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Menace of the LASFS

June 25, 2009

Mike Thorsen presiding,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

Meeting 3750 was opened at 20:09:26.


Special Orders of Business

We have four:

First group is people from the entertainment industry, peripherally involved,

Ed McMahon, narrated The Enormous Egg and was the host for The Legend of the Superheroes, and acted in Full Moon High; Second is Farah Fawcett, in Saturn III and Logan's Run, and third is Michael Jackson (Thriller and Captain Eo).

WE also note the passing of H.B.Gilmore, a writer of various fantasy books.

In his honor, we held a moment of silence, except for the vending machine.

The Menace were read and approved as “We don't have to listen to you for another ten minutes”.

Old Business

Patron Saint

Alan Frisbie The Sacred Flying Disc

Joe Zeff: A number of years ago, when the President was some fugghead named Ed Green, early in the meeting, Ed yelled at Frisbie and told him to get out and take his noise with him. Later, Ed had to call him back in for his Three Cheers.

CLJII: HE was a bit of a genius in several specialized areas. He had a business card which listed his name and job title, “Thaumaturgist”. He is alive and well, and has a life, so we don't see him that often. He'll have an annual party, and will have an assortment of sodas that no one has ever seen before.

Larry Niven: Halloween nights, he's a wonderful costumer, based on whatever theme Marilyn and he come up with.

Mike Thorsen: Summer Holiday Party at Pacific Palisades Park: Half the club was helping Kris Bauer move, and someone showed up with an airfoil toy he had just developed. No, it was not Alan Frisbie. In that case, I have nothing to contribute.

Alan Frisbie was given three cheers, and a dial tone.

New Business

Seeing none, we move on to...

Committee Reports

Tom Safer: Third Saturday in July, the 18th, TSPC honors Bugs Bunny.

Arlene Satin and Christian McGuire reminded all of the 75th Anniversary banquet. We're also having an event here, on the 27th, the actual anniversary, where we'll have a meeting, cake, and surprises.

Marcia Minsky reminds one and all that November 27-29 will be Loscon 36. Memberships are $40 now. They're $50 at the door.

CLJII reminds people that we have part I of More like the movies. Two weeks from tonight, we may have an episode of Men Into Space. The following two weeks, we have a two part salute to Armstrong's landing on the Moon. Let's have people talking about what they were doing when. There will also be a presentation from JPL. Then we have Radar Men from the Moon, with the moon landing from 1952. Sunday is FWEMS with a Universal serial and a Republic serial.

The Registrar announced we have a guest, Rayne Burk, who came in with Eris and Martin Young.

The Committee to Gouge managed to do so.

Time Bound Announcements

Doug Crepeau announced that yesterday he was at the academy of motion picture arts and sciences, they're having a celebration.

Christian McGuire will be at Westercon next week, so he won't be presiding over the meeting.

Tom Safer announced Saturday, July 11, at the LA Library at Strathern and Vineland, he'll be showing a rare film at 2 PM. Hanna Barbara Alice In Wonderland.

Cathy Beckstead announced Sweeny Todd playing at the Camarillo Community Theater. No, they don't have meat pies at the snack bar. Yet.

Hare Hobbs warned about the traffic in Hollywood. The Michael Jackson fans are standing over the Michael Jackson the Radio Talk Show Host star. The singer's star is covered up on account of the premiere of Bruno.

Karen Anderson had a triple-play Moment Of Science. Edith Rhona, after whom the Rhona Ice Shelf was named, has died. She was one of the first two women to overwinter in Antarctica.

Dr. Jerri (Nielsen) Fitzgerald died of the cancer she diagnosed while at the South Pole.

According to reports, Cassini has spotted traces of salts in the tiger stripe rifts in Enceladus. These cracks are 100 degrees warmer than the surrounding surface.

Jerry Pournelle had a comment on Dr. Jerri's story. She didn't discover the lump until it was impossible to fly in or out, and was stuck there for 4 ½ months. She had to train a tech to do the biopsy, send the scan back to Harvard, and

German recalls a German Flying Wing in Indiana Jones movie. Engineers at Northrup Grummond have built a replica of the prototype. They tested it at the radar test range, and it is now at the San Diego Air and Space Museum.



Fannish Committee Reports



Frank Waller commented, this Sunday at Calabasas Village Coffee Roasters, there will be a car show from 6 AM to 11 AM. This will be the last Sunday of the month, and they'll have fancy cars on display. See Frank for details

Doug Crepeau had dinner with George Clayton Johnson, who's looking pretty good.

We adjourned at 20:56:56.

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