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Menace of the LASFS

September 10, 2009

President Christian McGuire,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3761 was opened at 20:12:35

Special Orders of Business

Richard Costas' mother has passed at the age of 92, presumably as the result of the stroke she had. The Scribe was asked to send an appropriate card. We had a moment of silence in her honor.

We have a treasurer's report

It's a good thing Charlie Jackson has not figured out how to force a bottle of late-harvest wine through the DVD player .

The Menace were read and approved as “The LASFS should know better”, by Tadao Tomomatsu

Patron Saint

Mike Thorson

Scratch said he gave us money

Joe Zeff said he originally visited the LASFS because of the description he read in Fallen Angels. During LaLaCons, he's a serious contender in the Chili cook-off

Mike Stern: Nine cents

CLJII: Mike has been a great asset to the club, and he's like the son Bob Null never had. He knows electronics and equipment. And at Loscon, he manages the Kermit-cam. And he does stuff around here all the time. He helps out by keeping the soda machine stocked.

Hare noted, back when Babylon 5 was on the air, he started TRIPE to show the episodes people missed.

Sandy Cohen notes one of the objects in the display case is the Thorson gavel.

Allison Stern called him a good gamer, and he helps with the decoration and set-up of the Lasfs gift exchange. And he's really good at Mah-Jongg.

Frank Waller called him the voice of reason.

MaryAnn said he made a magnificent attempt to follow Bob Null as Veep

Jerry Pournelle is proud of having attracted him to the club.

Karl notes he's another of those Evans Freehafer Award Winners.

Hare notes when reading the book, he was coming down the book, looked up, and saw the sign. He took that as a sign.

Dale (Barksdale) Hales

CLJII: AS it happens, he's the person in LASFS he's known the longest. They went to elementary school together. They lost touch when CLJII was in 6th grade. They met again at the Loscon Charlie ran. He was an amusing friend when young, and a great person now that he's older

Arlene called him a great friend to the marketing team. He's been helping with the Imax theater stuff.

Marty: Dale helps out on things like the gift exchange. Lately, he's gotten into board gaming, so he tends to show up on Friday nights and Second Sunday.

Sandy: He's one of those truly nice people. He's just naturally that way.

Ally: He's very good at doing the usher jobs at Loscon and other masquerades, taking charge of ushers and making sure people get in and out safely.

Dale Hales was given three cheers and blessed silence.

Time Bound Stuff

Ink, coming out at the Laemmle 5.

Michelle Pincus ConChord is this weekend at the Woodland Hills Marriott.

You have 19 days to RSVP for the banquet, happening in 49 days. Send your 300 words to Arlene.

Committee Reports

Program: We're not having a program next week. Two weeks from tonight is the lecture on ghosts in the movies, up to 1975.

Jerry Pournelle said someone needs to get an e-mail reminder so he'll contribute.

Before Registrar Michelle Pincus announced, it was noted we have three sterns and a Siladi in the club. Michelle announced three guests. We have Matt Yochi, Emmanuel Noelle, and Theresa Steward.

Michael Siladi notes BASFS will be having its 1000th meeting the last week of September.

CLJII had the lovely assistant emeritus to pass among the crowd and collect for the Autumn Holiday Party. We'll have movies, munchies, and fun stuff. It will be on Friday so if there are any good Halloween parties, you can go to them Saturday.

Arlene had a couple of corrections of Christian's announcements. Please send announcements as text or doc versions. Monday is the reading at VP Library. Michelle reads Goosebumps, The Haunted School. And the correction – Ink is at the Sunset Laemmle 5, on Sunset and Fairfax. We've been invited to go and spend money seeing it there.

Marcia Minsky announced Loscon 36, November 27, 28, 29. Membership is $40. IF you get your Westways magazine, Loscon will be in it.

This Sunday, you can see sausage being made in this very room. From 11 until whenever, the Board will be meeting. Following that, we barbecue the sausage.

Saturday features Cinema Anime, from 1 to 8.

Old Business

The Forrest J Ackerman Award!!!!!

Many were nominated. Few were ready to vote.

We vamped with reviews...

Hare bought the classic Day the Earth Stood Still. The extras are very interesting. There's a documentary called the brief history of flying saucers. It's a very well balanced documentary. Another thing among the new bits of material, they talk about the movie. That documentary is made by the people who made the new movie, and their bias in favor of it shows.

Mike Stern recommended an author. A. Lee Martinez, one of the better Sfantasy authors. The first book of his he read was a hardboiled detective novel, where the detective was a robot created by a mad scientists to destroy the world – The Automatic Detective.

Ed Hooper reviewed The Drowning City by Amanda Downham. The main character is a necromancer and a spy, sent to a city to start a revolution to keep the country from attacking her own country.

German, went to see 9 on 9/9/9. It's a very good film, but he objected to Over the Rainbow sung by Garland.

CLJII reviewed Late Show with Letterman. Tuned in just in time to see Letterman introducing Hitler with today's date: Nein, Nein, Nein!!!

Christian reviewed Anime Las Vegas. Every time he goes to a convention that's not Loscon, he's always surprised at how easy it is to get it wrong. They had 3500 people, two tracks of programming.

Next door was a gun show, which made for interesting stares from one crowd to the other.

Bill Ellern went to a convention in Arizona, the Disc-world convention. It was very successful, with 900 people. There were people from all over America, and probably from elsewhere. He brought back some cards, which are entitle whoever had them to download a preview of the book.

Jerry Pournelle said ChiCon 2 in 1962 was in a twin towers hotel in Chicago. There were 500 people in that Worldcon, and the other convention was a Midwestern Baptist Women's convention. The interactions between the two conventions was “interesting”. The police were only called twice.

Tadao notes in Burbank, there's a place called Rocket Fizz. They have sodas he's never seen before. It's on Magnolia, after Hollywood Way.

Gary Gibson reviewed Internal Combustion by Mr. Black. It's about the the rise of oil as an energy source. It features discussion of a battery Edison made, which lasts 100 years. It's available at Barnes and Noble, or Borders. $16 with tax.

Now that we've vamped, on to the nominees. Many were nominated, few were chosen. Ultimately, there can be only one, and that one was Fred Patten. Runners up included Karen Anderson and Terry Pratchett.

New Business




We adjourned at 21:43:06.

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