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Menace of the LASFS

August 27, 2009

Vice President Robert Powell presiding,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Quoth Matthew Tepper: “Blucher!” I guess you had to be there.

Meeting 3759 was opened up by sword at 20:05:51

Special Orders of Business

“Nobody dies!!!”

The Menace were read and approved as “I'm not going to fix THAT typo”

And so a tradition only lasts two weeks.

Patron Saint

Allan A. Rothstein

Tom Safer remembers him as a big fan of his programs and knowledgeable of music. He also produced a son who has his degree in music. He was always very knowledgeable and nice to be around.

Milt Stevens notes on his first visit to a SF Westercon, he learned he bore some similarity in appearance to Jerry Jacks, and didn't understand why he was getting pinched on the bum so often. Matthew notes he later remarked, it's easy to tell me and Jerry apart. He's rounder than I am, and I'm much straighter than he is.

Joe Zeff: he found out he had a heart condition and was told that neither losing weight nor exercising would do any good. (In fact, he was quite pleased to receive official orders from his doctor not to exercise!)

Marty Cantor: He and Allan write that up and serialized it in APA-L as a series of long puns. Robbie and Marty got married in this building, and Allan officiated. (He was a minister)

Tadao Tomomatsu: Allan has a great interest in and love of comics. He was an officer of the law, and has a pacemaker. He breezed through airport security

Christian McGuire: Allan, besides a fan, was a composer. He composed poems, and sometimes they were put to filk music, mostly not. He enjoyed reading from Allan's Lost Collection of Poems.

Matthew recalls having lived in Allan's house while he was on disability, and for a couple of years thereafter. Ironically, his health condition cleared up, and Allan's took, a major turn for the worse. While not his care giver, he looked after him and helped him unload watermelons from his trunk. He was a great collector of Disneyana, anything with Mickey Mouse on it. Once, during a drive, they were going down a side street. There was a yard sale. HE saw a Mickey Mouse figure, so Allan got out of the car, dragging his oxygen tank behind him. Finally, he paid for the mouse and returned to the car. “How much?” “I got her to agree to take $10.” “What was she asking?” “$5.”

CLJII: Many years ago, Allan attended his first meeting. Twenty years later, he came back for his second meeting, having shed his wife who thought we were a bunch of lunatics who would ruin his life. She wanted to ruin his life first. His love of Disney stuff included the fact that his favorite place to be was Disneyland. Just before the passes he got for his retirement were about to expire, he invited Charlie to go with him. Once there, he found he could get a Deal on annual passes, and gave one to Charlie so he'd have a traveling companion.

Allan Rothstein, being a member of the probation department, was a gentleman and an oficer.

Time Bound Announcements

Elayne: There is a work party Saturday at Noon, destruction of the video cabinet. We're moving the couch, and the filing cabinets, and if we're lucky, putting up a new rack. If we're not lucky, we'll find a foundation crack and have to call the contractor.

Tadao announced the Writers of the Future are celebrating their 25th anniversary at an event at Vroman's in Pasadena, signings from 12 to 2, the other at the Barnes and Noble in Burbank on the 30th.

Casey Bernay announced a yard sale put on by the Motion Picture Costumers local, 11041 Van Owen, Saturday, August 29, 9 AM to 1 PM.

Steve Barnes announced Larry Niven has injured his back while body surfing. Send him good thoughts.

Marcia Minsky announced this coming weekend features Discworld in Tempe. She'll be driving to and from, and wants a rider to share transportation costs.

Registrar Michelle Pincus announced we have three guests. Lloyd Lytle, and Steve Houle, and Karen Hollingsworth

Old Business


New Business


Committee Reports

The committee to gouge auctioned off some stuff. The soda of the month will be Apple.

Michelle Pincus returned to announce more guests. Stephanie D. Voy, Bethany and Jeff Hulten. Yay.

September 19, TSPC presents The Man Called Flintstone, from 1965.

Programs (CLJII): Wade Lucas at Random House will be speaking as our program item. Next week, we have another installment of Early TV SF. In two weeks, we nominate and vote on Forry Awards

Christian Forry Award Week will be Agenda Lite.

Matthew Tepper, reporting on Glendale area book stores, went to Mystery and Imagination Books. By chance, he arrived on Ray Bradbury's 89th birthday. Brand books, across the street, is a better general interest store, but not so good for genre.

Christian announced the 75th anniversary deadline for RSVP is in 31 days, and the banquet itself is in 61 days. The following Tuesday there will be a special meeting


CLJII. If you're familiar with Sterling Hayden, he starred in The Golden Hawk, where he played a beautiful blond haired pirate.

Christian finally saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It was entertaining and worth the money.


George Mulligan has added a third DVD of radio shows to the library. Space patrol, Tom Corbett, and one he's never heard of before, Planet Man, with the opening narrated by Paul Fries, and some Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers.

David Okamura was asked to do a show and tell. He's doing the centerpieces for the tables, cylinders illustrating scenes from the history of the LASFS.

We adjourned at 21:04:56.

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