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The following list is drawn from the Treasurer's database of LASFS members going back to the 1930s. Some of the members have not attended meetings for some time, and some are dead, but Death Will Not Release You from being a LASFS member.


If you are a LASFS member and wish to have your name added to (or deleted from) this public list, please email our This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and the This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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  Member Name Date Joined
 Lackey, Jon 
 LaFollette, Dennis
 Lakin, Sandra01/26/1978
 Lamerson, Russ10/11/1985
 Lamont, Brandon07/21/1966
 Lamont, Gil10/28/1965
 Lamont (Gallion), Jane
 Landan, Stephen07/08/1976
 Landis, Geoffrey08/16/2002
 Landry, Bill08/27/1964
 Lands, Marti02/28/1974
 Lane, Chuck09/03/1981
 Laney, Francis T. 
 Langdell, James06/11/1970
 Lange, Marsha01/23/1986
 Langley (Stine) (Keeney), Diane            
 Langley, Ellen (T'pell)06/24/1976
 Langley, Fred (Tolliver, Steve) 
 Langley III, James03/03/1977
 Langley, Sylvia
 Lankau, Robert J 
 Lanzarotta, Mark07/26/1973
 Lapidus, Jerry08/01/1968
 Larkin, David12/07/2000
 Larkin, Joann12/08/1981
 Larma, Jesse   
 Larsen, Henry10/11/1991
 Lasarow, Betsy10/15/1981
 Lasby, Clare01/15/1998
 Lashmet, Marilyn02/04/1999
 Lask, Diane12/01/1988
 Lassman, Dieter03/07/1963
 Lathram, David05/07/1981
 Lathram, David R.04/15/1993
 Lauritzen, Bill08/25/1994
 LaValley, Carol06/11/1987
 LaValley, John05/15/1986
 Lavender, Deedee09/20/1962
 Lavender, Lois10/20/1966
 Lavender, Roy09/20/1962
 Lavender Jr., Roy08/13/1964
 Lawrence, Bart04/22/1982
 Lawrence, Pat11/03/1994
 Lawrence, Terryl04/14/1983
 Lawson, Brian
 Lawson, Stefanie
 Lazar, Judy11/30/1989
 Lazzelle, Fred   
 Le Babaqui, Joni
 Le Cron, Elma10/31/1968
 Le Vinge, Alan05/07/1953
 Leapley, Marcus08/01/1997
 Lebo, Richard01/27/1989
 Lebow, Phil02/02/1967
 Le'Chastaignier, Angelae
 Ledbetter, Gwen01/30/1986
 Lee, Jacob05/10/2000
 Lee, Robert03/03/1998
 Lee, Sandra08/26/1965
 Lee, Walter
 Lehman, Christine10/24/1985
 Leib, Amyellen07/15/1982
 Leiber, Fritz   
 Leipiar, Louise 
 Leist, Jeff08/07/1975
 Lellenberg, John09/19/1963
 Lembke, Carol09/03/1987
 Lembke, Charles (Karl)09/12/1985
 Lenkovitzki, David11/17/1983
 Leon, Kenneth04/20/1978
 Leon, Marion09/06/1991
 Leonard, Deborah07/23/1987
 Leppin, Zeke 
 Lerma, Jesse03/05/1964
 Lerner, Fred08/20/1964
 Leslie, Patricia08/13/1987
 Lesperance, Dave
 Levee, Jim12/02/1976
 Levenson, Elise12/23/1982
 Levesque, Melina
 Levin, Benjamin
 Levin, Robert03/26/1987
 Levin, Wendy06/15/2000
 Levine, Joshua02/01/2007
 Levy (Kidd), Nancy06/19/1969
 Lewin, Michael 
 Lewis, Al 
 Lewis, Alan J.09/01/1965
 Lewis, Linda02/06/1975
 Lewis, Parry
 Lewis, Patrick05/18/1989
 Lewis (Hereford), Sue               
 Lewis, Yvonne02/23/1989
 Libis, Steven08/17/1978
 Lichtman, Bob??/??/1958
 Lichtmann, Lawrence05/05/1983
 Lieberman, Ben04/14/1983
 Lieberman, Morris09/23/1976
 Lieberman, Paula12/27/1973
 Lieberman, Rahn02/16/1984
 Liebscher, Walt   
 Lilienfeld, Rebecca08/13/1992
 Lim, Marie01/05/1984
 Limaye, Supriya 04/24/2015
 Linaweaver, Brad04/05/1984
 Linda, Alma07/03/1975
 Lindbauer, Steven 
 Linde, Kathy01/28/1988
 Lindgren, Kevin02/01/1990
 Lindsay, Eric08/26/1976
 Lindsay, Ethel07/07/1966
 Lindsay, Wade10/27/1983
 Linker, Sheldon12/29/1977
 Linsey, Linda08/26/1965
 Liperr, Carma01/30/1986
 Lippincott, Charles06/09/1977
 Lipson, Diane09/14/1978
 Lipton, Jeff
 Little (Wu), Peggy08/08/1985
 Litton, Shawn07/26/1990
 Livingston, Andrew05/04/2007
 Livingston, Richard
 Ljung, Jerry03/03/1966
 Lloyd, Janet09/14/1972
 Lloyd, Justin09/23/2004
 Lloyd, Rocky07/12/1992
 Lloyd, Thomas07/12/1992
 Lock, Thomas03/30/2000
 Locke, Dave09/05/1968
 Locke, Tom07/21/1966
 Loeb, Steve03/03/2006
 Lohr, Sabrin02/11/2000
 London, Laddie10/01/1953
 Long, Nathan
 Longyear, J. Q.10/09/1980
 Look, Laura04/13/2002
 Loony, Jesse08/02/2002
 Loren, Christalene02/06/1975
 Louch, Clarke09/05/1985
 Louie, Gary01/24/1985
 Louvallier, Frederick04/30/1981
 Lowenstine, Mark01/08/1970
 Lowenthal, Gary08/08/1968
 Luba, Bryant
 Lubis, Steve   
 Lubman, Anthony (Mark)12/02/1976
 Lucas, Clyde04/14/1995
 Lucas, Edward01/30/1997
 Lucas, Jim02/11/1965
 Luce Jr., Charlie09/07/1978
 Lupoff, Dick10/22/1964
 Luskin, Natalie09/20/2007
 Luther, Lyn10/23/1980
 Luwish, Michael09/30/1976
 Lyddon, Mike09/16/1980
 Lyon, J. Shawn02/23/1989
 Lyons, Christina07/03/1998
 Lyons, Mike10/31/1968
 Lytle, Lloyd
 Lyttle, Roger06/06/1996
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