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Menace of the LASFS

September 17, 2009

President Christian McGuire,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3762 was opened at 20:07:13.

Into the past, to 1964 – Christian read the suggested order of business at the time. How things have changed...

Special Orders of Business

We have a Saganload of them.

  1. We observe the passing of Patrick Swayze, in Ghost, and George and the Dragon, and Red Dawn, and Steel Dawn. He was also one of several to impersonate Quatermass.

  2. Mary Travers of Peter, Paul, and Mary – Puff the Magic Dragon is obviously fannish.

  3. Henry Gibson, who, among other things, played a nazi who drove off an unfinished overpass ramp and fell 10K feet to the streets of Chicago, and he voiced Wilbur the Pig from Charlotte's Web.

For these three, we had a brief moment of silence.

But wait, there's more!

Michelle Pincus announced yesterday was Karen Anderson's 77th birthday.

Marcia Minsky announced Tuesday was Joe Zeff's birthday. Joe Zeff announced that it was also Mike Stern's Birthday

Tadao announced the birth of Aurora Valentina Owens.

The Menace were read and approved as “Once, Twice, Three times Siladi”

We have a treasurer's report We have money, most of which is in the Century fund.

Guests! Registrar Michelle announced, we have two returning members and a new member. Brenda DuPont has returned. Ken Estes showed up, and Stephanie DeVoy joined

Patron Saint

Len & June Moffatt

Since they wanted to get together, and are together, we accept comments about both simultaneously.

Milt: June's mother was a fan. Her first husband, Keith Konigsberg was a LASFS member. She spent that period raising three kids. Len got into fandom in the 30s, was in the Marines as a medic, and afterward settled out here. He was in FAPA for many years, and chaired a Worldcon back when the concom size was less than half a dozen. And he won TAFF, and did a TAFF report.

Marty Cantor: The Moffatts contribute every week to APA-L. Unfortunately, they've been away due to health problems. They're very nice people, and it's a shame they're not here.

Karen Anderson notes their interests include the JDM Bibliophile events, and the Bouchercons. Len occasionally sells light verse to Ellery Queen's mystery magazine.

Christian: The Moffatts were involved in the creation of Bouchercon, and one of them chaired one of the cons.

Jerry Pournelle notes Len was a good friend of John D McDonald. They never got him to come to one of the cons.

CLJII: The Moffatts together have many things to recommend them as fine and upstanding people, but they did adopt Ed Green as a fan-child.

JP: And that makes up for all their good deeds.

CLJII: And it's shameful that they've let mere debilitation keep them away.

Christian: In the LACon IV member book, there's an article where Len remembers Pacificon in 1946. He's also sold several stories.

Sandy Cohen mentioned Len is a member of Blustering Gales of the Southwest, a Sherlockian club.

Christian claimed June is an incredibly kind person. In return for an incredibly insignificant favor, she gave him a home-made sugar-free cheesecake.

CLJII: Len is a recipient of the Forry Award, for his assistance to fandom, his publications, and all the good he's done.

We had six very loud cheers for Len and June Moffatt … And two tigers!

Christian Announced

You have twelve days to pay for the Banquet, which takes place in 42 days.

Saturday, C/FO, and Sunday is the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles.

The Committee to Gouge auctioned off a bunch of stuff.

Committee Reports

Marcia Minsky announced Loscon 36. Anyone familiar with WETA Workshop? They did Lord of the Rings, and Steampunk guns. They're sponsoring an old-fashioned science fair, and donating $500 of their merchandise as prizes. Bring a science project – you might win something.

Steven Barnes and Tanarive Due have graciously consented to judge a writing contest – the worst last line. “And then some idiot dropped the soap.” – CLJII. Loscon memberships are still $40, until November.

Science Report: Karen Anderson rose to tell of some more planets. From a letter that was on one of the online groups by G. David Nordley – catastrophic orbital events are suspected in a lot of hot jupiters. Plants exchanging angular momenta can result in one falling very close to the primary, and the other being ejected from the system altogether. When stars are young and close together, rogue planets can find their way to other stars and engage in a “when worlds collide” scenario.

Program: Sunday after next, 9/27, final installment of scary film festival, a host of ghosts. 2 PM until end. Next week's program will be ghosts in the movies. Week after, the pilot of World of Giants

Third meeting of October is Tom Safer cartoons, and something unnamed for the last meeting.

The outreach committee reported on the reading at Valley Plaza Library. They got there, to find the children's librarian was out sick, the rest of the library thought the event was cancelled. They waited 15 minutes, no kids showed up, and so they went to an early dinner. We're still doing October and December.

Old Business


New Business


Time Bound Stuff

Fannish committee

Janis Olson is an independent rep for a telecomm company. They're looking for more reps. There's a meeting Wednesday at her home to find out more.

Joe Zeff had a surrealism report. He runs Linux, and you don't have to reboot very often. He has an app that tells him how long since his last reboot. This morning, no reboot in 23 days, 23 hours, 23 minutes. Obviously, he slept through the 23 second mark, or he'd have mentioned that, too.

Doug Crepeau: He lives in Hollywood on Sycamore near Hollywood. Something on the street took on a new significance. The restricted parking sign says “District 9 permits exempt”.

Scott Beckstead saw a sign: haircuts $4 – financial aid available for those who qualify. It's a barber school.

Hare spotted a familiar face on the cover of Locus. Larry Niven.

David Okamura notes Larry Niven is here today. Welcome back! And Fuzzy, too!


Christian reviewed Reflections and Refractions by Silverberg. It's a collection of essays, and they're very, very good.

Nick Smith reviewed a new fantasy/murder mystery writer – Seanan McGuire's first book, Rosemary and Rue, has hit the stands. It's a very good fantasy murder mystery, crime noir with elves.

Hare Hobbs reviewed Robert Sawyer's Flashforward – the book, not the TV series. He expects to be disappointed in the series.

CLJII reviewed the winner of the absolute best dinner plate in the universe contest. The 99¢ store has bat plates.

Doug Crepeau saw on History, a program dealing with stuff that falls from the sky. In addition to the usual stuff, they showed microfossils of meteorites from an impact some 15K years ago, may have been responsible for extinctions of various mammals.

David Okamura reviewed Con Chord 24. It was a nice convention, with wonderful concerts. Enjoyed it.


Christian: if you have a time bound announcement, ask ahead of the meeting.

Tom Safer announced this Saturday is TSPC, from 10-12. The Man Called Flintstone, 1966.

Frank Waller notes his father is dying, has hours to live. He had a hand in the Atlas and Gemini programs, which is his point of contact with fandom.

Card, signed by bunches...

Christian brought up another item: The last Monday of September will be BASFA meeting #1000. There will be a sympathy card. Scratch notes anyone who writes a twelve-page addendum can contribute to postage.

We adjourned at 21:35:07

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