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Menace of the LASFS

June 4, 2009

Mary Ann Canfield, Presiding until Mike Thorsen arrived.

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“Seize Power? I prefer See's Candy.”

Meeting 3747 was opened at 20:11:07

Special Orders of Business

We had some announced. David Eddings, author of the Belgariad series, passed at 77.

David Carradine passed in Bangkok under mysterious circumstances. (I guess the Chinese Emperor will finally have to cough up that reward.) Also lost to us this week was radio actress Joan Alexander, played Lois Lane on the radio and in the first half of the Fleischer era cartoons.

Joan Steward's niece has a new liver, and will soon be learning the words to “Fifty Ways to Love Your Liver”.

The Menace were read and approved as “Run away screaming!”.

Patron Saint

Jim Glass

Marty Cantor recalls him from 1975. We were in a tinier building on Ventura Blvd, with a tiny library. Jim Glass was the librarian. He was one of our better librarians, and worked on a handicap. Stuff was stored in people's houses when it overflowed the library, and he kept track of it all.

And he gave us money.

He is said to have passed on about five years ago.

He was given three cheers, and a stone for not throwing.

The Registrar rose to announce guests. These are Peter Santell, of CFO, and Michael Martin.

New Business


Committee Reports

CLJII announced upcoming an episode of HG Wells' Invisible Man, a British TV Series.

Marcia Minksy announced a Loscon meeting Sunday at 11.

Arlene Satin reminded us all that Saturday is a photograph session for the memory book. It'll be from 11 to 2. We want as many members to show up as possible.

There should be an EZ Saturday, normally starting at 2.

Old Business

Nominations for President were held. Nominees are:

Christian McGuire

Matthew Tepper

Joe Zeff

Time Bound Announcements

Mike Thorsen announced tomorrow night is an open night. Saturday features Estrogen zone. Dinosaurs the TV series for a theme.

Hare Hobbs reminded us that Virgin Megastore is going out of business. Last day is June 13. Prices are now at least 50% off, and expected to continue dropping.

Matthew Tepper observed both he and David Carradine attended SF State and both majored in music composition.

Karen Anderson rose to give us a moment of Science. First, a brief plug for her APA-L zine, Trobairitz.

Next, a couple who plan to make their vows in zero gee. The cost of the ride is $5600/person, and they're paying their own freight and for several friends.

The treasurer's report was presented. We have money. We can't spend it.


Hare Hobbs reviewed Sword and Stone's craft day. It was well done. The shop is kind of unassuming, but the store has several rooms, going way back. And there's a patio in back with shops of all kinds, including blade smiths, blacksmiths, lapidary, etc.

Scratch says Sword and Stone makes the live steel you see in movies.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff reported on a minor thing – Back in April his hearing was checked. Yes, it has degraded, but not quite enough to be significant. That evening, he lost one of his hearing aids. Finally, this Monday, he picked up his replacement pair. The new ones have volume control, and interestingly enough, you don't have to adjust both of them – they're connected by bluetooth, so if you adjust one, the other changes automatically.


Don Wenner observed that David Carradine saved him from some very boring evenings back in college. He was part of a broadcast group, and every night they broadcast Electric Company, Sesame Street, and a bunch of other stuff. The instructor for the group was very in to martial arts, so he made sure Kung Fu was broadcast.

Hare Hobbs reported on a new SF-related piece of music. Title song to the Eagles is Long Road out of Paradise.

Michael Martin – those with computer access at home – there are websites that show TV and Movies, and others. Two or three weeks ago, Tales of Tomorrow was put up online. By cross-referencing with SF League, he found out about the club.

Hare Hobbs reminded us of the video Christopher Walkins made, showing him dancing in the air. He's getting the video, and got the Greatest Hits CD.

Mike Thorsen: five years ago, he twisted the bottom panels of his car out of shape on a parking bumper. Last Wednesday, he learned why you shouldn't do that. He was driving down the freeway at 65-ish, and something banged off his oil filter and dislodged it. Five minutes later, he had no car.

Karl announced his book is now listed on Amazon. If you search on Amazon for “Spice Cadets”, it'll come up. And, since the Scribe puts hyperlinks to Amazon in the Menace, you'll find a link there very soon.

Tadao announced Coral's may be crowded tonight on account of a graduation.

Having called it to order, Mary Ann moved to adjourn.

We adjourned at 21:02:21.

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