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The following list is drawn from the Treasurer's database of LASFS members going back to the 1930s. Some of the members have not attended meetings for some time, and some are dead, but Death Will Not Release You from being a LASFS member.


If you are a LASFS member and wish to have your name added to (or deleted from) this public list, please email our This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and the This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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  Member Name Date Joined
D Dagoy, Edith
Dale, Curtis01/07/1993
 Daley, Tad12/21/2000
 Dalkey, Kara09/06/1973
 Dalmas, John04/14/1977
 Dalmas, John09/09/1982
 Dalton, Larry08/04/1968
 Dan, Karen05/31/1996
 Dana, James10/11/1979
 Dana, James07/24/1975
 Dane, Bruce09/11/1975
 Dane (Weisblat), Debbie (Michelle)   
 Dane, Gigi09/11/1975
 Dane, Kyria05/06/1993
 Daniel (Flude), Linda               
 Daniel, James12/29/1977
 Daniels, Dick (Dik) 
 Darr, Dale02/17/1983
 Daugherty, Walter J. 
 Davidov, Harry02/24/1983
 Davidson, Brandi03/27/1986
 Davidson, Douglas12/07/1995
 Davidson, Grania
 Davidson, Larry
 Davidson, Loren02/24/1983
 D'avignon, Daniel
 Davis, Andrea04/06/2000
 Davis, Daniel06/26/1980
 Davis, Daniel09/29/1988
 Davis, James A.02/28/1977
 Davis, Michael01/20/1989
 Davis, Samantha
 Dazzo, Genny01/21/1982
 De Benedetto, Allen
 De Groff, Bob07/06/1967
 De Vera, M. Joe03/19/1987
 Deanna, Mario   
 Deardorff, Mark08/14/1975
 DeChancie, John10/02/1997
 Decker, Dwight07/11/1974
 Deckert, Dan09/11/1975
 Deckert, Deborah10/20/1977
 DeClose, Maurice 
 Dees, Sylvia08/06/1964
 Degarmo, Elena10/03/1991
 DeLude, Michelle05/30/1991
 DeMello, Melissa
 Demman (Divono), Sharman02/07/1974
 Demmon, Calvin07/13/1961
 Demourkas, Marie08/22/1996
 Dennis, James01/28/1988
 Dennis, Terry D.05/09/1991
 Dent, Elena04/24/1980
 Denton, Tim11/15/1996
 Dern, Michael09/10/1981
 Derossi, Chris12/01/1983
 Deven, Calven (Biff)   
 DeVille, Timothy02/21/1991
 Devlin, Michael08/26/1993
 Dewey, G. Gordon
 DeWhitney, Guy
 Di Paolo, Albert07/16/1987
 Dickensheet, Dean06/16/1960
 Dickensheet, Shirley06/16/1960
 Dietz, Tom04/27/1989
 Digby, Tom10/21/1965
 Diniakos, Mark05/27/1971
 Dishaw, Karl07/13/1995
 Divono (Demman), Sharman       
 Dixon, Buzz03/23/1978
 Dixon, Tom10/05/1961
 Dodd, Jackson08/23/2007
 Dodds, Kenneth12/15/2002
 Dodds, Kevin12/15/2002
 Dodge, Sherwood08/01/1974
 Dodson, Stephen02/12/1970
 Doering, David12/29/1988
 Doig, Robin04/03/1986
 Dole, Curtis
 Dollarhirst, Jeff01/03/2003
 Dollens, Morris Scott 
 Donahue, Charlotte12/19/1985
 Donahue, Charlynne12/19/1985
 Donahue, Michael08/25/1983
 Donahue II, Charles06/28/1984
 Donald, Jocelyn09/26/1984
 Donnell, Don09/24/1953
 Doolittle, Caitlin
 Doorly, Sean
 Dopp, Larry10/26/1967
 Dorsky, Lenny10/20/1988
 Dottery (Bigglestone), Janet06/30/1966
 Dougherty, Diana08/12/1999
 Douglas, Adams04/12/1979
 Douglas, Arthur08/24/1988
 Douglas, Myrtle R. (Morojo) 
 Dow, Gene01/07/1954
 Dow, Joanne03/01/1984
 Dowd, Patrick07/29/1976
 Dowler, Gary01/13/1985
 Downey, Alicia
 Downing, Lee  
 Doyle, James04/02/1987
 Doyle, Kory Dean06/16/1988
 Dozorsky, Wolodymyr03/19/1992
 Drayer, Bob08/04/1979
 Drayer, Mary08/04/1979
 Drexel, Kathryn10/30/1975
 Driggs, Eric
 Drucker, Aaron
 Dubetz, Michael02/22/1979
 Dubois, Dan03/06/1986
 Dubrin, Patt
 Dudley, Byrd02/22/1968
 Due, Tananarive
 Duff, Tom03/08/1984
 Duffy, Jonny M.11/01/1990
 Dugan, Bill07/30/1970
 Duke, Tad01/07/1954
 Duncan, Bruce07/18/1968
 Dunkel, Leza07/11/1985
 Dunn, R. L.04/27/1967
 Dunn-Wall, Merideth12/18/1987
 Dunning, Glenna05/14/1987
 Dupont, Brenda05/08/1980
 Dupree, Tom06/22/1967
 Duran-McKellip, Rosalinda04/05/2000
 Durkee, James08/16/2001
 Durward, Don 
 Dushey, Carrie09/28/1978
 DuVall, Jason
 Dyer, Andrew02/12/1976
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