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Menace of the LASFS

June 18, 2009

Mike Thorsen presiding,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“We don't have to listen to you for ten more minutes.” – Hare Hobbs.

Meeting 3749 was opened at 20:09:24

Special Orders of Business

Nothing that's come to his attention.

The Menace were read and approved as “Blight of the Fumblebee”.

New Business

Patron Saint

Ted Johnstone

Milt Stevens notes his name was Dave McDaniel. He lived under the pseudonym and wrote under his real name. He got Ted Johnstone because when he and some friends were coming to their first LASFS meeting in the 50s, they didn't think they wanted us knowing their real names.

Steve Tolliver = Dave Langley

Karen Anderson said Ted was a major filker of the period. They created a filk operetta, My Fair Femmefan. It's about one of the British Worldcons. (I cold have filked all night...) His name is all over the Pelz filk collection.

CLJII: He was not a good writer. He wrote good stories, but getting them written was like pulling teeth from Phil Castora. He was a wonderful cinematographer and film editor. CLJII met him on account of the Man from Uncle novels, and they became very good friends. Since he's a cartoon character, he's never really died. Cartoon characters don't die, they go to limbo.

Jerry Pournelle: Dave Mc Daniel was as good a storyteller as any of us. But he didn't like to write. “I don't think I ever met a man who more hated to write.” He may have been the best argument for outlawing marijuana. Made the hideous mistake of paying Dave when the story was about half done, and didn't have any more money to offer him He'd come over with a six pack of beer which he wouldn't give him, and babysit him while he wrote the damn story. When he was given the opportunity to go to San Onofre, Dave loaned Jerry his camera.

Zeff: Not lucky enough to meet him, but has heard a story. At one point, he was in a motorcycle accident. Came in later, after he'd received the settlement, and dropped enough cash on the Treasurer's desk to make Patron Saint in one lump sum.

Tepper: As a result of the accident, he was laid up at UCLA medical center in traction. Despite his position, when friends would visit and ask him how he was feeling, he'd reply, “Can't kick”.

Tom Safer: When did we lose him?

CLJII: Halloween week of 1978.

Pournelle: met in 1962 at Chicon, he introduced himself to Jerry as a hobbit.

Milt: He was secretary when he joined in 1960.

Pournelle: He would have been one of the top names in the field if he'd just gotten over his aversion to writing. If we'd had computers back then, he might have written more.

CLJII: In his last year, a member persuaded Dave to work on a Star Trek collaboration. Then it turned out the other member didn't have any connections at all.

Jerry thinks the lack of output was largely due to marijuana.

Scratch liked him. So did Jerry, and Karen. Bruce Pelz stopped singing when Dave died, because Dave (aka Tedron) did the playing.

Dave McDaniel/Ted Johnstone got three rousing cheers, a nice new Walther with a D on the handle.


The Registrar announced we have guests tonight:

David J. Williams, author and tonight's speaker

Steven Klatz, heard about us through Dave

Mark Bergstrom, heard about us from a guy in a bar.

Committee Reports

The Committee to Gouge rose to do precisely that.

And then we went to Agenda Lite.

Time Bound Announcements

Christopher Lee the actor has been knighted in the Queen's Birthday Honor List

Scott Beckstead. Tomorrow, June 19, live Q&A at Mann 6 in Hollywood, with the people from “The Narrows”.

Doug Crepeau announced – book lights at the 99 cent store.


Michelle Pincus: Moon, at the Arclight, SF

Committee Reports

Christian and Arlene: On 10/23, we'll be celebrating LASFS anniversary at Castaways. An installment plan is available. And you don't have to wait until the due date to pay.

Arlene: Marketing committee has picked a book for the kid's reading session: The Adventures of Captain Underpants.

Marty Cantor: Unofficial Newsletter: Printing next Thursday. Pay tonight if you're not a subscriber, or get the PDF online at the club website.

CLJII: Next week's program, we have Part 1 of More Like the Movies. The following week is Part 2 of More Like the Movies. Forth Weekend features Scarlet Horseman and Phantom Rider, two serials about masked riders of the plains.

Tom Safer announced TSPC Saturday, June 20. There will be films shown. Warning, one of them is rated “R”.



We adjourned at 20:48:28.

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