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Menace of the LASFS

September 3, 2009

President Christian McGuire,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3760 was opened at 20:08:32

Special Orders of Business

Apparently, ash acts as a preservative. Nobody died.

The Menace were read and approved as “Huh?”

Now, under special orders, Michelle Pincus announced good news. The house didn't burn down.

Thanks to Bill Taylor, for storing a lot of Karen's artwork. Also thanks to the police department, and to the fire department.

Lucy Stern had an addition: They have a suspect. HE was trying to kill someone by burning his house down. The victim did not die, but two firemen did, so he's to be tried for murder.

Karen added, the URL on the board is the movie Martin Tays took from Karen's roof.

Registrar Michelle Pincus announced Madeline Goff, recently moved to Hollywood

We have a treasurer's report

Patron Saint

Emil Luwish

Christian: He's the one not in the room.

Matthew Tepper: HE was the father of Mike Luwish. Mike respected his father and the LASFS at the same time by giving us money in honor of his father.

Joe Zeff offered the obligatory “He didn't look Luwish”.

Nice Klingon

Marty Cantor offered, Greg does covers for APA-L every now and then, including tonight's cover.

Scratch: He's our favorite Klingon in disguise. HE works very hard, and started the LASFS presence at the Festival of Books

Arlene: he's been very helpful to the marketing team, going out with bookmarks to places most of us can't get to, because we don't speak Klingon.

Tadao: He can empty a truck in a single bound. (By himself, before the rest of the people got there.)

Matthew Tepper: He, while in the Navy served on board the USS Enterprise

Karl: He's a winner of the Evans Freehafer Award.

Three Cheers, and Kapla!

Old Business


New Business


Time Bound Stuff

26 days from now is your last opportunity to RSVP for the Banquet, and 56 days from now is the last day to pay.

Committee Reports

Christian announced, at the beginning of this disastrous Presidency, they had an auction that involves the Minutes. Next week, we need to make the meeting short, so we're auctioning off the right to name the person who names the Menace. Hopefully, this will make the meeting a bit shorter. Or not.

And so we moved on to the Committee to Gouge...

“Pournelle, you already scare me.” said the winner, Eric Hoffman.

CLJII announced we have a program tonight. More TV SF, Flash Gordon, a German series made for distribution in the US. Next week, we have the Forry Awards. Last Thursday of the month, a brief lecture on ghosts in the movies. Last Sunday of the month, we have movies about ghosts. Canterville Ghost, Time of their Lives, Wonder Man, Topper, and Ghost and Mrs Muir.

The Science Monitor rose to tell us all about something she hasn't written up yet. Years ago, she heard theoretic work about chaotic orbits in planetary systems. The Wasp (Wide Angle Search for Planets) program has been finding very large hot Jupiters very close to their suns. The chaotic transformations of orbits may have to be invoked to explain it.

Arlene reminded us all that if you're planning to submit something for the Memory Book, deadline is 9/15. And thanks to those who have submitted already. There's a link on the LASFS website. The next reading is 9/14, The Haunted School, to be read by Michelle. On October 4 is the West Hollywood Book Fair. Come check it out,

Time Bound announcement

Fred Lazelle: This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, in the Huntington Beach Central Park, there will be a Civil War Reënactment.

Gary Gibson was at Shalom Cemetery, and the cemetery is in horrible shape.

Eric Hoffman: Zombie Papparazzi. What a concept...

This weekend, we have TRIPE on Saturday, and Friday will be open.

The rate of mutation in the human genome has been quantified. Average is 100 mutations per generation.


Marc Schirmeister reviewed a big art book, about Frank R Paul's work

Hare Hobbs reviewed a new multi-tool, available at Costco. Only $20 – cheap! It's made by the firm that makes Swiss army knives, but it's made in China

Milt, having watched too many good movies, has seen War of the Worlds II. This should be truly god-awful. In fact, it was almost mediocre. The Tripods were OK, the plot made no sense whatever, but it broke his string of good movies.

Christian adds that every 2.5 hours, he passed by the SyFy channel. He saw Giant Crocs, Invasion of the Crocs, and Dino Croc. So the state of the SyFy channel is thoroughly crocked.

Jerry Pournelle was reading File 770, a letter reminded him of Children of the Atom, put together from stories in Astounding. He went out and found the book, and it still holds up. It's quite good, and he was astounding to realized how much it affected his development. It's why he read Aquinas and also Poe's essay on creating a story.

Karen Anderson expanded. Two (Three – JP) parts were published in Astounding, and they were put together with a final piece to make the novel.

Christian was reminded of ON it, you can find File 770. In issue 155, you'll find a review of the Rotsler Winners by the most recent Rotsler winner. It's well worth reading.

Hare: Went to Writers of the Future signing at Barnes and Noble in Burbank. He handed out bookmarks to people waiting in line, suggesting they could come to the club and meet Niven and Pournelle.

Jerry Pournelle notes the current Writers of the Future collection contains at least 4 really good stories. The grand prize winner this year was an easy favorite. It's a splendid novelette. The stories this year are better than they have been in a while. The anthology is worth paying for this year.

CLJII has been watching Man from Uncle episodes. Hit a third season episode, the Concrete Overcoat Affair. It turns out to be Vaughn and McAllum's favorite episode.


Frank Waller announced on the west end of the SF valley, in Northridge, Bob's Big Boy is now open on Corbin and Nordoff Place.

David Okamura added to the science report: The fires that have roared around the city have shot particles 5 miles into the atmosphere. This may have some effect on the climate. Secondly, NASA still isn't sure whether they have to move the Shuttle and space station to avoid a piece of a European rocket. Third.. last time a commercial passenger carrying dirigible stopped in LA was the Hindenburg Zeppelin. Now we have a zeppelin that can't seem to stay away, it keeps showing up in Long Beach. This time, it was used to report on the fires.

Bill Ellern wondered if anyone has calculated the carbon footprint of the fires.

Bill added that a wildfire produces as much CO2 in a couple of days as all the autos in California do in a year.

Joe Zeff: Hearing a new term, = pyrocumulus clouds. Second, there's a story that a few years before the Hindenburg Zeppelin burned, it reached the capitol of Argentina while the city was under a coup. It was able to hover for a couple of days until things wound down. Try that in a 747.

Hare asked how Larry's doing. He's improving. Jerry's reminded of his favorite line from NCIS.

Images of the Station Fire online include:

Scratch: one thing about weather patterns from fire, redder sunsets in both Texas and Louisiana.

Gary Gibson lives in Kagel Canyon, a mile down from Shalom Cemetery. Last year, they had a big fire, so no fire this year, but no electricity for a day and a half.

Jerry: Mount Wilson is now officially out of danger.

We adjourned at 21:09:00

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