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August Board of Directors minutes
taken by Marty Cantor
August 9, 2009

Board Members in attendance: Karl Lembke, Darnell Coleman (excused absence), Mike Thorsen, Bob Null, Arlene Satin, Milt Stevens (excused absence), Elayne Pelz (excused absence), Tadao Tomomatsu, Marcia Minsky, Christian McGuire, Robert Powell.

Members and Guests: Marty Cantor, Greg Bilan, Fred Lazelle, Don Wenner, Jeni Burr, Lee Gold, Barry Gold, Michelle Pincus, Karen Anderson, Frank Waller, Scott Tygett.

Called to order: 11:07 am.

Opening Remarks by Karl Lembke: The Secretary is not here because of a family emergency; however, as Marty Cantor has volunteered to take our Minutes today, I have appointed him to do so.

Minutes: Accepted as submitted.

New Members: Deferred until next month.

Treasurer: See Treasurer for the amount in our treasury

30 Second Reports (Board Members)

Chairman (Karl Lembke): No report.
Vice Chairman (Bob Null): The new programme for graphics work is on the pubs computer.
Secretary (Darnell Coleman): (Excused for family emergency.)
Comptroller (Christian McGuire): (The Comps are under control).
Library (Elayne Pelz): (Absent – excused.)
Physical Plant (Tadao Tomomatsu): The trees which might cause problems for the truck which moves our LOSCON items, are being trimmed. Some people have volunteered to work with the vegetation on our property. The lemon tree needs trimming; 98% of what was in the corner cabinet has been cleaned out by the work party of two weeks ago. Greg Bilan has done some work on the lemon tree but was told to not trim the branches which hang over our property fence.
    Letter to neighbor – any response? No response, yet. Tadao will introduce himself to new dental neighbors. Jeni Burr recommends photographing things before we  change anything.
AV Equipment (Robert Powell): We are on track for cleaning out the northeast corner of this room. We are exploring corner-replacement cabinetry.
Quartermaster/Supplies (Mike Thorsen):  This is a 4-week period. Machine units sold, to date: 12,485, this period: 351. Except for needed water replacement, our soda stock is in good shape.
Publications (Milt Stevens):  Marty reported on the Gestetner, saying that it appears that the repairs undertaken by Charlie Jackson are holding. Also, to keep access to the area where future repairs may be needed, the “On” button has not been glued down but is now stored in the lockable cabinet with the black ink drum and should be inserted into its proper receptacle in the machine just before putting in an ink drum and turning on the machine.
Events (Marcia Minsky): LOSCON 36 is moving along, and the con has approximately 550 memberships at the moment. Arlene mentioned that the Anniversary Banquet is also moving along. Board group shots for the Memory Book will be August 22 at 11 am; other group shots after will be taken after the Board shots. We are still looking for other photos for the Memory Book.
Fundraising and Recruitment (Arlene Satin): Artwork on hand for “Will not sell” so other artwork is needed.

(Significant Others)
Marketing Committee (Arlene Satin): Tomorrow is the next reading for children at the Library. The Librarian (of that city library) would like for us to do a dialogue reading. The IMAX theater in Irvine “likes us” but we are looking to putting on displays at a closer place. West Hollywood Book Fair: Barbara Hambly may confirm but John DeChancie has confirmed. Arlene asked how far (in miles) does the Board want Arlene and the committee to go. Recommendations included L.A. and adjacent counties. McGuire recommended that people going to cons at some distance to us carry bookmarks with them. New bookmarks will be needed soon as we are beginning to run low. There was a discussion of designs on the bookmark.
Club President (Christian McGuire): (Westercon will remain just a Westercon as the NASFIC bid was voted down.)The President, me, is still trying to get timebound announcements to be actually timebound.

Agenda Items: None.

Open Forum:
Barry Gold mentioned that the Moffatt photos are now on our web site. We are trying to arrange for somebody to go to Dik Daniels’ relatives in San Miguel to get tens of thousands of photos. Calendar page has been modified but still has some problems. Some photos of fannish places plus a Fred Patten paragraph on each are also now online.


Adjournment: 11:55 am.


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