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Board Members:  Karl Lembke, Darnell Coleman, Milt Stevens, Tadao Tomomatsu, Marcia Minsky, Robert Powell, Elayne Pelz, Bob Null, Arlene Satin,

Excused:  Christian McGuire

Members:  Barry and Lee Gold, Sherri and Tony Benoun,
Jenny Burr, Don Wenner, Marty Cantor, Gregg Bilan, Joyce Sperling,  Michael Pell

MEETING:  called to order at 11:05

Minutes from last meeting accepted with corrections

Minutes approved as corrected.
Lee Gold - We have not gotten [the Dik Daniels] pictures about fan history' we will work on it.
New Members - Nothing submitted.


VICE CHAIR: Bob Null - The Gestetner [mimeograph] is being worked on by Charles [Lee Jackson], but Charles wants it locked, Robert Powell said we can get a kill switch for the Gestetner.

SECRETARY: Darnell Coleman Is proceeding with electronic recording of the minutes and is putting the recording in his computer to get a better accounting of the meeting and [can share it] If anyone wants to hear it.

Physical Plant: Tadao Tomomatsu- Termite inspection went well. Crack in foundation needs to be researched. He is examining the problem with the front sidewalk.
      Additional: Elayne Pelz - Tadao Tomomatsu yielded the floor to Elayne. Carpet must be looked at before be ingchanged; now is delayed for a couple of months. HEPA filter, Elayne to get a filter for a big room; cost $500.00.

Quartermaster: Mike Thorsen - Units to date 11,795/ Money to date $7,750.00. Units this month 372/ Money this month $279

TREASURY:  Elayne Pelz-Budget review moved to Agenda Items-

A.V. (Audio Video) Robert Powell - The work is moving along smoothly.  When the corner is cleaned, a new rack for AV will be made.

(Barry Gold)-ConChord [filk] con now has a link to the LASFS website.

Publications Arlene Satin- De Prof and Website was discussed, There was talk about spam in BOD email. Barry Gold said he could change the email address to another BOD address for those who get spam.

EVENTS - Marcia Minsky -The 75th Anniversary and Loscon are moving along.

Marketing: Arlene Satin - Picture taking for the 75th Anniversary memory book is going to be done next second Sunday on July 12th and again in August.
      Harry Potter Premiere: Though it will start on Wednesday, we will be there on Saturday. It will be at the Imax Theater in Irvine @ The Irvine Spectrum.
      Reading Rocketeers will continue at the Valley Plaza Library. There'll be a table display.  Marketing is looking to buy material to make a banner.
      West Hollywood Book Fair is going well.
      Marketing meeting is next Wednesday.

FUND RAISING - Arlene Satin - account is set up Arlene has some art on the Zazzle website, She is requesting more. Arlene will ask more people to give art, for the Zazzle website.

Vice President Robert Powell - Elections happened last week. Christian McGuire was
elected president.


Treasurer (Elayne Pelz) - Budget for the year was given to look at. A question about interest and storage came up. SCIFI pays for storage. Termite budget may change because there were water bugs found. Budget was accepted unanimously.

Mike Thorsen gave map for possibility of redevelopment as foreseen from the N. Hollywood/County of Los Angeles Redevelopment map

Building evaluation-
      The value of our building approximately is $560,000. Elayne wants to look at moving. Karl approved a committee to look at places for us to move. Elayne is looking for ways to get a grant because the place we may be looking at has a good chance of being expensive.  Or we could rebuild because we have outgrown this place.


We need to get into the AV corner to clean out the area we need to update the corner.
     $600 was app0roved for a new AV set-up which will somehow be locked - Row
and Elayne will work this out.      
     We need to get rid of the old big brown video area, The Board agreed to the suggestion.
      Should we lock it up? Charlie [Jacson] should be consulted on whether it should be locked. Elayne moved to request $600.00 to get the things locked. There was a discussion on what kind of locking we should use
     The vote passed.  A work party will be made to clean the AV corner out on August 29th.
      $600.00 was approved for Elayne to get this done.

Open Forum-
     Bob Null - Stating his previous discussions with Tadao (Plant manager). Strongly suggested: We need to trim the trees due to the larger nature of the rental trucks for various conventions.  Additionally, there was a suggestion of getting rid of the trees altogether. Discussion followed. Physical Plant will be trimming the tree. Physical plant advises - please do not feed the animals because we can’t find their litter area.
      Don Wenner-There is a place down the street that also feeds the cat and does flea treatments for them too. So don’t do flea treatment on the cat.
      Robert Powell - Looking at the cost of repair of the sliding doors.
      Darnell Coleman - Asked about how the saving due to not having as many meeting as the club used to. Mike Thorsen replied - The lack of meetings like the Friday game meeting has impacted on our recycling money in a negative manner which has caused us not to have as much money for snacks as we used to.

      Audio video cabinet, Contract look at crack in foundation, Tree trimming.
      Cleaning party on August

Meeting adjourned 12:15

Recording Secretary: Darnell Coleman.

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