Moffatt Photos of the first LASFS Board of Directors meeting (1972) PDF Print E-mail
Bruce Pelz led the LASFS to incorporate as a nonprofit literary corporation (with a Board of Directors) in order to smooth its way to buying and administering a clubhouse.  These pictures were taken at the first LASFS Board of Directors Meeting in 1972 (at Milt Stevens' apartment).
Photo BoD7201
Vanessa Schnatmeier
Photo BoD7202
Dan Goodman, Elliot (Elst) Weinstein
Photo BoD7203
Fuzzy Niven, Larry Niven
Photo BoD7204
Bill Warren, Tom Digby, Craig Miller
Photo BoD7205
Bruce Pelz, Elayne Pelz, Bill Warren, Tom Digby
Photo BoD7206
Mike Glyer
Photo BoD7207
[Standing] Greg Chalfin, Elst Weinstein, [Seated] Fuzzy Niven, Len Moffatt, Lois Newman, Mike Glyer, Leslie Swigart
Photo BoD7208
Fuzzy Niven, Milt Stevens
Photo BoD7209
Leslie Swigart, Drew Sanders, Bruce Pelz, Sandy Cohen (FUBAR t-shirt)
Photo BoD7210
June Moffatt
Photo BoD7211
[Standing] Dan Goodman, Elst Weinstein, [Seated] Len Moffatt. Lois Newman, Leslie Swigart
Photo BoD7212
Lee & Barry Gold, Milt Stevens, Fuzzy Niven and Bill Welden in foreground
Photo BoD7213
Dan Goodman, Milt Stevens, Larry Niven
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