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The LASFS bought its own property on Ventura Blvd. in 1973 to use as a clubhouse. 
Most of these shots are of fans refurbishing it.  Also see First Meeting at Ventura Blvd. Clubhouse Photos .
Photo LACH01
Unknown, Bill Warren, Frank Gasperik
Photo LACH02
Gail Selinger, Fred Patten
Photo LACH03
Don Fitch, Jack Harness
Photo LACH04
Front Door
Photo LACH05
Jack Harness
Photo LACH06
Bill Warren
Photo LACH07
Tom Locke, Jim Hollander
Photo LACH08
Front door with Fred Patten, Jim Hollander, Tom Locke
Photo LACH09
Bill Welden in front,
Jim Hollander, Len Moffatt, Jack Harness
Photo LACH10
Unknown, Bill Warren
Photo LACH11
Len Moffatt, Fred Patten
Photo LACH12
Fred Patten at left.  Unknown
Photo LACH13
Don Fitch
Photo LACH14
Craig Miller, Fred Patten
Photo LACH15
Frank Gasperik, Gail Selinger
Photo LACH16
Front Door
Photo LACH17
Ed Green, with Dave Fox in background
Photo LACH18
Unknown, Deedee Lavender
Photo LACH19
Barry Gold, Dan Goodman
Photo LACh20
Bruce Pelz
Photo LACH21
Anne Cox, Unknown
Photo LACH22
Barney Bernard
Photo LACH23
Ed Green
Photo LACH24
Len Moffatt
Photo LACH25
Stan Woolston, Deedee Lavender
Photo LACH26
Phil Castora
Photo LACH27
Anne Cox, Dan Goodman
Photo LACH28
Phil Castora, Don Koenig
Photo LACH29
Dick Spelman, Fred Patten
Photo LACH30
Ross Rocklynne
Photo LACH31
Milt Stevens, Bruce Pelz, Ed Green
Photo LACH32
Lee Gold, Fred Patten

LACH #33
Unknown, Barney Bernard, Dave Fox, Gary Lowenthal
LACH #34
June Moffatt, Jack Harness, Bruce Pelz
LACH #35
LASFS Meeting with Gary Lowenthal, Dave Fox, and two Hollander Brothers (on right)
LACH #36
Dave Fox, Unknown, Unknown
LACH #37
Fred Patten and June Moffatt collating APA-L
LACH #38
Fuzzy Pink Niven, Elayne Pelz, Dik Daniels
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