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To the Officers and Members of LASFS

At last a home of our own!!!  I joined LASFS in December of 1938, or possibly January, 1939.  It was at a meeting of the Hollywood chapter at which Forrest J announced that a new Magazine -- UNKNOWN WORLDS -- would be on the stands in February, 1939, so that makes me a junior member, as the club was established five years earlier.

I met Russ Hodgkins that night and other old timers.  Morojo, Forrest J, Doc Daugherty, and others -- then started attending meetings at Clifton's Cafeteria and met Hank Kuttner, Jack Williamson, Julie Schwartz, Bob Olson, Frank Brady, Ray Bradbury, Bruce Yerke, Pojo, and many others.  I remained active until Pearl Harbor, then settled in Colorado after the war -- and have never joined any other SF club, and thought of myself as still a member.  In fact, I was told so several years running.  

What is your lifetime non-resident fee for an old coot whose life expectancy is now thirteen years if they don't lynch him first?  I'll pay it.

Again, congratulations to us all on achieving a dream that started almost forty years ago -- and seemed as fantastic then as atom bombs, nuclear power, men on the Moon, and other such nonsense -- nonsense to all practical clear-thinking sober citizens who wouldn't be caught dead reading one of those silly magazines with space ships on the cover.

Warmest greetings to my fellow dreamers,


received by telephone, 1755 25 October, 1973
J. E. Pournelle