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Board Members in attendance:  Karl Lembke, Bob Null, Darnell Coleman, Elayne Pelz, Christian McGuire, Marcia Minsky, Tadao Tomomatsu, Arlene Satin, Mike Thorsen, Robert Powell, Milt Stevens.

Members in attendance-  Sherri Benoun, Tony Benoun, Greg Bilan, Marty Cantor, Fred Lazzelle, Joe Zeff, Judy Zeff, Michael Pell, Michelle Pincus. Jennifer Burr, Don, Scott Tygett, Don Wenner

Meeting started:  11:05

Minutes- Approved as amended.

New Members:  Seth Talley, Gary Pirrow, Deborah Painter, Robert Cannon, and Gerald W. Aho - All approved.


Chairman (Karl Lembke) - No report
Secretary (Darnell Coleman - No report
Quartermaster (Mike Thorsen) - Report given to Secretary
Comptroller (Christian McGuire) - No report
Club President (Mike Thorsen) - No report.


Library (Elayne Pelz) - Magazines were not put in inventory for five years; this was


Vice Chair (Bob Null) - Maybe the Gestetner is not fully gone maybe it could be fixed. Elayne said if it doesn’t work, get rid of it.

Facilities (Tadao Tomomatsu - There will be a termite inspection next week. 
      The concrete in a small section of the sidewalk in the front of the club is buckled. Marty noticed cracks leading from the buckled sidewalk. Tadao will look into what’s to be done.
      Elayne - Should we get the back room carpet replacement? Should we get tile instead? Most people said to  use carpeting. Mike Thorsen argued for the Board to look into tile carpeting. The Board agreed to have Elayne get pricing and what needs to be done for both carpeting and tile carpeting of the back clubhouse.
      Due to mold, Tadao asked should we destroy the neighbors sprinkler system, Elayne said we should send a letter by our lawyer to the neighbor and get them to fix it.
      Elayne brought up that an air condition filter needs to be bought. After some discussion it was agreed that the club will use HEPA filters so Elayne is looking into the price. If it is less than $200.00, she can buy them on the spot.

AV (Robert Powell)-No problems, everything works.

Publications (Milt Stevens) Most of the membership seems to be satisfied with the electronic version of De Prof.  Marty is still printing about a dozen copies for subscribers, and there are the 20 copies of page one for guests.
      Barry called me this morning and said his cold had turned into bronchitis.  He asks that people sending him text for the webpage not send it as a JPEG file.

Events (Marcia Minsky)- The invitations for the 75th Anniversary is moving forward.
Westercon is going well. Loscon - everything is moving along.

LaLa Con-LaLa Con-Tadao Tomomatsu brought up that since there are an estimated twenty people that would be attending this year’s LaLa Con, the number is not enough for this year's LaLa Con to continue.
     After discussion on the matter Elayne moved that LaLa Con should stop, but Christian amended it to be placed on hiatus for two years. The vote was 8-0-3.
     Christian McGuire moved that the Board appoint the Chairmen of LaLa Con should it be started again.  The motion passed 6-2-3.
     Tadao thanked the Board for their acceptance of LaLa Con and said that LaLa Con is on hiatus indefinitely, the Board will appoint a Chairman of the Con should it be restarted.

Fund raising and recruitment (Arlene Satin)-we have some artwork ready for

Marketing - The Star Trek display at the IMAX Theater went well, thanks to all and Tadao, Tadao made the display and brought the singing Loscon/LASFS archives. This went well
enough that the theater managers asked us back for Harry Potter 5 premier.
     We need a new banner. Our banners are too dark for a show.
     The reading program will be starting in June-August.
      We are well on our way with the Book Fair                                                                      



The geocaching meeting is cancelled because Patrick had an emergency in Kansas he had to take care of.

Christian McGuire said "SCIFI bid on lot #717 of the Forry estate, but lost. Lot #717 contained minutes and documents relating the Science Fiction League chapter #4, which became the LASFS.  Craig Miller is trying to reach the inners to see if they will part with the parts relating to the club. More info as things develops."

Open Forum:

There shall be no mention of club money on the website.
      Marty Cantor clarified with Elayne about there being no mention of exact amounts of club money going on the website. All that should be mentioned in the minutes after its approved by the Board and in De Prof. is that people should check with the reasurer to get the amount.

The stray cat issue was brought to the Board. The Board decided to allow the situation to
settle itself.    


Take aways:

Elayne will be getting prices for carpet and carpet tiles. and HEPA Filter.

Possibly looking for another property for the club: this will be done by Mike Thorson and

Motion moved and adjourned 12:20PM

Darnell Coleman.

With special thanks to:
Marty Cantor.
Tadao Tomomatsu

*Note: Vote numbers (8-0-3) means [Votes yes(8)- votes no(0)- votes abstaining(3),]

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