Menace of the LASFS 10-25-1973 PDF Print E-mail
(taken by Lee Gold, Procedural Secretary)
LASFS Meeting #1189 -- October 25, 1975

People began converging at the new (and permanent) Freehafer Hall before 7:00 pm, gawking at the newly plaqued chairs and wondering if the air conditioning would be up to the strain of the meeting.  Some of them wandered around with cameras.  Others just wandered.  More people came.  Still more people came.  Still yet many more people came.

And then it was 8:00 pm, and Dan Alderson brought out a tap hammer named Ralph and said, "Contrary to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, this meeting will come to order."  It did...eventually.

Last week's minutes were approved as read.  Then Dan Alderson with Ed Buchman as Town Crier introduced notables present.  A. E. Van Vogt, Robert Bloch, Ron Cobb, Forry Ackerman, Walt Daugherty, Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Larry Niven, and Sherwood Springer (co-author of "No Land of Nod").  Later there appeared Bjo Trimble.  [Other guests included Leonore Cannon, Marjii Ellers, Lisa Goldstein, Sherry M. Gottlieb, Mary Jane Hertz,

Jerry Pournelle, who had been temporarily overlooked, was belatedly recognized as President of SFWA and most recent winner of the Campbell Prize.  He read a message of congratulations from SFWA and another message from Robert A. Heinlein, who wanted to be a lifetime non-resident member.  Forry made a speech recalling his years with LASFS.  Bill Warren thanked the people who had worked to get the clubhouse into shape -- and they were given a round of applause, as was Bill.

The Treasurer reported 52 people present last week with two deadbeats.  The treasury had ended up with seven cents (and unpaid Treasurer's expenses).  The Building Fund was $1,942.31 minus $7,000.  The new pay phone's telephone number is SO-WUT-IF.

Pelz went on to announce a brief money gouge, but turned the actual auctioning over to Daugherty who excitedly coaxed high bids out of the members and guests.  ("This is a 50¢ book.  I'll open the bidding with a dollar.")  The last book, Carnell's SF 15, went for $40 to Bradbury, after spirited bidding by Wendy Ackerman and Harlan Ellison.

The Lifetime Dues (for $200) Amendment was passed unanimously. // Rick Sneary sent best wishes via Len Moffatt. // At 8:52 Ed Buchman replaced Alderson at the head table -- and called for announcements.

Fred Patten announced the Directory of LA Fandom and asked for addresses of those present.  He also announced an autograph party for Don Glut at the Graphic Story Bookshop on November 3rd and a new fantasy book about a cat, Story of Vibrissa, for $60 in a very deluxe edition.

Lois Newman asked that Rose Bowl items should be small. // Elst announced the Ranquet and asked for donations. // Bjo gave out fliers for the garage sale, which will accept large items. // Barry Gold announced the Halloween Party. // Forry announced he's giving us a stove -- and Daugherty that he's giving us a cassette recorder and blank cassettes. // Pelz confirmed the rumor Sandy Cohen had heard that we'll be starting a new Building Fund to buy a bigger building. // John Hertz announced the second half of his wedding Sunday at 10:30 am. // Ed Buchman announced he has a bumper sticker -- "Pickle Pounders Make Worse Lovers." // Drew Sanders announced the Building Fund had begun almost exactly ten years ago and read the names of members present at that meeting.  

And then we went on to the program -- History of LASFS Clubhouses.