

Old Business

Charlie Jackson played the Gift Exchange Rules video. Remember, the purpose of the Gift Exchange is to have fun. Michael Thorson was assigned appropriate blame for being the fiendish mind behind the video. Christian explained what word “fugghead” was not.

New Business


Time Bound Announcement

Matthew Tepper has been asked by Anita Nunez to announce that she will be moving in a few weeks and would appreciate help from any able to render assistance. More details to follow. The move should be within Burbank.

Committee Reports

Karen Anderson The Science Monitor rose to tell us all about Corot 7-B, about which they keep finding out new stuff. It's hot enough to melt rock, and the atmosphere is suspected to be comprised of rock vapors, and it probably rains sand. Corot 7-B has about the same mass as Earth. Its star-facing side has a temperature of 4220F. The far side is -369F.

In August, a second planet, called Corot 7-C, was discovered.

Arlene announced a slight change for the date for Reading Rocketeers. We're reading Lemony Snickett on October 13. The West Hollywood Book Fair is Sunday. Anyone wishing to help set up, let Arlene know. Saturday set-up will be welcome. There is free parking at the Pacific Design Center.

Darnelle announced the Library needs a fan with a car to take books up to the Fair Sunday morning and run the Library part of the booth until 2 or so. The Librarian may be getting Gainful Employment that day.

Matthew Tepper reported on another area bookstore, Samuel Johnson on Venice near Centinela. The SF selection is small but choice. It's early books, pre-1950 hardcovers. The history and military history sections are excellent. Philosophy, music, and general literature as well.

Marcia Minsky announced Loscon 36 is 11/27-29. Tonight, she reminds us there is a Loscon meeting Sunday at 11.

Christian tried to remember what he wanted to say at this spot.

Michael Thorson announced this weekend, Kris Bauer has Estrogen Zone on Saturday, starting at 1:30 or so, and going until it ends. There will be movies and Mah Jong.

Christian remembered this is the last night to buy in to the Banquet. See Christian or Arlene before they disappear. We have 60 people and several excellent guests. If you don't want to join us for the banquet on the 23rd, the actual anniversary is on Tuesday, October 27, opening at 7:30 PM. Karen Anderson asked how late the Tuesday meeting would run. She's going to be at the Ohio Valley Filk Fest that weekend.

And, Nick Smith made an announcement. We've finalized negotiations for Westercon 63: It will also be ConChord 23. So bring out the Con-Con dancers. Look for details at and

Charlie Jackson's lovely assistant passed among one and all with the Lantern O'Jack.

Friday evening, 10/30, start at 7, is the Autumn Holiday Party. Come and have a good time. In the mean time, we had FWEMS, and so we close down until February. There will be movies on the AHP and WHP. Tonight's program is the pilot of World of Giants, a TV program made because they had props left over from The Incredible Shrinking Man. Next week, we may have Safer Cartoons, and on the 15th, we have an actual SF author – Diana Paxson. On 10/22, we have the Big Fat Auction. The Final Week of October, we have a Bing Crosby cartoon. The week after that, another Early TVSF installment. Following week, nominations for BOD. The week after that, we vote.

Christian added, on the night Diana Paxson is here, we either have meeting light or program in the middle of the meeting.

Robert Powell announced the club will be open tomorrow night.

The Committee to Gouge met to gouge.


CLJII re-reviewed Forgotten. The second episode was narrated by another corpse. Yup. It's fantasy.

NCIS and NCIS-LA was the same story, just gussied up differently.

Scott Beckstead only saw one of them, so it worked for him.

Nick Smith – The Stonekeeper's curse, the Second volume of Amulet by Kasu Kibuishi is out. It's the first book he's seen where a house gets to punch someone out. Kibuishi also did a SF train robbery story, Daisy Kutter, The Last Train... He's an interesting writer as well as artist.

Mike Thorson reviewed the St Joseph's Emergency Room. He woke up with a strange condition where his chest hurt if he breathed deeply enough. It got worse, and so after work he went over to the ER. They have improved their service greatly over 5 years ago. Instead of processing him through in 10 hours, it only took 6. In that time, he discovered his problem was not heart or lung conditions, or pulmonary thrombosis. It's a Latin term that means “hurts to breathe”.

Michelle Pincus reviewed Surrogates. It's not as bad as you might think. It has interesting stuff, and it's worth seeing

Hare Hobbs reviewed Flashforward the book last week. This week, he reviews the series. It's not like the book. It's OK. There are no physicists so far, unlike the book. Instead of flash-forwarding 21 years, they only flash forward 6 months. The first hour was so action filled, they need to fill in back story later. The people involved are the same people involved with Lost. They say they learned their lesson with Lost, and won't do what hurt Lost's ratings so badly.

CLJII: Watched a movie called Sugar Hill, about a woman who uses the powers of voodoo and Baron Samedi to avenge her murdered boyfriend. Gets zombies to kill the culprits. Continuity needs work. Had to stop in the middle and clean his palate by going to school.

Jerry Pournelle was gong to review Tom Bethel's Questioning Einstein – Is Relativity Necessary, so he'll wait until he has time to explain relativity.

Frank Waller watched Trekkies and Trekkies 2 over three days. It was a misfortune. He still wants to punch the star trek guy in the face.


Scratch said this October 3 is the date he and Francis Hamit celebrate their joint October birthdays. No cake, because of the smoke alarms.

Joe Zeff commented that all members should remember not to stand in such a position as to leave footprints on the wall.

Tom Safer needs to talk to the Emperor.

Martin Young noted Huntington Library is receiving Octavia Butler's papers.

Tom Safer announced October 17 is his regularly scheduled TSPC show, Nightmare Before Christmas.

Michelle moved we adjourn.

And with that, we adjourned at 21:40:00.

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