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Karl Lembke, Chairman
Darnell Coleman, Secretary
Minutes edited for De Profundis by Marty Cantor

Board Members: In attendance were Karl Lembke, Bob Null, Darnell Coleman, Christian McGuire, Marcia Minsky, Tadao Tomomatsu, Arlene Satin, Milt Stevens, Mike Thorsen, and Robert Powell. Elayne Pelz had an excused absence but she arrived at the meeting whilst it was in progress.

Regular members and others: Michael Pell, Heide Nichols, Sherri Benoun, Tony Benoun, Greg Bilan, Marty Cantor, Joe Zeff, Joyce Sperling, Bill Ellern, Michelle Pincus. Jennifer Burr, Warren Johnson, Bill Ellern, Tom Shaffer, Patrick Bradley, Anne Morrel The meeting was called to order at 11:11 am.

There were opening remarks by the Chairman and then the Minutes were approved with corrections.

New Members: Elayne was not at the meeting so there was no paperwork for any new members.

Treasurer: Elayne Pelz was not at the meeting at the time of this report but she arrived later.

30 Second Reports

Chairman (Karl Lembke): No special report.
Vice-Chairman (Bob Null): No report.
Secretary (Darnell Coleman): At the end of the minutes I will name the Board members who helped me.
Comptroller (Christian McGuire): Nothing to report.
Library (Elayne Pelz): Elayne was not yet in attendance but Warren Johnson was approved as Librarian.
Archives (Bob Null): The Pubs computer is working fine. Our clocks go through batteries. But then, batteries do get old.
Librarian: The new Librarian said that we have books for the LOSCON Guest of Honor.
Physical Plant (Tadao Tomomatsu): Elayne has mentioned that the roofers have fixed the roof over the APA-L room and the plumbers will be called to fix the front restroom. The refrigerator will be kept on at a lower cost mode. We have lost some carts, and we are wondering what happened to them. We are calling people to find out if they know what happened to the carts. Bob Null said we should place a name on the cart. Joyce said that sometimes she does this - but the carts are still lost.
AV Equipment (Robert Powell): The AV remote for the slide projector is done.
Quartermaster: We need to buy bags.
Units to date 10,801, money brought in to date $7,400. A report was turned in. Units this month, 277, money brought in this month, $207.75.
The Chairman said the vending machine looks well and the money was changed to bills.
Publications (Milt Stevens): Milt said that Barry Gold sent an email to see if board members get email individually and most of the board members replied to this posting individually saying that they received this posting.

The Chairman reported that Lee Gold sent an email around that the engine of the web site has an issue with cascading style sheets. [[There is a comment on this statement.  See Minutes/Menace Comments.]

Milt Stevens said someone is going to get Dick Daniels convention pictures. Lee Gold is picking them up. These pictures will go on LASFS’ and’s web sites. De Profundis: Marty is doing De Profundis as an unofficial LASFS newsletter. He is selling paper copies to those who want them at his cost of 55¢ each plus postage if mailed. He is also providing .pdf versions to the LASFS web site and to Cathy Beckstead for forwarding to those on the .pdf list. He also provides (for free) 3 complete copies for the club records. We finance 20 copies of page 1, the page with the calendar, for the Rregistrar.

Tadao: LASFS domain names have been paid up to date.

There has been no response from the Physics group or the Terry Pratchett group.

Elayne reported that she will donate a dollar for 20 copies of the first page of the De Profundis.

Events (Marcia Minsky): Loscon is moving right along now and has 480 members,

Christian McGuire reported that Westercon is moving right along.

It was also reported that the 75th Anniversary Celebration is going to be at the Castaways in Burbank on October 25th, in the Lagoon Rroom.

LaLaCon: The date is set for June 6 for it to start. LaLaCon would not be interfering with anything. Save up your money for the weekend relaxacon.

Fundraising and Recruitment (Arlene Satin): Arlene has made the Art release form as an e-mail form. Arlene will work on the stuff like the LOGO and fannish artwork. This should be up in June. It was reported by somebody that if we were selling over $1000.00 of stuff sold on this site we would have to pay the sales tax on these items.

Marketing Committee (Arlene Satin): Wwe will send paperwork to The Book Faire and will work with Elayne to get 2 booths at $150.00. We need to update marketing stuff because the marketing stuff is old. So the marketing committee is looking for nice items to put on the marketing table at The Book Faire.

We need to direct people to our web site. Arlene is sending stuff out on the web site. She would like to start a fan gallery to show artwork done by fine artists. She will discuss this with Milt and Barry.

Marty said that De Profundis will operate as if it was the official LASFS newsletter even though
it is not.

Christian McGuire moved that the President should tell the general membership about the web site.

Patrick Bradley told about a Fundraiser with internet sales at A book would be marked and when people get the book it is noted so it’s like Geocaching for books. We should make a web site to do Science Fiction and Fantasy. The idea is to make a for-profit web site. We enroll people into the website. This will promote a long-term use of the web site. Christian asked if we need people who will work on the site.? Patrick said he will work the web site for a year. Bill Ellern said that this should be made as a charitable enterprise. Joe Zeff asked Patrick if he knew how many hits the site will get? Joe said that his site only got a 4% hit rate and Marcia’s got no hits. Arlene asked about the cost of labels, wondering how many labels did we get for $25.00? Patrick replied that the starter kit with 25 book labels are a dollar a piece. A question was brought up about whether the site would be a money making venture or some kind of non-profit venture that will help the club. Marty asked Patrick if he was able to do the work to run the business alone because of club finances. Patrick called the site Science fiction book crossing but this name can be
changed. Tadao said there was a time that we gave out a lot of books but no one came to the discussion group. Tadao thanked Patrick for bringing this up, but at the next meeting he should bring a business proposal to show us. Coleman’s objection to the proposal: The Board won’t have enough hits on the site. Milt’s objection - We don’t have enough workers. Patrick said we will have enough workers if we offer paid compensation whether the workers are members of LASFS or not. There was a motion which was seconded that the motion for a working name of Science fiction book to be brought back to the Board next month. There was a tentative withdrawal of motion. There was a request to see how interested was the board to continue the idea of the web site. The vote was 2 ayes, 4 nays, and 3 abstentions. Christian’s objection was that there was not enough time for these to be done. Marcia objected that there would not be enough hits on the site. The Chairman decided to table the web site proposal for the next meeting.

Tadao requested a closed door session. It started at 1:05 pm and ended at 1:35 pm.

Agenda Items

Tom Safer had a donation for his film-screening event last week, and this was given to Christian for Elayne. The donation was $100.00. The next event will be the forth Saturday in either July or August.

There was a motion that Tom could have a date for a movie: 8 ayes, 1 nay, 1 abstention. Elayne will set the days.

Open Forum

The Geocaching event requested by Patrick Bradley was for 8 am to 3 pm on Saturday, May 30th. The motion passed unanimously.

Bill Ellern had a request for membership which was given to Elayne.


The Club president will promote the LASFS website

The Board is available to take on issues brought up by the membership.

Tadao wanted it noted that he did not leave the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 1:55 pm.
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