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29th Worldcon (1971) Noreascon I
Clifford D. Simak - Pro Guest of Honor
Harry Warner, Jr. - Fan Guest of Honor
Tony Lewis - Chairman
Photo wor7101
Len Moffatt; Dik Daniels?; Tony Lewis; Harry Warner, Jr; Ben Bova
Photo wor7102
Photo wor7103
Prof Jerome Lettvin
Photo wor7104
Unknown, Lou Tabakow, Isaac Asimov
Photo wor7105
Larry and Fuzzy Niven
Photo wor7106
Jay Kay Klein, Don Wollheim, Elsie Wollheim
Photo wor7107
Len Moffatt, Don Wollheim, Elsie Wollheim, Alan Frisbie
Photo wor7108
Karen Anderson, Unknown, George Scithers
Photo wor7109
Photo wor7110
Hal Clement
Photo wor7111
Hank Eichner, Mrs. Eichner (?), Len Moffatt
Photo wor7112
John Brunner
Photo wor7113
Eddie Jones
Photo wor7114
Tom Whitmore
Photo wor7115
Alan Dean Foster, Alan Frisbie
Photo wor7116
Lynn Abbey?, Bob Asprin?, Mike Glyer?
Photo wor7117
Bob Shaw
Photo wor7118
John Brunner and Gordon R. Dickson among others
Photo wor7119
Fuzzy Niven (with Larry Niven behind her), Allan Baum, Sandy Cohen
Photo wor7120
Photo wor7121
Sam Moskowitz, Len Moffatt
Photo wor7122
Tom Collins, June Moffatt
Photo wor7123
Tom Collins
Photo wor7124
Bob Madle, Rusty Hevelin, Len Moffatt
Photo wor7125
Astrid Anderson
Photo wor7126
Kelly Freas with Polly Freas behind him
Photo wor7127
Leland Sapiro, Unknown
Photo wor7128
Sam Moskowitz
Photo wor7129
Unknown, Christine Haycock Moskowitz (Sam Moskowitz's wife)
Photo wor7130
Sam Moskowitz, Bob Madle, Unknown
Photo wor7131
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Photo wor7132
Hank Eichner
Photo wor7133
June Moffatt
Photo wor7134
Photo wor7135
Richard Pini and Wendy Fletcher (Pini)
Photo wor7136

Photo wor7137

Cortlandt B. Hull as Emperor Ming the Merciless

Photo wor7138
Unknown, Heidi Saha as "Lakla of the Moon Pool"
Photo wor7139
Lin Carter
Photo wor7140
Lin Carter
Photo wor7141
John Stopa
Photo wor7142
Super Rabbi (A. Joseph Ross)
Photo wor7143
Super Rabbi (A. Joseph Ross)
Photo wor7144
Lora and Katwen Trimble
Photo wor7145
Lora and Katwen Trimble
Photo wor7146
"Strider, Goldberry, Tom Bombadil and Frodo" from The Fellowship of the Ring. Tim Zell was Tom Bombadil, Julie Carter was Goldberry, and Bryan Zell was Frodo. Strider is unidentified.
Photo wor7147
Astrid Anderson (with Ron Bounds behind her)
Photo wor7148
Astrid Anderson
Photo wor7149
Elayne Pelz, Fuzzy Niven, Larry Niven
Photo wor7150
Elayne Pelz, Fuzzy Niven, Larry Niven
Photo wor7151
Devra Langsam (as"a long drink of water")
Photo wor7152
Amy Brownstein in blue
Photo wor7153
Photo wor7154
Photo wor7155
"Elric of Melnibone & Lady Zorozinia" by Wendy Fletcher (Pini) & Richard Pini
Photo wor7156
Margaret (Peggy) Kennedy
Photo wor7157
Margaret (Peggy) Kennedy
Photo wor7158
Photo wor7159
Photo wor7160
Photo wor7161
Bruce Pelz, Larry Niven
Photo wor7162
Bruce Pelz, Larry Niven, Fuzzy Niven
Photo wor7163
Bruce Pelz, Elayne Pelz, Fuzzy Niven, Larry Niven
Photo wor7164
Peggy Kennedy, Unknown
Photo wor7165
Photo wor7166
Unknown, Unknown
Photo wor7167
June Moffatt, Karen Anderson

Photo wor7168
Bruce Pelz, Frederik Pohl, Carol Pohl

(in shadows between Pelz & Pohl) 

Photo wor7169
Stew Brownstein, Keith Kato, Tom Collins
Photo wor7170
Jerry Jacks
Photo wor7171
Jerry Jacks
Photo wor7172
Unknown, Unknown, a First Fandom member
Photo wor7173
Photo wor7174
Karen Anderson
Photo wor7175
L. Sprague de Camp
Photo wor7176
L. Sprague de Camp
Photo wor7177
Tom Whitmore
Photo wor7178
Ed Meskys, Nan Meskys (Ed's first wife)
Photo wor7179
Bruce Pelz, Marsha Elkin Brown, Drew Sanders
Photo wor7180
Bruce Pelz, Marsha Elkin Brown
Photo wor7181
Terry Carr, Carol Carr
Photo wor7182
Alexei Panshin and Cory Seidman Panshin
Photo wor7183
Audience:  Unknown, Unknown, Edward L. Ferman, Andy Porter, Unknown
Photo wor7184
Amy Brownstein, Stew Brownstein, Mario Bosniak
Photo wor7185
Isaac Asimov, Robin Asimov, Clifford D. Simak
Photo wor7186
Robin Asimov, Unknown, Clifford D. Simak, Harry Warner, Jr
Photo wor7187
Barbara Silverberg, Bob Silverberg
Photo wor7188
Suford Lewis, Tony Lewis
Photo wor7189
Bill Desmond, Linda Rosenstein, Bob Shaw
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