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Menace of the LASFS

May 21, 2009

Robert Keller, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“Weener, Wye-ner. You just can't win the pronunciation game.”

Meeting 3745 opened at 20:15:00!

Special Orders of Business

Charlie Jackson announced the loss of Lucy Gordon, Actress, in SpiderMan, and Wayne Alwyn, the second voice of Micky Mouse (just filling in for the boss).

For these worthies, we had a moment of silence.

The Menace were read and approved as “fine Digby anyway!”.

Patron Saint

Dee Dee Lavender

Tepper: She passed away and she's very much missed. She was married to Roy.

She and Roy were both SF readers, more interested in SF than in fandom, which is why they were not better known.

Dee Dee Lavender was given three cheers! And silence.

Old Business


New Business


Committee Reports

The registrar announced we had no guests tonight, but one Friday. Michael Johnson, not from Wisconsin (because he's from Texas). He's interested in all areas of SF.

We had a moment of science. Karen Anderson announced that birds can learn to recognize us.

Marty Cantor announced De Prof will be coming out next week. If you're not already subscribed, pay him now. 55¢ the each.

(Marketing) Arlene announced the kid's reading program will be Monday, June 8, at the Valley Plaza branch library. The Ogre Downstairs is the chosen book. Volunteers to help set up will be welcome.

If the world doesn't end before the 27th of October, we'll have an anniversary.

On October 23, at Castaway's, we'll have a banquet and presentations and other stuff, starting at 7 PM and running until midnight or so. Tuesday, the 27th of October, we celebrate the nearly exact anniversary here with a meeting, which will be continued to the following Thursday.

The banquet is $50/person, and lay-away is available.

The committee to gouge did not do so.

His Imperial Majesty announced next week is no scheduled program. The first week in June, we have Presidential nominations and HG Wells Invisible Man, the second week is procedural elections. Third week, David J. Williams will speak. Last week, More Like The Movies, part I. First week of July is part II. The week after that, early TV SF. The rest of the month is devoted to moon-related programming, in honor of some moon landing. Final week of July, we have a 65 minute version of Radar Men from the Moon.

Christian showed an item for the auction next week – a vial of genuine, imitation H1N1 flu, extracted from a genuine, imitation H1N1.

Time Bound Announcements

There's a convention this weekend.

Tomorrow is a dark night. Darker than usual, that is.

Warren announced June 18, David J Williams, a fine writer, comes in from DC. He has two books published.


Warren reviewed the very first Williams novel: Burning Heaven. It's a very fast read, it's very cyberpunk, well worth reading.

Hare Hobbs reviewed the opening of the classic homes in heritage square. He figured out why they wanted to encourage use of buses and rapid transit for the trip to and from. The road leading in is very narrow. Once you get there it's marvelous. It's well worth seeing.

Fannish Committee Reports

The Hubble scope was released and is back in service. There were no parts left over after it was reassembled.


Warren announced that something funny is going on. He presented John Hertz with a medieval propellor flap-cap

Hare Hobbs rose to announce something from Locus. Katherine Asaro is using the music half of her education – she has a book coming out called Diamond Star, involving a rock star. She gave up a chance to become a part of the royal academy of ballet so she could finish a doctorate in physics. She'll be doing a rock CD for the rock star in the book.

CLJII announced we'll be moving to tonight's program, The History of B SF movies of the 40s and 50s.

We adjourned at 21:06:55.

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