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Menace of the LASFS

September 24, 2009

President Christian McGuire,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3763 was opened at 20:07:00.

We have several special orders of business.

Joe Haldeman is still alive, but he's had a stomach problem that required surgery. The surgery is now over, and they're awaiting results. And Rusty Hevelin is providing support.

Rick Katz of NESFA is in the hospital, as is Patrick Fahey.

Frank Waller's father passed Saturday morning, sometime between 8AM and 8:05. He was 83. He had a role in the first three rocket assemblies, and when he was in the Army, all he was thinking about was airplanes, how to fix them, how to improve them, etc. Watching the officers having fun in the Officer's Clubs inspired him to go to school and qualify to work in rocket research and development. Frank Waller is the product of father's kicking him in the ass for ten years, getting him to overcome any number of difficulties.

We had good thoughts for all the fans in hospital now, and a moment of silence for Frank's father.

The Menace were read and approved as “what was mine?”

We have a treasurer's report It's in someone else's sticky hands. We have money, you can't spend it.

Old Business


New Business


Time Bound Announcement

Marty Cantor announced De Prof is going to the printer tomorrow. If you want paper copies, pay him 55¢ today.

You have seven days to pay for the 75th anniversary banquet. The banquet itself is in 35 days. Food is extra.

The Registrar announced two new members. Well, at least two people who gave us $5. Nan Bevin and Dena Simmons

In a cloud of sulfurous smoke, the committee to gouge assembled to sell a cornucopia of excellent goods at low prices. It was Tuf going.

Committee Reports

Charlie Jackson had his lovely assistant pass the lantern O'Jack for the Autumn Holiday Party. October 30. Sunday is the FWEMS, featuring ghosts in the movies. It will run from 2 until 10 or so.

After the meeting is the lecture, ghosts in the movies. Next week is early TV SF, world of giants. October 15, Tom Safer presents cartoons. A week or two later, Bing Crosby presents an animated Washington Irving cartoon. Following that, we have elections for the BOD, and then some convention or another.

October 22, we have a big fat LASFS auction. We don't auction off the LASFS, but we will auction off items of interest to the LASFS.

After coming up with an excuse, Christian announced

Patron Saint

Ron Ellik

He gave us money, and he's not here tonight.

He way predates the trio of friends including Alex Pournelle

Bill Ellern. He was a long time fan, dubbed by Bjo as the Squirrel. He started a monthly newsletter about activities among fans. He was extremely active, graduated from college in electronics and computers, wrote a Doc Smith concordance which sold quite well among Doc Smith Fans. He was known for hitchhiking all over the country to various conventions. Bill talked to him a few days before his death at age 25 about upgrading his concordance. He was flying to Minneapolis, rented a VW Bug, and had one of the bug's many single-motorist accidents, sliding into a ditch. Ron struck his head on the windshield and died of his injuries. He was good people, literate, knowledgeable, and fun to be around. He was a great fan. He was in a movie, The Musquite Kid.

He was given three cheers and a root beer.

Karl Lembke

Matthew Tepper compared him to a very nice person which he resembles to the point of identity.

CLJII: he's a fine, gregarious person, fun to be around, and almost as good a mountain climber as he thinks he is.

Arlene Satin called him “one of the smartest people I know, and one of my best friends.”

Joe Zeff: He's a good cook, and has turned himself into a veritable spice cadet. He runs con suites,

Joan Steward: He has a fascinating mind. And has a degree in <insert degree here>. Oh, yes. Physics.

He's a generous, caring, and wonderful person who deserves more than three cheers.

Martin Young has many high-level and interesting conversations with him.

Marcia Minsky: he's chairman of the board at LASFS

He's chaired a Loscon.

He's also long-term scribe and is writing the menace even as we all speak.

Mary Ann – he's a board gamer. And a gamer.

Christian McGuire said he's one of the reasons he's willing to drink water in Los Angeles.

Tadao mentioned he's also been wonderful at helping LaLaCons with banquets, brewmaster, mead maker, and makes iced tea that can knock down a LaLaCon (Christian: Hint, Hint)

Hare: He did something that made it possible for him to attend every Lasfs meeting – drove him to the club meeting the week of Loscon.

We auctioned off what degree Karl has in the minutes. Water-ology.

Karl Lembke was given three loud cheers, and a honey dipper.

Committee Reports

Arlene rose to announce that in two weeks we have the West Hollywood Book Fair. Come by, help out, see the fair. Enjoy.

October 27, Tuesday, we celebrate the actual day of the LASFS anniversary. There will be cake, ice cream, and entertainment. Starts at 7:30.

Marcia Minsky announced October 4, there will be a Loscon meeting here at 11 AM. It's 62 days to Loscon.

The Science Minotaur rose to give us a report. Planetary formation seems to be showing up in real time. Over 5 months, scientists have observed the cloud of infrared gas around a star, and observing noticeable changes in that interval. Light from the inner portion of the disc changes every week, sometimes more often.

Matthew Tepper wondered if anyone else had noticed reports of water on the moon, and ice on Mars.

The second Friday in December is the 11th. That will feature the Gift Exchange. Start shopping now. It starts at 7 PM, and run to some not quite ungodly hour.

Eric had an update on Patrick Fahey. He's getting better. It was connected to a diabetic incident. He's shedding bags, still hooked up to monitors, but he's energetic enough to snarl and complain about Nurse Ratched.

Fred Patten announced his mother had her 97th birthday, and renewed her driver's license for another 5 years.


Darnelle reviewed Sorority Row. Carrie Fisher picked up a gun after 29 years, and shot at random. Corwin was worried. None of the T&A was Carrie Fishers.

CLJII reviewed two TV shows – The Forgotten is clearly fantasy, because it's narrated by a corpse – a murder victim whose identity they've yet to establish.

Warehouse 13 – I have to say that all the good guys have lost the power of rational thought because everything they do in this week's episode – they need Gibbs around to whack them on the back of the head.

Christian: Fringe has returned to TV. It's still likable, and still has the fun old cast. The story line is still X files lite, with humor and drugs. Heroes had its two-hour premiere. They missed the opportunity to have Christian say hot damn, it's worth seeing.

Marcia is finding it's gotten very dark.

Joe Zeff: personally, he's begun to suspect the people involved with Heroes have either lost their vision or gone far past their plans. They seem to be making the story up week by week.

CLJII: for the last several years, there's been this unkillable TV show, “According to Jim”. It would be cancelled every year, and brought back to replace something even worse. That place is now held by Scrubs.

Christian McGuire: On You Tube, google Hitler's Opinion of Avatar. This one is brilliant and says things about James Cameron's Avatar that convinces him not to spend money on the movie.


Hare Hobbs misced about someone having bought a shirt for him, and it's finally dying. And in addition, something serious. We all remember LASFS member Mark Sharpe – there's a good chance people can quit dying of AIDS. They have a vaccine, about 30% effective.

Matthew Tepper announced the motion picture version of Howard the Duck is mediocre but not quite as bad as people think it is.

Christian added – there was speculation as to where the $17 million on FX for Howard was spent – the consensus is it went up the noses of the guys who had to approve the FX.

Charlie announced latex caps on the bottoms of furniture legs are remarkable.

And with that, we adjourned at 21:24:10

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