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Photos and other scans that don't fit into any of the other scrapbook sections.

Los Angeles Invites Youmisc #1
Los Angeles Invites You (LACon II, 1972 Worldcon)
Thrush Lettermisc #2
Letter of commendation from THRUSH to Lee Klingstein (Gold) from David E. McDaniel
 misc #3
The Evil Bird (THRUSH logo), drawn by Don Simpson
palmer #1 
Fred Patten holding his Forry Award plaque, photo contributed by The Gina Palmer
palmer #2
Closeup of Fred Patten's Forry Award, photo contributed by The Gina Palmer
Picture from Fred Patten

patten #1

LASFS Meeting at Palms Playground(?).
L2R: Len Bailes, Neal Clark Reynolds, unknown, Barry Gold, Betty Knight,unknown, Fred Hollander, Lyn Stier, unknown.

Photo from the collection of Fred Patten, contributed by Sherry Patten.

Paul Turner Polliner #1
Paul Turner in the Library at the Tyrone Ave. clubhouse.
Photo by Eylat Polliner, from her Facebook page.
Group photo

misc #4
Group photo, unknown provenance, found on the web by Bill Warren.

Left rear: Ray Bradbury
Front center: Walt Daugherty
Front right: Forry Ackerman
Second row right: Morojo

 Dan Alderson

misc #5
Dan Alderson.
graduation photo provided by Barbara Harmon


misc #6

Friend of the LASFS certificate (in Latin) for Barry Gold


misc #7

Friend of the LASFS certificate (in English) for Lee Gold


misc #8

Friend of the LASFS certificate (in English) for Barry Gold

 Handprints at Village Vintage Theatre misc #9
Handprints at Village Vintage Theatre of Forry Ackerman and Ray Harryhausen.Contributed by Regina Reynante.
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