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Menace of the LASFS

July 2, 2009

Robert Powell presiding,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3751 was opened at 20:13:42

Special Orders of Business

We have two.

This week we lost actress Gail Storm, winner of the “Come to Hollywood and be Gail Storm” contest, also appeared in Revenge of the Zombies.

We also lost Carl Malden, whose credits include Murderer's row, Phantom of the Rue Morgue, and Alice in Wonderland, and Million Dollar Brain, a weird spy picture.

We await information on a third.

The Menace were read and approved as “And now for something completely the same”.

Old Business

Patron Saint

Doug Abe

Matthew Tepper: Doug Abe is a member since the early 70s, originally from Hawaii. He came to Santa Monica and decided he likes southern California. One nice thing is he'd come to meetings with spare paperback books he no longer required and give them out to anyone who wanted them.

Sandy Cohen: Doug was known as one of the human wallets, regularly giving money to the club. He was a Sergeant At Arms for a while. Actually, it may have been Samurai at arms, until Kees Van Toorn became Windmill At Arms.

Milt Stevens noted that the Samurai at Arms was Takumi Shibano.

Patron Saint Doug Abe was given three cheers and a bucket of Kentucky Fried Sashimi.

New Business

Seeing none, we move on to...

Committee Reports

(zombie slugs???)

CLJII: We have a program, part II of More Like the Movies

Arlene Satin tore herself away from the cell phone long enough to announce a photo shoot July 12, right after the Board Meeting. This will be for the Memory Book. If you can't make that session, there'll be another session after the August board meeting.

Tom Safer announced TSPC for July will be on July 18th, featuring Bugs Bunny.

The Veep announced: Tomorrow night is an open gaming night, until the keyholder gets tired of keeping it open.

This weekend is TRIPE on Saturday.

The registrar announced Alan Trimpi's lovely god-daughter.

Time Bound Announcements

Tom Safer announced the Sun Valley Library showing of Alice In Wonderland showing on July 18, at 2 PM. Admission is free. It's not the same caliber as the Disney film, but it's worth seeing.

Alan Trimpie and his god daughter have kittens to give away. 626-319-4627 And, because LA Unified has lost 90 of 161 teachers, he'll be working at night to shore things up.


Gizmo asked for reviews of Transformers. “You won't like it.” The scenes with the transformers and military were top notch. As for the rest of it, Michael Bane needs a good talking to.

Sandy Cohen reviewed Tim Griffin's concert at Descanso Gardens this evening. He's an elementary school teacher who writes songs to teach kids. He's doing free concerts in evenings. He's Larry Niven's nephew.

// Run out and see “UP”. It may be the best movie of the year.

Christian said it definitely is the best movie of the year.

German has seen it, and it's beautiful.

Doug Crepeau reviewed on one of the science channels, a show about interstellar colonization, including something dealing with FTL drives.

Sandy: Virtuality, already mentioned. And Dr Who is back. The Next Doctor. In July, the Easter Special. Also, Torchwood is coming back, in the form of 5 specials. And there's a new series starting shortly after that – Being Human, and Eureka is starting up again.

Virtuality: This was Ron Moore's failed pilot, which they turned into a movie, about an expedition to Epsilon Eridani, and Earth has 100 years left. It was really good sf.

Crepeau: It can be confusing at times because some of the characters are virtual, and exist only to keep the crew sane.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff: A putridity report for all. His laptop has gotten to be more than a little flakey. He managed to get a new laptop, a Toshiba satellite. He repartioned it and put Linux on it. He's still beating it into submission. Tried to get it to recognize wi-fi. No joy. Try tech support, and it turns out the hardware switch was turned off.

Hare Hobbs: There was a flyer being handed out in Hollywood. The RTD TAC cards can cause cancer. And they can track you with them.

CLJII: Last Sunday, ran Scarlet Horsemen. Then went to USC, and the box they brought him was the box of Scarlet Horsemen stuff.

Arlene Satin announced even though Karen's not always here to give us science, she forwards stuff to the website.


Milt Stevens got a ballot from first fandom – which he's not old enough to join. He's an associate member. Len Moffatt is nominated for the First Fandom hall of fame. So is James Gunn and Ben Indick. The Eaton collection may win for collection category.

Michael Bloom announced that at the end of the month, having cataract surgery and will need a ride to and from, between Fox Hills Mall and Culver City, two days in a row. Probably 7/27. More details later.

CLJII had the six month report on the magic number. 114.

We adjourned at 20:58:25.

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