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Photo wes6700

Photo wes6701
Bill Ellern, Lon Atkins, Alex Bratmon
Photo wes6702
Gail Knuth, Earl Thompson
Photo wes6703
Ed Cox, Anne Cox, Lee Jacobs, June Moffatt
Photo wes6704
Walter Breen, Marion Zimmer Bradley
Photo wes6705
Earl Thompson, Lon Atkins, Jayne Ellern
Photo wes6706
Terri Champaigne
Photo wes6707
Dorothy Jones (Heydt), Astrid Anderson
Photo wes6708
Charlie (Charles N.) Brown, Anne Cox
Photo wes6709
Charlie Brown, Anne Cox, June Moffatt
Photo wes6710
Marsha Elkin Brown
Photo wes6711
Anne Cox, Len Moffatt, Marsha Brown
Photo wes6712
Marsha Brown

Photo wes6713
Wet Fans, with Chuck Crayne at the far right

Far left may be Charlie Brown, with the guy being lifted being Larry Howorth and Dian Crayne in the pink swimcap.

The lady in the red swimsuit might be Terri Champaigne or Karen Howorth.

Photo wes6714
More Wet Fans
Photo we