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Westercon XXIII (1970)
Jack Williamson - Pro Guest of Honor
Rick Sneary - Fan Guest of Honor
Photo Wes7001
Dave Hulan, Teny Rule Zuber
Photo Wes7002
Wendy Fletcher Pini as the Moss Wife from Andre Norton
Photo Wes7003
Unknown (double-checked and not Wendy Pini)
Photo Wes7004
Ginger Smith 
The name of this costume was "Visitor from a Hot Planet."  It was the brain-child of artist George Barr.  He and Bjo applied the sparklies. 

Photo Wes7005
Larry Niven, Fuzzy Niven
Photo Wes7006
Unknown, Unknown
Photo Wes7007
George Barr, Joyce O’Dell
Photo Wes7008
Photo Wes7009
Bubbles Broxon, Bill Broxon
Photo Wes7011
Kathy Sanders, Mathew Tepper
Photo Wes7012
Kathy Sanders
Photo Wes7013
Jerry Jacks, Chris Lofthus, Unknown
Photo Wes7014
Marjii Ellers, Teny Rule Zuber
Photo Wes7015
Unknown, Joyce O’Dell
Photo Wes7016
Photo Wes7017
Alan Hershey, Mary Hershey
Photo Wes7018
Ginger Smith
Photo Wes7019
Kathy Sanders
Photo Wes7020
Unknown (checked and not Wendy Pini), Kay Anderson
(in fashion show outfit made by Kathy Bushman)
Photo Wes7021
Sandy Cohen, Wendy Fletcher Pini [foreground], Paula Crist
Photo Wes7022
Leslie Swigart Cohen, Sandy Cohen
Photo Wes7023
Unknown, Sandy Cohen
Photo Wes7024
Masquerade with George Barr on right
Photo Wes7025
Unknown, Unknown
Photo Wes7026
Photo Wes7027
Nancy Kidd
Photo Wes7028
Ray Bradbury, Leigh Brackett
Photo Wes7029
Kathleen Sky, Ted Johnstone (David McDaniel)
Photo Wes7030
Bubbles Broxon, Bill Broxon
Photo Wes7031
Paula Crist
Photo Wes7032
Tom Whitmore, Vanessa Schnatmeier
Photo Wes7033
Ted Johnstone, Bruce Pelz
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