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THE LASFS BUILDING FUND was first suggested November 21, 1963 by Paul Turner.  The minutes of that meeting read in part: (read more)


Menace of the LASFS, Inc. (taken by Lee Gold, Procedural Secretary)
LASFS Meeting #1189 -- October 25, 1973

People began converging at the new (and permanent) Freehafer Hall before 7:00 pm, gawking at the newly plaqued chairs and wondering if the air conditioning would be up to the strain of the meeting.  (read more)


by Forrest J. Ackerman, read at the October 25, 1973 LASFS meeting, the first meeting at the first clubhouse the LASFS, Inc. owned (on Ventura Blvd.)

Nigh onto forty years ago when I signed on aboard the maiden voyage of spaceship #4 of the Science Fiction League, little did I dream that I would travel around the universe and, upon my return to Terra, find Home Base had changed from a small public room in the Pacific Electric Building at Fifth and Main in downtown Los Angeles to this, our very own clubhouse on Ventura Blvd., in Studio City.  (read more)

Message from Robert A. Heinlein
To the Officers and Members of LASFS

At last a home of our own!!!  (read more)


To:  the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Inc.
From:  the Science Fiction Writers of America

 (read more)


Message from Theodore Sturgeon
Dear and Valued LASFS
Without readers a writer would be somewhat less than nothing.  (read more)


Moffatt Photos of LASFSians preparing and meeting at the Ventura Clubhouse


Menace Photos taken at the first meeting at our own clubhouse.  












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