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LASFS Trading Card #1
Roy Lavender
1976 activity:  conventions; meetings of The Petards

Previously active in Midwest Fandom.  Co-editor:  The Committeeman (1950-1951)

LASFS Trading Card #2
Bill Warren
1976 activity:  LASFS (Director); Conventions, APA-L
Film addict:  Has more information on films than almost any three other people can use.

Briefly active in SAPS in early '70s.

LASFS Trading Card #3
Dave Locke
1976 activity:  meetings of The Petards; editor: AWRY; co-editor: SHAMBLES, FAPA; STOBCLER

Iconoclastic humorist.  Previously co-editor PELF, and editor of several titles he hopes everyone else forgot.

LASFS Trading Card #4
Stan Woolston
1976 activity: meetings of The Petards, NFFF

President of NFFF for many years; previously active in FAPA, N'APA, Letterpressman.

LASFS Trading Card #5
Dian Crayne
1976 activity: FAPA, the Cult, SAPS, NivenCons

Previously active in LA convention fandom, SFPA, APA-L, Artist.

LASFS Trading Card #6
John Foyster
1976 activity: conventions, FAPA, ANZAPA, SAPS, co-editor:  Boy's Own Fanzine

Previously editor:  Satura/Gryphon (among others),  concom member of various Australian cons.  Spendthrift.  Collector.

LASFS Trading Card #7
Dean A. Grennell
1976 activity: meetings of The Petards, FAPA, columnist

Previously comprised Wisconsin Fandom, editing GRUE.  Punster.  (And Gunster.)

LASFS Trading Card #8
Don Fitch
1976 activity: meetings of The Petards, LASFS (Director); FAPA, SAPS

Originally a Japanophile, now an AmerIndophile.  Previously active in APA-L, the Cult, TAPS, Accumulator.


LASFS Trading Card #9
Milt Stevens
1976 activity:  LASFS (Chairman of the Board); meetings of The Petards, FAPA, APA-L, conventions (concoms, bidding groups)

Previously editor:  PASSING PARADE and co-editor PREHENSILE.  Cynic.

LASFS Trading Card #10
Len Moffatt
1976 activity: : LASFS (Director); FAPA; meetings of The Petards; conventions (concoms, bidding groups); co-editor:  JDM BIBLIOPHILE.Previously editor:  SCIENCE FICTION PARADE (1957-58)

LASFS Trading Card #11
Al Lewis
1976 activity: meetings of The Petards

Previously active in LASFS (Uninc.), NFFF, SAPS, N'APA.  Editor:  SHANGRI-L'AFFAIRES (1959-62)

LASFS Trading Card #12
Larry Shaw
1976 activity: meetings of The Petards; Bouchercons (concom)

Previously active in NY fandom (Grand Old Man of Futurians).  Editor:  NEBULA (early 1940s), co-editor AXE (1961-63).  Previously active FAPA.  


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