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Menace of the LASFS

July 16, 2009

Robert Powell presiding,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“Some day, we should do the miscellaneous first, then the fannish committee reports...”

Meeting 3753 was opened at 20:14:10.

Special Orders of Business

This week was of special concern: Two obits, both named Charles. You know how that works...

Charles Lane, age 105. His obituary has been published twice, because his character died in a TV series, but this time, it's for real.

Charlie Brown, fan and community member, and editor of Locus, died this week. He has won at least 30 Hugos, at least one for his fan writing. His vanity plate read “SMOF1”, leaving SMOF2 for Bruce Pelz. He was responsible for the invention of the semi-prozine Hugo category. He kept winning in the fanzine category. As for the future of Locus, he planned to establish a Locus foundation. We don't know if he managed in time, so there's a fair chance Locus will continue.

Voice actor Dal McKinnon, who voiced courageous cat, and many other characters. He also played the grizzled old prospector on Gunsmoke and Bonanza.

We also lost a writer. Phyllis Gotlieb, the doyen of Canadian SF authors. She will be missed.

Jerry Pournelle notes Charles Brown detested the name Charlie. It's said in SFWA forums, Locus will continue. Staff has been named and an orderly transfer of ownership will take place. He and Jerry were among the oldest of Heinlein's friends at his death. He'll be missed, but Jerry will not miss the reviews he solicited from people who didn't like Jerry's work.

For these individuals, we held a moment of silence.

In another special order, we take today to remember the anniversary of Ralph Cramden's fate, “to the moon”. We'll be taking tonight and next week for lunatic materials.

Chris wrote URLs for websites that are carrying real-time audio of the moon mission.

Doug Crepeau has received his copy of Rocket Men from Amazon.

The Menace were read and approved as “We don't need no stinkin' drunk minutes”.

The Registrar announced that we have guests. Two returning guests, Tim Henderson, after a three decade lapse. Aiden Collins, who was last here in the 80's.

And our new guest, William Castrogiovanni, and Genie Lim.

Patron Saint

Bill Curry

Matthew Tepper: He's a retired USPS worker, and has been a member since the Palms Playground days. He was a charming and good natured fellow, with a ready laugh. He's one of those who rather than dump books or sell them off, he'd bring them by and give them to people.

Joe Zeff: Although Bill Curry did work for the postal service, he's the least likely to go postal.

Three cheers to Bill Curry, and a nice, new wool hat.

Old Business


New Business


Committee Reports

Marketing – There was a Book Fair meeting two weeks ago. We came up with a panel for our group, “reality unbound – plausible scenarios and real characters in a speculative world”. Next photo shoot is 8/9, 2-4:30. Come down and get shot.

We had our July kid's reading, and Tadao did a wonderful job reading Captain Underpants. Fortunately, he refrained from acting it out. (He said he was underware that was an option.) Next month's feature is The Phantom Tollbooth, on Aug 10.

Harry Potter IMAX project – this is now August 1.

CLJII: We're still trying to attract attention by promoting our scary summer film festival. More flyers need to be handed out.

Treasurer's report. We have money, you can't have any.

Tom Safer: TSPC this Saturday, honoring Bugs Bunny. 10-12.

That day, we have CF/O on Saturday 1-8, and Time Meddlers on Sunday, 10-5.

Friday is open gaming, 7-close.

David Okamura announced that on the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, NASA announced they'll be postponing any further shuttle flights. Large chunks of insulation fell off the last launch. (Subsequent photos show no damage to the shuttle insulation.)

There's a new food item on the market HuFu – human flavored tofu. Matthew Tepper announced that the last time he heard about this, it was a hoax. Maybe it was Soylent's fiction...

Michelle Pincus read a moment of science. The NPR show On Point featured a debate over whether our next target should be the Moon or Mars. Mars won in a listener survey. Check

David Okamura notes NASA did not take much care of the archival tapes. They had recorded over the Apollo 11 footage. But tape has been re-mastered, and can now be viewed.

Chris saw a movie trailer, about a guy who bought a bunch of tapes at auction. “July Moon”

Jerry Pournelle: All of this illustrates Sturgeon's comment that NASA's greatest achievement was to make mankind's greatest achievement look dull.

Time Bound Announcements

Doug Crepeau: noticed the blurb in the front of his book, mentioning that, among other thngs, NASA forgot to put an outside handle on the space capsule, so they had to leave the door open during their EVA.

Hare: Second season of Leverage, a TV series taking a modern Robin Hood approach. It has a kind of SF flavor. TNT.

Pournelle: Tim Hutton, on Leverage, is very good as a semi-drunk mastermind.


Tom Safer: Those who saw first episode of Eureka, it's fun to see it get back to the funny, weird problems we've come to know and love.

Pournelle: for those who were less than whelmed by the TV special Impact – that's a Hugo winner compared to current series “Meteor”. It seems designed to make people hate stories about big things hitting the earth.

Hare: saw the new Harry Potter movie. Big problem is – this is probably the biggest of the books. There's a lot of stuff that gets left out. It's probably the best of the movies, with a lot more character development, and they left out a lot of the FX and spent more time on character development.

Fannish Committee Reports

Matthew Tepper reported that Jim Parsons, one of the actors on the Big Bang Theory, received an Emmy nomination.

Doug Crepeau reported on some non-hard SF. A family in Saudi Arabia has taken a Genie to court, alleging theft and harassment. The genie is accused of leaving threatening voice mails, stealing their cell phones, and throwing rocks at them at night. The paperwork does not record how many wishes are being requested in compensation.

Hare: OC fair has an item that combines four of five fannish food groups. Fat, salt, chocolate, and sugar. Chocolate covered bacon.

Joe Zeff had a comment on that. Another cross of fannish food groups was chocolate covered potato chips.

Frank Waller notes at Oddball, a store on Magnolia blvd. A bacon shaped wallet, bacon favored toothpicks, and bacon bandages. Oddball is a block west of Hollywood Way.


Tom Safer – This Saturday is the Alice In Wonderland showing, not last. From Reuters' Oddly Enough – a German tried to fix his leaky air mattress, and blew up his apartment instead. You've got to watch out for those inflatable apartments. He used tire repair solvent to repair the bed and left it overnight. A spark in the electric air pump ignited it. The blast blew out walls, windows, and furniture.

Tim the new guy announced, at the Memorial Library, on Aug 31, Ray Bradbury will be having a presentation. He seems to have done some writing in the LA Library.

CLJII: Sitting over there near Karl are two stacks of DVDs. They are trailers. Some of which we showed here. We don't have any place to keep them. Take a look, take them away. Enjoy. Or not, I don't care.

Tina Fay has been nominated for an Emmy for a certain portrayal of a certain governor of Alaska.

We adjourned at 21:19:48.

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