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Menace of the LASFS

August 20, 2009

Vice President Robert Powell presiding,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“Jerry! You were so quiet! For a change...”

Meeting 3758 was opened at 20:07:20

Special Orders of Business

Dr. Pournelle brought one to our attention. Gene Van Troyer, SF writer, poet, translation consultant, English language teacher in Japan, has passed away.

We held a brief moment of silence in his honor.

The Menace were read and approved as “Oh, NOW I get it!” This time, for sure...

Old Business


New Business


Patron Saint

Fuzzy Pink Niven

Sandy Cohen thinks she's the only MIT grad in the club now. She's also a UCLA basketball fan. And she keeps Larry out of much trouble.

Fuzzy's also extremely artistically talented. Karl Lembke has been scanning in the archives of APA-L, and the early issues have a nice sampling of Bjo's work.

Milt notes they had one of the earlier home computers, an Altair. One year they sent out Christmas cards from Larry, Fuzzy, and Altair, and got congratulations on the new baby.

JP: Altair Niven was bought a membership at LASFS, and was later auctioned off. This is the only club member ever auctioned off.

She's a graduate in math, and would have been a computer science major, except there was no such thing in those days. She keeps Larry loosely anchored to reality, for which Jerry's most grateful.

Christian McGuire: She's one of the founders, and a fellow of NESFA.

Fuzzy Niven was given three cheers and a Marilyn Night Gown.

Committee Reports

The Committee to Gouge did so.

Charlie Jackson rose to commit upon Sunday, we'll be showing vampire movies. Start time is 2 PM. Next month we have ghosts, including Topper and The Ghost and Mrs Muir. He then had his lovely assistant pass the Lantern O' Jack. This is to pay for stuff for the Autumn Holiday Party. The second meeting of next month, we nominate, vote on, and bestow the Forry Award.

The registrar announced that we have guests. Jesse Rhines; Helen Geiger; Dave Dunn; and saint Gail Selinger!!!

The substitute Science Minotaur (can't bear to fix the typo) read of the discovery of the amino acid glycine in the tail of a comet.

Tom Safer notes TSPC will be presenting a rare video, The Man Called Flintstone. Also, later in the month, a film festival. Starts 1 PM on Saturday,

Time Bound Announcements

George Mulligan announced some DVDs going to the library, they contain files of old radio programs, including complete runs of Dimension X and X-1; and British and South African programming. They can also be found at


Doug Crepeau notes Foglio's acceptance speech for the Hugo Award is now posted on the front bulletin board. The other item involves Asimov's laws of robotics. Some mathematicians have come up with a revision. And mathematicians have modeled the epidemiology of zombies.

The man whose name Christian forgot offered a minority report on Anticipation. The con was great and the city was quite friendly. But then he dug out his conversational French.

Tom Safer adds that the movie this weekend has free admission. But it's meant to be a fund raiser, so suggested donation is $3 -$5.

Hare: The brother of Roger Dean takes the artwork and turns it into three-dimensional pieces for concerts. HE may need a new heart valve, or further work.

Game night is tomorrow night, starting around 7 and going until it stops

David Okamura notes 5 years ago, members sat for a group photo. He can't identify all the faces. If you're in the photo, name.

Saw district nine. It's good but not great. It's got people surviving a very implausible firefight. It makes the good point about man's inhumanity to alien, and how people will recognized that and try to right the situation. Also, Moon is still playing at the Arclight in Hollywood. Don't miss it.

Gail Selinger's third fantasy short story has been published in the anthology Swordplay.

Don Wenner: Regency fans may want to take a look at the book Coronach, by Kimberly Riemann. It deals with Scotland in about 1790. It's well written, but it's very long and bleak.

CLJII Truth is stranger than fiction; the coolest street in SF is now cooler. The twisty part of Lombard street is now painted, refurbished, and it's now a version of the game Candyland.

Michelle has to follow that with a review. Time Traveler's wife is very good and bittersweet, and follows the spirit of the book. District nine, directed by someone who doesn't watch or like SF, but had a message to beat into his audience, and it shows.

Ponyo, the new Miyazaki film It's a must see for m fans, and for those who like beautiful fantasy. It's a Disney release. It's dubbed, but well done. Pincus – Disney's conditions – not allowed to Disnify Miyazaki's films.

We adjourned at 21:34:59.

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