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FunCon I (fun100-fun161)

LASFS:  Anniversary Dinner (LAD7201-LAD7217)
LASFS:  First Board of Directors meeting (BoD7201-BoD7213)
LASFS:  The First LASFS Clubhouse (new: #33+) (LACH01-LACH38)
LASFS: Halloween Party 1965 (hal6501-hal6505)
LASFS Party (1973)  

Miscellaneous (Eastercon, 1973)
Taff trip
(OMPACon, 1973)

Unknown Masquerade (probably from the early 1970s)

Westercon XVIII (1965) (wes6500-wes6526)
Westercon XIX (1966)
Westercon XX (1967) ("Shere-Con" aka "DoublecrossCon")
Westercon XXII (1969)
Westercon XXIII (1970)
Westercon XXV (1972)

Worldcon 1966 (Tricon) (wor6600-wor6623)
Worldcon 1968 (Baycon)
Worldcon 1971
(Noreascon I) (wor7101-wor7190)
Worldcon 1972
(LACon I)



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