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Menace of the LASFS

July 23, 2009

Christian McGuire presiding,

Karl Lembke, Scribe


“I'm 49 today.” – Tom Safer “That makes you a perfect square!” – Karl Lembke


Meeting 3754 was opened at 20:13:33


Special Orders of Business


We have two...

Tom Safer announced the passing of Keith Williams, age 63, who died on May 4 of this year. It seems to have been the combination of bacterial pneumonia and a belief that all doctors are quacks.


We also lost the 1950s answer to John Stewart, Walter Cronkite. He's genre because of his program, “You Are There”. Tom also noted Cronkite spurred the space program, and is the only non-astronaut to have been given a moon rock.


We had a brief moment of silence.


The passing of the only woman to have been Jane to two Tarzans will be investigated.


The Menace were read and approved as “Chocolate covered moonhole covers”.


Old Business




New Business




Thanks to Rob for covering in Christian's absence last week. Shame on LASFS for not taking the opportunity to depose the current President....


Patron Saint

Ed Green


Cathy Beckstead: he's a great guy, he's missed hereabouts, but he's off being an actor


Zeff: Ed Green is the only president of the LASFS ever to throw out a member on his own saint's night


Tom Safer appreciates Ed getting him started for TSPC


CLJII: Ed is one of three presidents of the LASFS who's also a comic book superhero


Hare: While in the military, he was stationed at the National Guard, and went on helicopter rides to assess damage after the Northridge Quake.


Christian: He's chaired two Loscons, served on the LASFS BOD, served as President, as Scribe, and Registrar. He's received the Evans Freehafer award, and is still on the board of SCIFI.


Arlene: He and she can talk about any subject, on opposite sides, and not kill each other. (Well, certainly not more than once!)


Joyce Sperling notes that he's the only male member of the club to have been diagnosed as pregnant.


Frank Waller recalls his Iraqi camel reports, including one account of blowing up a camel.


Zeff: He gave us lots of money.


Tepper: Of all LASFS members now living, he's one who's done an incredible lot of good stuff for the club. It would be nice if he'd drop by.


Crepeau: has once called him by the wavelength of green light. In Angstroms.


Christian: Rumors that there had been spies among us. Someone started the business of “That's Ed G R E E N”


Ed G R E E N – was given three C H E E R S.


Tom Safer


Scratch: he's a nice guy and has a good selection of movies


Zeff: he shows great cartoons that not enough people stay around to watch


Tepper: he has a fine baritone-bass voice. And he's up for challenges, including performing in two performances of Mozart's requiem in one day.


Crepeau: would he be up for a Bugs Bunny trivial challenge? (Answer: Probably)


And he's a nice guy.


Three Cheers for Tom Safer, and one gray hare.


Tom Safer added: For those who do stay for animation shows, I greatly appreciate it. Thanks very much to Charlie who got him started presenting cartoons.


Time Bound Announcements


Marty Cantor – next week is the De Profundis printing. Pay now – 55¢.


Tom announced tonight at 9:53, the space station, linked with the shuttle, will be visible. It will rise NNW, go up for about a minute, and enter the earth's shadow 33° above due north.


Cathy Beckstead announced the last weekend of Sweeney Todd coming up at the Camarillo Community Theater.


Tom Safer announced … Saturday, July 25, there will be a showing of Underdog at the Hollywood Library, 2-4PM. Unlike the commercially available DVD, this is the program as originally presented, with the non-Underdog cartoons intercalated.


Doug Crepeau announced Recently brought in a free pass to the Mme Tussuad's wax museum. For those not using free passes, the price goes up to $25 in a few days.


Committee Reports


The Committee to Gouge auctioned off a bunch of crap, including an officially empty box.


Arlene: On August 1, there will be a LASFS table at the Harry Potter IMAX showing. Helpers are welcome. This is in Irvine, so there's some travel involved. We'll be there from noon till 5-6.

Aug 9th, after the Board meeting is another photo session for the memory book. This is between 2 and 4:30.

August 10 is the next Valley Vista Library reading.

The Marketing team has ordered a new banner for the club. It will be available for viewing next week.


Treasurer's report. We have money, the club still exists.


Tom Safer reported that TSPC for August, (8/15) 10 AM to noon: Walt Disney's Dumbo, in honor of the circus being in town.


CLJII committed several things. Sunday at 2 PM is FWEMS, first of the summer scary films. Werewolf of London, and several other werewolf movies.

We're almost finished with Gang Busters, and will soon be starting with Hawk of the Wilderness.




CLJII reviewed Monday was the actual anniversary of the moon landing. TCM celebrated by running movies about going from the earth to the moon. Some involved trios going into space. Marooned – the most boring Oscar winning sf movie, and Have Rocket Will Travel, a three stooges “going into space” movie.


We paused to hear people's accounts of what they were doing 40 years ago during the moon landing.


Zeff: for moon landing and moon walk, his dad brought a TV set into the store, so everyone could watch the moon walks. Only interruption was a woman who Would Not Understand why her pizza had to wait.


Peter Santel recalls Cronkite was once interviewing Clarke, asking what would happen if the astronauts discovered a monolith on the moon.


Milt Stevens unemployed during moon landing, went to Trimbles' party. He was on that good terms with them? Why? Oh, yes. Later saw a photo of him at the party next to Mike Glickson, who he would have sworn was never in LA. Yes, they landed on the moon.


Tom Safer: Was at a beach house in Delaware. Father was telling about how it would be nine hours before they'd emerge from the capsule and watch the moon walk.


Frank Waller: watch whole program at school during school week. They had an assembly at school, and everyone piled into the auditorium.


Tom Locke also at the Trimbles' party. One unusual thing they did was have Earl Thompson and one other bring over their color TVs. One thing making it special was that he had worked on Project Apollo three years before that. HE was a subcontractor working on reaction control unit.


Doug Crepeau: at time of touchdown, he was at Bernard's Surf Restaurant in Coco Beach, Florida. The raucous crowd was in rapt silence prior to the landing. When the Eagle landed, all hell broke loose.


Matthew Tepper: was also at the Trimble party. He needed special dispensation to attend because it was the same day as his parents' anniversary.


Scott Beckstead: It was a cold winter day, he was in San Francisco. HE was 11, and there was a crowd at the house because they had the only tv over 11 inches.


Hare: His dad was a prototype machinist. He was a nervous wreck during the whole process, because any problem reflected on his work. HE also got to do repairs when they were called for. Fortunately, he survived without being institutionalized.


Chris was only six at the time. HE had trouble making the connection between what he was seeing and what he could see when he looked up at the moon.


One woman was 9 years old three days before the blast off. They had just gotten their first color TV. Her mom wished she cold have gone.


Doug Crepeau still has his badge for Gemini Titan III. His name is on the same page with Cronkite.


Frank Waller's father used to work for Lockheed. He figured out how to make the fuel move along with the rocket.


Tom Safer heard that the speech is now enshrined at the Nixon Library, along with the lines to be uttered if the astronauts had been unable to launch.


CLJII recalls at the time, Neil Armstrong said something, and Cronkite repeated from the written card in front of him


(The Scribe notes that by the day of the moon landing, he had mostly recovered from having his tonsils out, but was not old enough to head out to any parties, even if he'd found fandom by then.)


Thanks to CLJII for the reminiscences.


Martin Young reviewed modern art. He's found some that's not crap. There's a little gallery in west hollywood called Glass Garage. Machine and the Garden – five artists of Steampunk. Well worth seeing.

The proprietor noted people used to suffer for their art. Now it's the viewers who suffer.


Tom Safer directed people to


Milt Stevens noted only a complete wuss would stand up and announce, I don't know why I'm on this panel. This year, panel – steampunk – fish or fowl. He knows nothing about it, but this won't keep him from talking for an hour.


Fannish Committee Reports


Tom Safer reported on a surrealism item. Today's morning news reported that two truckloads of Corona Beer were stolen. One of the people working there said the chance of us finding the beer is about the same as it snowing in Florida.

From Oddly Enough, a sausage ad asking viewers to advertise where you like to stick yours. People complained about the sexual innuendo airing where and when children could hear it.

They've been told where to stick their ad.


Chris: Last week there was a story going around about a new battlefield robot designed to feed on bodies. Went to the website, the EATR forages for biomass. A few days later, the company put out a press release saying it feeds on plant matter.


Doug Crepeau: One of the blogs had a picture from the movie Screamers in relation to this article.


Hare: Coincidentally, a woman driving an Oscar Meyer Weinermobile drove her sausage into a house.


We adjourned at 21:34:17, all at once and nothing first.

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