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Menace of the LASFS

August 13, 2009

Vice President Robert Powell presiding,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Opening up for any time-bound announcements....

Meeting 3757 was opened at 20:13:56

Special Orders of Business

Nothing of note this week.

The Menace were read and approved as “Oh, now I get it”

Patron Saint

Bjo Trimble

Hare Hobbs said Bjo was one of those people that always was involved in some charitable event, or political event (space program). If you got too close, you got volunteered. She was the one who campaigned to keep the third season of Star Trek on the air.

Zeff: Bjo has long been known for a style of housekeeping consisting of piles of items, “I know it's around here someplace” = “Trimbling” an item. She also appeared in a fan film as a dancing girl.

George Mulligan spent a lot of time with Bjo in the 80s working Equicon. She's a ball of fire and a boundless supply of funny stories. Like the time she was caught smuggling a phaser through security. And the adventure of driving to the club in the pre-Freeway era.

Hare: She was the clothes designer for Flesh Gordon. The problem with the costumes was making them stay on when they were supposed to.

CLJII: She helped keep the club together during its more fallow periods. During her early years, she had programs like “count the freckles”.

Tom Safer: best memory of Bjo was at a convention in Seattle.

Karl: she's a talented artist, and her work appears in APA-L. May she live long enough for me to finish scanning it in.

Ed Hooper: she's responsible for the convention art show

Three cheers, and set the LASFS on “stun”.

Old Business


New Business


Committee Reports

Arlene the Registrar substitute announce we have two guests. First is Jennifer Anderton, in the back there, who heard about us through our website. Second is Deanna Simmons, even further in the back. She learned about us from Martin. She's a literary fan, and a teacher.

Our treasurer left to collect more money. We have money, don't spend it. WHMDSI?

Time Bound Announcements

Tom Safer– there's a program Saturday at the Hollywood Library, corner of Selma and Ivar. Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends. This evening, following the meeting, is a tribute to Bugs Bunny. Saturday, presents Dumbo (1941) and the new academy award winning Peter and the Wolf.

This weekend, we have CF/O on Saturday, and Sunday is Time Meddlers.

Hare: Gavin Claypool has a copy of Masters of SF TV Series. $15

Ed Hooper: Barnes and Noble in Burbank will have authors showing up on 8/30, Anne McCaffrey, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and others. Time is 3:30 to 5.

More committee reports

Arlene Satin: summer reading at Valley Plaza Library, where we read The Phantom Tollbooth. We have a bonus month, The Haunted School by RL Stine will be read in September. She's in the process of seeing if other libraries would like to participate in the program, and Valley Plaza Library is helping. We'll have another audition for readers, because we'll need more of them. The last program for this year will be in December, reading The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Also, looking for art, like the bookmarks. Art's needed ASAP. If you have any to donate, please send it over or bring it in.

Also, we're asking for fans to submit stuff for the memory book for the club. Pick up a letter for details, or see the website. We're looking for your impressions of the club. Hopefully, nice, sweet thoughts. IF you can't make the dinner, we'll also have a meeting on the following Tuesday, the actual date of the anniversary.


Milt reviewed Anticipation, which was sparsely attended for a North American worldcon. It looked like they were being careful with their finances. They had a good con suite, which was several rooms on the 5th floor. During the business meeting – we still have a semi-prozine category for the Hugos. There was a committee established to study the issue. On the last night, he stayed up and watched Stargate Atlantis in French.

Doug Crepeau added that he's recommended Phil Foglio's Girl Genius, and it won a Hugo for best graphic novel.

Ed Hooper reviewed Montreal. He was expecting to have the stereotypical French rudeness. They actually just ignored the Americans.

Sandy Cohen was taken to a Hard Rock Cafe, 1.6 miles from the hotel. It was the scariest 1.6 mile drive he's ever been on.

CLJII: Arrrr the rules of the road are merely guidelines. (Karl adds, And you're not a pilot.)

Milt: Reno won the '11 Worldcon.

CLJII saw GI Joe. It's a three act movie, with three action scenes, and stuff in between. But they screwed up, because there's a plot and character development. One peripheral item: A major character is named Duke. He was a fan of the GI Joe toys, and he wanted to be Snake Eyes when he grew up. The effects are preposterous, but very exciting, a lot of fun, and interesting. Christopher Eccleston is good in the movie. It's actually recommended, for a discount showing.

Ed Hooper notes the premiere date was 8/7, his birthday. He didn't see it – he was in Montreal.

The committee to gouge declined to gouge.

Fannish Committee Reports

Tom Safer heard this from Rich Caparella (KUSC). The Royal Covent Garden Opera House has been commissioned to write an opera based on twitter tweets. Thus, the opera house jumps the shark. (On a tweet by a twitter, a little tom twit...)

Doug Crepeau reported on driving through Laurel Canyon. They've finally fixed the sign going up to Lookout Mountain. It was “ookout mountain” for a long time.

Ed Hooper: In Hollywood there's a billboard showing Yoda holding a baseball bat, and the caption, My town, this is. Part of a Dodger's campaign. Too bad he incinerates the baseballs when he swings...


Hooper: it's time to put away childish things. He's selling off large portions of his comic book collection, including a large portion of original x-men.

Janice Olson is now a broker for various digital services. Cell phone, pay TV, and other subscribable stuff. See her.

Tadao – informed that he's somewhere else. Someone called from an airplane saying Tadao's on the plane. He's on the little TV on the plane. VH1 is showing the 40th top funny jokes, including Mr. Shake Hands Man. But he needs to talk to his agent about the royalties he's not getting.

Hare Hobbs said there's something in child development called in parallel talk, looks like a conversation, but totally unconnected. JP: Oh, it's a LASFS meeting. Hare: 'that's what the twitter opera will be.

Waller: The second Wednesday of every month is Van Nuys Cruise day. Since 1978, he hasn't seen as many cars and as high quality on the streets of Van Nuys. Center is Ralphs on Burbank and Van Nuys. Or McDonalds on Sherman Way. Others park on the street.

Doug: An exoplanet has been discovered that orbits opposite its primary's rotation. And the've discovered the gene that causes itching.

CLJII: We should inform Dr Pournelle what happened while he was gone. We named the menace, Oh, Now I Get It.

Karl commented on a fashion review. The upshot is, the Doctor Wears Prada.

We adjourned at 21:24:10.

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