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Menace of the LASFS

May 7, 2009

Robert Keller, Presiding

Karl Lembke, Scribe

“Are we ready for this?”

Meeting 3743, having recovered from Swoon Fly, opened at 20:14:16

Special Orders of Business

Although it's Odds day, it's also Heinz day, news which elicited 57 groans.

Dom DeLuise, in Spaceballs and other films. He was 75.

He appeared once in StarGate because his son was involved with the series.

We had a moment of confused laughter in his honor.

Marty Cantor announced the passing of TAFF winner Abby Frost. She was very depressed, suffering from cancer, and died at age 57. She was known as one of the two who have won fan funds who embezzled all the funds when she got back. She was eventually forgiven.

We gave her a moment of forgiving silence.

Marcia Minsky invited all to partake of cake in honor of her 39th anniversary.

The Menace were read and approved as “Not in the face! Not in the face!”.

Old Business


New Business


Patron Saint

Bob Null

The guy who stars in the Magic Mountain commercials. No, that's not right...

He's a member of the club we haven't quite used up yet.

Zeff: He's been many things to the club. AT least 20 terms as vice president, soda fairy, logistics at conventions, and a giver of money. He is not only a Saint, he's a Sacred Object.

Hare: when joined in 1980, Bob was constantly doing things, and he had only joined a couple of months before.

CLJII: Mr Null is amazing for the assortment of interests over the years. Numismatics, offroad racing, various histories, and he's a very nice helpful guy. He's lucky he knows people who need help, otherwise, he'd spend all his time in front of the computer.

Marty Cantor: Bob got into everything at one time, and made things work. He's minister of silly gavels. He also helped collate De Prof, from April of 2000 to 2005. Eventually he got sick of the job and gave it to Milt (who outsourced it to Elbonia).

Gizmo: He's been a keystone for the club.

Mary Ann Canfield doesn't know of any area of the club that needed work that Bob hasn't had a hand in.

Bob Null got three cheers, and a raven. Only this, and nothing more.

Committee Reports

The substitute Registrar introduced a guest – Josh LuBastanek

There was an auction, featuring books and stuffies, and a set of Russian dolls – the last one, left unopened, may or may not clean all the spilled icing from the cake off the house.

The treasurer reports we have money. Don't spend it.

A stand-in rose to announce the first hard evidence that a warp drive may be possible.

Fred Lazelle announced they've now made a bio-fuel out of chocolate waste.

David Okamura announced the Obama administration has created a panel to do a thorough review of the manned space program.

Arlene announced some things coming up. The library confirms the reading program starts up June 8.

Some people are waiting for the ingredients lists of the banquet food to be published. Arlene's waiting for the restaurant.

Time Bound Announcements

The Brewster Rockitt fan club is meeting tomorrow night.

German announced Cinema Anime, 1-8.

Second Sunday, featuring the Board Meeting followed by the Open House.

Gerry Aho announced George Clayton Johnson wrote the first episode of Star Trek, Logan's Run, Ocean's 11, and other thngs. Wednesday, he'll be at Mystery and Imagination for a free writing class, 7:30 – 9.

Fred Lazelle announced he and Bob are going to Baycon. There's room for two additional people.


Hare Hobbs reviewed The Sci Fi Boys. About half the people interviewed are LASFS members. It specializes in the stop-motion amateur movie makers.

Gerry reviewed Leviathan 99. It's basically Moby Dick in space. It was originally written as a radio drama. The only reason it was never performed was that Ray refused to have it done in 3 minte snippets. It was a very good production.

Onion's review of Star Trek is a wonderful piece of silliness.

Arlene saw the Wolverine movie, and enjoyed it.

The televised reviews weren't watching the same movie he watched.

John DeChancie heard the advance word is absolutely nutty. A feeding frenzy is expected.

Fannish Committee Reports

Tadao announced tht there was a Westercon in Vegas last year. He was part of the committee. He was asked to be Elvis at opening ceremonies. Afterward, Ops asked if he had his Elvis license. HE went to a convention to the Midwest, got off the plane at Memphis. There were elvises waiting. Now, he finally has his Elvis license. It turns out the plural of Elvis is Elves. Latin second declension. Alas, although the Scribe took a year of Latin, he's since given most of it back.


Hare Hobbs remembered to announce the J J Abrams series Fringe. Clint Howard has showed up in the series, and there's a tie-in to Star Trek in that episode.

Milt Stevens got swindled by Microsoft. Running Windows Vista, in Windows Mail, it developed a situation where you couldn't get rid of messages in the deleted items folder. Tech support cost $229, and then a common upgrate to Vista fixes it.

Gizmo announced that the best way to combat the epidemic is simply to wash your hands, and don't lick people's noses.

CLJII announced we have a program. Due to circumstances, we don't have the actual item, but we have an episode of Tales of Tomorrow – The Crystal Egg.

We adjourned at 21:16:48.

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