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Menace of the LASFS

July 30, 2009

Christian McGuire presiding,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“We need to …. hold a meeting.” – Christian McGuire

Meeting 3755 was opened at 20:10:37

Special Orders of Business

Milt Stevens announced the passing of Seattle fan Ray Ballard. He was a fan for a long period of time, was in SAPS, but if he hasn't resigned from it by now, he will very, very soon.

In his honor, we had a moment of silence.

The Menace were read and approved as “That's the way it was”.

Treasurer's report – people showed up last week and gave us money. We have money. We knew how much a few seconds ago, but it's changed in the mean time.

Old Business


New Business


Registrar: We have guests!

Chuck Loring

K Von DeWitt

Beth Dickinson (returning after a 20 year lapse)

Harlie Tas

Patron Saint

Sean Cleary

George mulligan described him as nice. He's warm, sunny, and one of the nicest people to hang around here. He's in the filk circle.

David mentioned Sean is involved in the film community, and has two daughters who have been part of the community. They usually show up at Loscons.

Sean Cleary was given three cheers, and an honorary Connery.

Time Bound Announcements

Marcia Minksy announced a Loscon meeting Sunday, August 2, at 11 AM. Everyone on committee is to attend. Loscon itself is held in November, 27-29.

Greg Bilan announced Saturday we'll be showing a number of videos.

Committee Reports

The Committee to Gouge auctioned off a bunch of stuff, including a bottle of venom. K Von De Witt brought in a program book from ComiCon which brought in a pretty penny.

Arlene announced The harry potter thing is Saturday. Set-up is at noon. August 9 is the last day for the memory book photos, 2-4:30. On the 10th is the reading of the Phantom Tollbooth at the Valley Plaza library.

You have 56 days until the RSVP is due for the 75th anniversary banquet. The banquet is in 86 days. The the actual anniversary is 90 days off.

The banner was displayed.

Tom Safer announced TSPC for August, on August 15, Dumbo, shown from 10-12.

CLJII announced tonight's program – syncopated version of Radar Men from the Moon, with Commando Cody. The serial has been edited down to only the scenes of shooting and hitting people on the moon. Next week, another installment of early TV SF. The week after that, Aug 13, Tom Safer presents his annual Bugs Bunny show.

The following week, we have a Big Fat Auction. After that, Program Committee disremembers what is scheduled. FWEMS this month has part 2 of the film festival – vampire movies.

Jerry Pournelle recalled the Pons and Fleischmann cold fusion adventure. In the last 20 years, several things have happened. The Navy has continued to pursue it. This is the exception – if you're pursuing oddball science, good luck getting it funded. Everything is funded by peer-reviewed grant, so if something real exists in left field, no one will find it because no one looks for it there.

German announced another country India has built a nuclear submarine.


Charlie Jackson reviewed the OC Fair, and among other things got a sneak peek at Al Yankovic's brain, which is in 3 dimensions and quite silly. The big thing to report on at the fair – Chocolate covered bacon. Turns out to be really good.

Bacon and maple syrup is pretty good, too! – Schirm.

Hare Hobbs had an idea about the chocolate covered bacon. It has four of the five fannish food groups.

CLJII read an article about music and the brain. Listening to, appreciating, and playing music lights up the same parts of the brain activated by chocolate and sex.

Hare also announced something with the letter C in it. And another neat item: resealable tops for aluminum cans.

MISC: New horror and fantasy publication. Strange Weird and Wonderful magazine is a free zine. Go to

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff reported on something from the newsgroups. A member who is a system administrator commented about problems with people at work who think they know a lot more about computers than they really do. As part of his rant, he commented that he had looked at Joe's book, and the chapter about those folks was “spot on”. And the illustrations are wonderful. He has hinted that he might want to show up at Loscon and get signatures.

George Mulligan, while fiddling around at, found a group in Canada that has decided to make new editions of the old shows. Including The Red Panda, Ontario's #1 crime fighter, and his flying squirrel sidekick.

Christian mentioned various rich bastards who might be able to fund the oddball science.

Jerry said we need to find away to put 10% of funding into contrarian research.

Well, if multiple points of view is called diversity, one point of view is called University.

Bill Ellern noted we're in a quiet period of the solar cycle.

Tim watched the entirety of The Venture Brothers, in the adult swim part of cartoon network. It's a version of Johnny Quest.

We adjourned at 21:40:48.

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