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Menace of the LASFS

July 9, 2009

Robert Powell presiding,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3752 was opened at 20:07:08

San Jose won the 2011 Westercon bid. The Pasadena Hilton hosts the 2010 Westercon.
With that, the price of the 63rd Westercon goes up to $60 very soon. Give Elayne money to buy in at the $50 price tonight.

Special Orders of Business

Roderick Usher, filling in for the Emperor, announced the passing of Oscar Mayer III, the actual founder of the sausage company. More seriously, Marty Cantor announced that we have also lost Ken Moore, who was a long time runner of Kubla Con, passed from a long illness. We are very short on details.

The Emperor resumed: We have also lost Julie Heiss of Kansas City, after a bout with cancer.

We held a brief moment of silence.

The Menace were read and approved as “We covered it two weeks ago”.

Old Business


New Business


Patron Saint

Marc Schirmeister

CLJII: Marc Schirmeister is one of the finest artists of the cartoon form that I know, with a distinct and interesting style that makes everything he draws interesting. And he exemplifies both Pinky and the Brain.

Milt: He deserves the Hogu for the best illustration of a hotel room ever. He drew dinosaurs peeking out from behind the ferns on the wallpaper. Years later, the dinosaurs were still there. If anyone noticed, it was to add other dinosaurs.

Marty: A long time scandal: Marc has never been an artist guest of honor at a con. Very happy, finally Westercon saw the light.

JP endorsed him as an old friend an a damn good artist.

Don't you remember when we met in the most unlikely place? The summit of Mt. Baden Powell?

Zeff: Schirm once designed a rose parade float. And it's traditional to point out he gave us lots of money.

Scratch: And he's a nice guy.

Matthew Tepper pointed out that in 1971, Mike Glyer, Elst Weinstein and he came across a piece of artwork and asked, “Who is this Marc Schirmeister? He does wonderful work!” Then they met him and it was even nicer.

Marc Schirmeister was given three loud cheers and a genuine Not Schirm on the board.

Marc: When he joined the LASFS, it was a place to draw and to display what he drew. He was able to grow in his art here.

The Registrar announced we have no guests.

Time Bound Announcements

Next Saturday, July 18, Alice In Wonderland at Sun Valley Library. Admission is free, start time is 2 PM. It's the Hanna Barbara Alice.

Doug Crepeau handed over a pass for Madame Tussuad's wax museum. And following Independence Day, he read off the account of the signers of the Declaration of Independence that circulates around the Net.

Matthew Tepper noted that the accuracy of the chain letter has been disputed.

Christian announced that time-bound announcements will be cleared through the President before each meeting.

Terry Pratchett Discussion Group going out of business July 19th. It meets once a month in a coffee house in Hollywood. Until this weekend. Their organizer resigned without a replacement.

Michelle Pincus saw a movie at the Mann 6, “Blood the Last Vampire”, a live action movie which will be playing there for about a week.

There are movies at the Americana on Wednesday. One is Ice Age.

Marty Cantor offered a clarification on the meaning of Time Bound Announcement.

Joe Zeff commented that originally, it was just “announcements”. Time bound came in when a certain president started instituting constant agenda lite, and this was his way of lightening the agenda.

Committee Reports

CLJII: Tonight's program is a replacement item: The Outer Limits, The Moon Stone. Next week and the following week, video relating to Armstrong's landing on the moon, and What You Were Doing When...

Christian announced this Sunday is the Board Meeting. Sausage will be made. If you want to not be involved in the nitty and the gritty, stay away. If you do want to be part of it, 11 AM

Arlene Satin announced after the Board Meeting, we have our second photo shoot for the memory book. It will start at 2 PM or after the Board Meeting, whichever is later. IF you miss that, there's another shoot August 9, after the Board Meeting. Monday, July 13, Reading Rocketeers at the Valley Plaza Library. Wednesday the 15th is the Marketing meeting.

Tom Safer announced TSPC July 18, at 10 AM. This month is dedicated to the birthday of Bugs Bunny. July 27, 1940 was the day of the first Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Michelle Pincus: During courtship flights the male Anna's Hummingbird sustains accelerations that would knock out fighter pilots – an estimated 10 gravities. Check the article on New Scientist.

Treasurer's report: We have money. Don't spend it.

The committee to gouge auctioned off a pass to the wax museum. Following that, we auctioned off the right to act as official namer of the menace in two weeks.


Moon: It is one of the rare times you see a thinking person's SF film. Only two theaters showing it in LA and Orange County at this time.

Karl: Warehouse 13. Reminds me of The Librarian, but lacks the virtue of Bob Newhart as a supporting cast member.

Christian: Saw it was written by writers of other successful shows. Maybe they'll shape up.

Hare rather enjoyed Warehouse 13. Nice, fun, needs time to develop. They may have had not enough time to develop the mythology behind it.

Fannish Committee Reports

Doug Crepeau offered to bring in the Comic Book of Man Into Space.


Tom Safer will be making more announcements as date gets closer. August 22, all day film festival, from 1 PM until 10 or so. Day the earth stood still, The Thing From Another World (original), and The Slipper and the Rose.

Crepeau: What a way to go. A man fell into a vat of chocolate at a Hershey's plant and died. What a waste of chocolate – Christian. The question is, how many times did he get out to go to the bathroom?

CLJII: FWEMS we're running a 3 month festival this summer. We have flyers to take around to libraries and bookstores. Please see him to pick up flyers.

Tadao announced it was hot at the Arizona Westercon.

Christian: Except for Registration, it was a pretty well run con. There were probably over 500 very warm bodies.

Milt was at Midwestcon in Cincinnati. No program, no films, no costumes, small dealer's room, just hang out for a weekend. 114 showed up.

Tom Safer: from Oddly Enough: a badger in Germany got so drunk on overripe cherries it staggered to the middle of the road and refused to budge. It was reported as dead. It was merely dead drunk.

Joe Zeff: We don't need no stinkin' drunk badgers.

We adjourned at 21:12:12.

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