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Menace of the LASFS

May 14, 2009

Robert Powell, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“It makes Die Meistersinger sound like a snappy farce.” – Matthew Tepper

Meeting 3744 opened at 20:15:48.

Special Orders of Business

Milt Stevens announced that A Langley Searles, a longtime fan, has passed. From his obit, it turns out he was a doctor in chemistry. He published Fantasy Commentator, a fanzine which became more scholarly as it got older.

We held a moment of silence in his honor.

The Menace were read and approved as “Warped”.

Patron Saint

Tom Digby

He is the 14th most strange person in the universe, and the ones who beat him out, you don't want to meet.

Milt Stevens – many pieces of fan writing were in the style of explaining stuff to people in his home dimension. If you went to a wine and cheese party, how to tell the wine from the cheese. Also, practical applications of fantasy items, such as coin-operated crypts for traveling vampires. And then there's the frog-prince perpetual motion machine, with a witch turning princes into frogs at the top, and a princess kissing frogs at the bottom. He has showed up in pieces of fiction. In Twilightzone comic, he was a mad TV repairman intent on taking over the world. And of course, what can you say about chocolate covered manhole covers?

Doug Crepeau. Did a piece on the origin of Putridos, the worst operating system in the world.

Hare Hobbs: His first exposure to Digby was at a screening at a movie theater. There was a guy there with a crystal bone through his nose, jewels glued to his forehead, pierced nipples, etc.

Joe Zeff: Years ago, saw Tom at Loscon. He had received a letter from the Minbari asking him to work on environment tanks for creatures that can't survive in a terrestrial atmosphere.

Dr Pournelle's story – why the enormous amber thing through his nose? “Why does anyone wear jewelry? To make themselves attractive.” Jerry knew better than to ask, “To what?” Knowing Digby, it could have been anything.

Zeff: Year before last, saw him in bay area, at Westercon, wearing a pale green sari. Didn't ask him why – he knew the answer.

JP: No, nobody knows what Digby will answer.

Scratch – Came up with songs like “Little Teeny Eyes”

Karl – it's now old enough to be a drinking song.

Marcia – Tiny bubbles – he walked around with bubble soap.

CLJII for many years, he was a contributor to APA-L. He was one of the geniuses to Mergerville Newspaper, which had a different newspaper name appended to it each week.

He also thought of funny vegetable and funny mineral comix, along with Jack Harness, and has so far declined to sue VeggieTales for copyright infringement.

Patron Saint Tom Digby was given three cheers, and a bubble.

Old Business


New Business


Committee Reports

The Registrar introduced a lack of guests.

We have no treasury. We still can't spend it.

No moment of science. Hubble was worked on today.

Marty Cantor announced Staples Reward Program. Then, being a member of Staples Rewards, turn in toner or ink jet cartridges, get $3 credit. Or donate the cartridges to LASFS.

Tadao announced that LaLaCon is being cancelled due to the economy and the very low pre-registration.

Arlene Satin held up a bookmark. We took 1000 to the Star Trek thing, and came back with zero. It was a very successful event. The theater wants us back for the Harry Potter debut, July 15.

Kids; reading – second Monday of June. Anyone wanting to help, we'd be more than happy to have you. And there's a marketing meeting Wednesday. And David Okamura made the neatest little model of the StarGazer

CLJII: No program tonight, but next week we have The History of B Science Fiction Movies, lecture and video program. First week of June is the nomination for President of LASFS. Following week is elections. Last week of June is part 1 of More Like the Movies. And there are other items coming up.

Time Bound Announcements

Robert Keller: Open house tomorrow.

Doug Crepeau – Vista theater is running X Men now, Angels and Demons next week, and Terminator Salvation week after.

German – C/FO has its anniversary meeting Saturday. This will be its 32nd anniversary.

Hare Hobbs announced this weekend in Downtown's historical region is a tour of historical homes. Call 311 for info.

Michelle June 4 to July 12 – Falcon theater presents Fellowship! A very funny play based on LOTR.

Baycon's next week.

Elayne announced we still have pins and directories.

Time Meddler meeting Sunday.

Karl – goodsearch and are linked. If you register LASFS as your charity and search through goodsearch, LASFS gets money for each search. If you shop through goodship, LASFS gets a cut.

Frank Waller asked if Google crashed today. We don't talk about that.

David Okamura observed that next week, watch the skies. There'll be something over Southern California that hasn't been seen in 80 years. Airship ventures in Oakland bought a zeppelin. They'll be flying it over LA. It will be displaying scenes from the new Pixar movie, so it will be literally an Up Ship.


Hare Hobbs gave a 99% positive review on the Star Trek movie.

Regina says it's worth the $14 for IMAX.

Karl thought they got it mostly right.

Matthew Tepper It has many surprises. Only hint – one particular one evoked “holy crap, that's not supposed to happen.” One thing we love is the way characters interacted and had definable personalities. Actors accomplish difficult task of being recognizable and familiar.


Doug – Star Trek related – Burger King has a Star Trek tie-in, with the villains being King-ons. But are they flame Vulcanized?

Tadao – Online, someone sent a clip starring the stars of Trek on Saturday Night Live's weekend update. If you look carefully, there's a surprise for the guys on the set.

Frank – it held his attention, “even for me.”

Arlene – it's in IMAX for one more week.

CLJII saw 20 mule team with Wallace Berry, filmed on location in death valley.

Doug Crepeau – every version of Star Trek that exists is currently running as a series on TV. And there's a history channel show on the history of Star Trek. This may be by way of a promotion or something.

Fannish Committee Reports

Joe Zeff reported from the committee for unmitigated Gaul in everyday life. Likes to look through spam folder for interesting stuff. Found one – subject line: “You Have Been Compensated”. According to this email, there's a task force of Nigeria, Ghana, and two other countries, looking for those who have been scammed to compensate them. Just sent them account information.

Marcia Minsky announced the loss of a cushion from Mother's wheelchair. If anyone has seen a blue cushion, please call her attention to it.

Hare Hobbs reviewed the Throwback Pepsi. It has real sugar in it. Compared with Passover Coke, it fails. He didn't throw it back, though.

Tadao moved to run away screaming. The Vice President moved to wait until we'd had a chance to present announcements.....


Fred Patten misced that on the Cartoon Brew website have been published contemporaneous reviews of the old Superman cartoons. Originally they got negative reviews because they weren't funny. Cartoons are supposed to be funny, dammit!

Tadao asked if we were the first club to hold Eye of Argon readings. It was suggested that if we were, we might not want to admit to it.

Marcia reported that there is a double blind study going on for an add-on drug for MS. Marcia was at USC in a group of twelve. Depending on lab results, she'll be included in the study.

CLJII wondered if anyone has or knows where to score an inkjet printer that will print from hardcopy to 14” as a copier.

We adjourned at 21:13:57.

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