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Photo wes6600

Photo wes6601
Ron Ellik, Lois Lavender, John Trimble
Photo wes6602
Lee Jacobs, Lee Hoffman
Photo wes6603
Elmer Perdue
Photo wes6604
Jessie Clinton
Photo wes6605
Ellie Turner, Ron Ellik
Photo wes6606
Chuck Crayne, Ellie Turner, Ron Ellik, Lois Lavender, Dennis Smith
Photo wes6607
Unknown, Unknown (but great costumes)
Photo wes6608
Bill Rotsler, Paul Turner
Photo wes6609
Little Green Dinosaur (cute kid)
Photo wes6610
Astrid Anderson (age 13) as Deja Thoris, Princess of Mars
Photo wes6611
Luise Petty
Photo wes6612
Luise Petty
Photo wes6613
Luise Petty
Photo wes6614
Luise Petty
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