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Menace of the LASFS

June 11, 2009

Robert Powell presiding,

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“He's got a hammer, and he's not afraid to use it!”

Meeting 3748 was opened at 20:19:54

Special Orders of Business

Nothing that has reached the Emperor at this time

The Menace were read and approved as “A shameless plug”.

Patron Saint

Hare Hobbs

Scratch: HE wears green!

Matthew: He loves to buy recordings of music and share his interest with others.

George Mulligan: Roommate at 84 Worldcon, and we got along quite well.

Martin: One particular delight is never knowing what Hare will have, but it will be something weird, wonderful, out there, and brilliant. Enjoys listening to him about music

Zeff: Probably one of the most severely dyslexic people he's ever seen and he reads more books than many people without disabilities because he doesn't let it stop him.

CLJII: He is featured in the comics.

Darnell Coleman enjoys the Christian discussion with him.

Jerry Pournelle: Hare has a very charming sister and is probably the best read dyslexic he'll ever meet. (Tepper: He's more of a green dyslexic)

Frank Waller: It's not easy being green.

Three Cheers and a CD of the Beach Boys performing Carmen.

Sandy Cohen, the Sacred Chancellor of Chocolate

Scratch: Some people may say he's the chancellor of chocolate, but I think of him as a prince.

Tom Safer: Sandy welcomed him into the Sacred Object club last year.

Joe Zeff: Sandy is, in fact, a sacred object.

Christian McGuire: Sandy Cohen is one of the exemplars of the club. He's stubborn, he has an odd sense of humor, he's loud, he has strange interests that many of us share, he eats too much, he wears glasses, he's balding, and he has the generosity and acceptance that most of the club members have.

Jerry Pournelle: He finally got rid of those crazy hats!

Christian: He's worked Worldcons, Westercons, Loscons, more Worldcons, and Nasfics.

Kris Bauer: And he plays a mean game of maj.

Michelle Pincus: He's one of the better hell players.

Scratch: he's vicious at cards.

Matthew Tepper: he's lived in LA and Minneapolis, both with large groups of fans.

Sandy Cohen was given three cheers, a big Hershey's kiss. (Not from me.)

The Registrar rose to announce guests. There were some. Two people who had to leave, Molly and Kevin Rottner, encouraged to come in by Tadao. Dana Ginsberg, encouraged to visit by Chaz. Robert Cannon, who found out about us from Wikipedia. And returning, Sydney Mills. And her BFF Senna Chen

While waiting, Michelle Pincus announced Karen Anderson's moment of science. Mr Webster's fourth grade class has completed a unit on explorers, and wrote a song in honor of the mars rovers. The song was played over the club's audio system.

Old Business

Christian McGuire was elected President in a very dusty avalanche.

We actually had three candidates for Vice President

Elayne Pelz was railroaded into the job of Treasurer, and a Big Leather Bag!!!

Michelle Pincus was railroaded in as Registrar.

And Karl Lembke was re-elected Scribe in a hotly contested election.

At this point, we switch to Agenda Lite.

New Business


Committee Reports

George Mulligan announced this was his 25th anniversary. Primary item, anyone who has any interest in old time radio, there is a website that does for AV what Gutenberg does for text. Their material is either public domain or available under a special license.

He also plans to put up posters informing all of the site. He plans to download genre material and make it available in the library.

Thorsen announced tomorrow, being the second Friday, hosts a Brewster Rockitt Club Meeting.

CLJII announced a program next week. David J Williams talking about either SF or writing or something. Stay and listen.

The week after that, part I of More Like the Movies. The week after that is part II. In July, the rest of the programming is devoted to the anniversary of the first manned moon landing. There will be a presentation from JPL and a discussion of what people were doing during the landing. Last week of July has Commando Cody on the Moon.

Tom Safer announced TSPC on June 20,. starting at 10 AM.


CLJII announced he was at California Adventures the other day, and heard “The Flight of the Bumblebee” over the PA system. This version was the one used as the opening title of the Green Hornet serial.

Tom Safer: On KNX News, a demolition crew accidentally demolished the wrong house. They had the GPS coordinates, but not the address.

Mike Thorsen pointed out this election night, we actually managed to keep most of the guests until after the election.

We adjourned at 21:51:30.

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