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26th Worldcon (1968) Baycon
(combined with Westercon XXI)
Philip Jose Farmer - Pro Guest of Honor
Walter J. Daugherty- Fan Guest of Honor
Photo wor6800
Baycon Banner
Photo wor6801
Bruce Pelz, Ernie Wheatley, Unknown, Chuck Crayne
Photo wor6802
Bill Evans, Bill Clark, Banks Mebane
Photo wor6803
St. Fantony Ceremony: Lois Lavender,  John Trimble, Dave Kyle, Bjo Trimble
Photo wor6804
Rick Sneary, John Trimble, Dave Kyle, Bjo Trimble
Photo wor6805
Steve Schultheis, Virginia Schultheis
Photo wor6806
Sheila Elkin, Marsha Elkin Brown, Cory Seidman
Photo wor6807
Katwen Trimble, Bjo Trimble, Cory Seidman, June Moffatt
Photo wor6808
Rick Sneary
Photo wor6809
Cory Seidman, Sachiko Shibano, Rae Moffatt
Photo wor6810
Rick Sneary, Roy Tackett, Takumi Shibano, Sachiko Shibano
Photo wor6811
Fred Patten, Don Fitch
Photo wor6812
Alva Rogers, Unknown, Don Wollheim
Photo wor6813
Milt Stevens, Don Fitch, Boyd Raeburn, Bill Evans, Robin Postal White, Unknown
Photo wor6814
Ted White, Greg Benford
Photo wor6815
Greg Benford, Stan Woolston, John D. Berry, Bill Donaho, Chuck Hansen, Fred Patten, Boyd Raeburn
Photo wor6816
Unknown, Robin White, Ted White, Elinor Busby, Don Fitch
Photo wor6817
Arnie Katz (profile), Dick Eney (in front of TV), Lon & Kathy Atkins (doorway), Bill  Donaho
Photo wor6818
Alex Eisenstein Pat Ellington, Dick Ellington
Photo wor6819
Bjo Trimble, Blake Maxam, Luise Perrin
Photo wor6820
Ted White, Unknown, Elinor Busby
Photo wor6821
Banks Mebane
Photo wor6822
Unknown, Unknown

Photo wor6823
Kathleen Sky, Hilda Hannifen
Owen Hannifen (partly hidden). 

The lady in blue at the far right is "Mom Zimmer" (Ann Parkhurst of Gatehouse, the mother of Paul Edwin Zimmer and Marion Zimmer Bradley).

Photo wor6824
Brian Kirby and wife
Photo wor6825
Cory Seidman as Corflu Bottle
Photo wor6826
Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
Photo wor6827
J. Shepherd Mertz as Dr. Strangelove
Photo wor6828
June Moffatt, Honey Wood Graham, Unknown
Photo wor6829
Unknown, Fritz Leiber
Photo wor6830
Tracy Blackstone Zimmer, Paul Zimmer
Photo wor6831
Paula Crist
Photo wor6832
Bruce Pelz as a heavy trooper
Dian Crayne writes, "My fingers still remember that 'heavy trooper' costume.  I don't recall what the character was, but I had to cut each one of those blue and black scales out of Naugahyde and sew them to the leotard underneath. I made the helmet too, out of some kind of liquid metal that came in a can and stunk to high heaven.  The base was a buckram hat form that we got at Maharams, now long out of business."

Photo wor6833
Robbie Gibson, Len Moffatt, Lin Carter.

The additional guy (facing away from the camera) is Joe Gibson, and all you see is the back of his head.

Photo wor6834
Anne McCaffrey, Leigh Brackett, Blanche Williamson, Ed Hamilton, Jack Williamson
Photo wor6835
Photo wor6836
audience:  Jock Root (in shadow), Unknown
Photo wor6837
Alva Rogers, Sid Rogers, Bill Donaho, Unknown
Photo wor6838
Bob Bloch; Betty Farmer; John W. Campbell, Jr.
Photo wor6839
Randall Garrett, Hal Clement, Alison Garrett
Photo wor6840
Unknown, Walt Daughery, Barbara Silverberg, Robert Silverberg
Photo wor6841
Pat Ellington
Photo wor6842
Medieval Costume.  Phil and Patricia McDown with Mark Fischer, Janet Owens (with the lace), her best friend Beth in the background (I don't know her last name) and a guy who was somehow connected to Philip K Dick.
Photo wor6843
John DeCles as jester
Photo wor6844
Edith Ogutsch, Unknown, Unknown
Photo wor6845
Philip Jose Farmer, Betty Farmer, Harlan Ellison, Unknown
Photo wor6846
Alva Rogers, Sid Rogers, Bill Donaho
Photo wor6847
Art Widner
Photo wor6848
Earl Kemp
Photo wor6849
Walt Daugherty and Mary Ellen Daughery as Android Rejects
Photo wor6850
Walt Daugherty and Mary Ellen Daughery as Android Rejects
Photo wor6851
Unknown, Paula Crist
Photo wor6852
Suford Lewis
Photo wor6853
Lin Carter as Elric
Photo wor6854
F. M. Busby as Arthur C. Quark
Photo wor6855
Steve and Luise Perrin
Photo wor6856
SCA Bash.  The fighter in the big white tabard is Jerome Robert of McKenna (Jerry Pournelle).  Karen Anderson wrote, "See, on the West Kingdom's history page, the equestrian group photo, Fall Crown AS III." 
The other fighter is Richard the Short (Richard Barnhart).

Photo wor6857
Medieval Costumes.

Left, wearing pink, Adrienne Martine as consort to Richard of Mount Royal, wearing the Ancient Crown of the West

Photo wor6858
Pat Ellington
Photo wor6859
Ardiss Waters
Photo wor6860
SCA Spectators
Photo wor6861
SCA Bash.  Fighter on left wears green tabard with arms of Jamie Oakenshield; on right, the shield is Henrik's, and it's probably Henrik bearing it.  [Probably Henrik Olsgaard, later Henrik of Havn.]
Photo wor6862
SCA Spectators (but Henrik says that the lady isn't Felice Rolfe, now Felice Maxam)
Photo wor6863
Benji Rolfe. The tabard is for Mayhem House.
Photo wor6864
SCA.  The man in the large white tabard is Jerome Robert of McKenna (Jerry Pournelle).  His opponent is Edwin (Paul Zimmer).
Photo wor6865
SCA.   Another white tabard; this one bears the arms of Robert of Dunharrow (Bob Orser).
Photo wor6866
Unknown, Poul Anderson
Photo wor6867
SCA Costumes
Photo wor6868
SCA Spectators, including Charlene (Charlene Ann Sonia-Henwood, in the SCA  Duchess Leanne of Maywood)
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