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  • Board Members:  Karl Lembke, Darnell Coleman, Milt Stevens, Tadao Tomomatsu, Marcia Minsky, Robert Powell, Elayne Pelz, Arlene Satin, Bob Null, Christian McGuire
    Members:  Barry and Lee Gold, Sherri and Tony Benoun, Michelle Pincus, Don Wenner, Marty Cantor, Greg Bilan, Joyce Sperling, Michael Pell, Joe Zeff, Judy Zeff, Len and June Moffatt

  • Meeting called to order at 11:00 AM.
    Minutes from last meeting approved.
    New Members:  Peter R. Santell, Elisa Sheets


30 Second Reports
    Vice Chair, Bob Null:  The Gestetner has been repaired by Charlie; the ink drum placed in a locked cabinet, has been removed so only a few people can use the Gestetner.
    Secretary:  Darnell Coleman:  Thanked Tadao for format.  I am recording the meeting.
    Physical Plant:  Tadao Tomomatsu:  The Archive has to be rechecked due to people unplugging the archive computer.  
    Treasury Report:  Elayne Pelz.
    Publishing:  Milt Stevens yielded the floor to Barry Gold who gave a member's name correction.
    Events:  Marcia Minsky - 75th Anniversary coming up in October:  Loscon 36 is moving along and is fine. // Arlene Satin:  Today at 2 PM, the photographer will be here to take individual photos.  The photo shoots will be done today and August 9th.  
    Fundraising:  Arlene Satin:  There needs to be more art for, and it needs help.  Scott Tygett has some art for Thursday.  
    Marketing:  Arlene Satin:  The Harry Potter event at the IMAX has been moved up to August 1st.  We will have a table. // The website is attracting people who are asking us to do things. // Art for a new LASFS banner was passed out to the Board to be looked at.  The banner will be purchased by the Marketing Department.  The Board discussed getting a new banner because the old banner was getting worn.  Also there was discussion on which web address to be used. // Children's reading program is July 13th at Valley Plaza Library.
      Quartermaster:  Mike Thorsen:  Gave written report after the meeting.  Machine units sold to date 12,134, the period 339.  Machine total sales to date and for the period.

    Milt Stevens:  Found three groups for grants that the club which could be used for the club.  The most promising was the National Endowment for the Humanities, but even though it's the best one so far, getting the grant is still problematical because of what we need to do and there are other groups who would compete for the money, so we are still looking.  
    Last Agenda Item:  We had some concerns about the progress of Loscon 36.  Karl opened the floor, then Joyce Sperling said that there were artists who had concerns about the way the art show was being done.  Christian McGuire said this was not a topic for the LASFS Board of Directors, whose only responsibility is the fiscal removal of the chair of Loscon.  The topic brought up can be brought to the attention of the Loscon chair.  The Chairman said that the Loscon will deal with the problem that Joyce brought up.  
    Arlene said that we appear to be ending the meeting soon so people should go out to eat and then come back for the photo shoot.  
    No take-aways.
    Adjournment at 11:50 AM.

Recording Secretary, Darnell Coleman

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